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China Provinces vs EU Countries vs India GDP Comparison (1993-2018)

China Provinces vs EU Countries vs India GDP Comparison (1993-2018)

100 comments on “China Provinces vs EU Countries vs India GDP Comparison (1993-2018)

  1. Uk's Gdp was 5 times higher in 2000
    And in 2019 India is About to surpass Uk
    I am pretty sure Uk gdp will look like a Joke Against India after 10 years

  2. Many people don't realize how modern the big cities (mainly coastline) in China have become… it looked way different in the 1990s.
    Germany is just Germany – they always had that technological spin on their side. But it's interesting to see how some very small countries in Europe (with 8 to 10 million people) like Netherlands, Switzerland and Sweden are competitive – also industrial powers.

  3. See , again. "the largest province of China"? That's why you always separate China into Provinces. How much money did China pay you? How much does your soul and freedom cost. Must be really CHEAP.

  4. Taiwan is not China province !1 Chinese dream about that and claim but Taiwan dont pay cent to China and dont have nothing with China

  5. Nothing compared with India. ISRO launched 104 satellites in one go, just landed on the Moon. China has long way to march behind India.

    China steals/copies everything whereas India keeps on creativity.

    China focuses on quantity only whereas India focuses on quality.

    It is India good in both science & technology and democracy freedom, China is nothing but a shit when compared with India in space and aeronautics technology.

  6. With current trade war ongoing US vs China – nor will there be an end ot it … in my view China should take drastic actions to reorganise its economie in order to depend less of the world and more of their domestic demand/economy – meaning " globalise within the country – The world is china & china is the world " China has 1.4 billion people & 23 provinces – treat & manage each province as
    " a country " with each province speclises numerous fields of expertise. The entire country would probably import very little from 'outside' maybe mainly raw materials.

  7. So this chart is saying Beijing and Shanghai can't even beat Hebei, which I think is a 2nd or 3rd tier province? Though Beijing and Shanghai are not considered provinces, they are independent municipality with own local government.

  8. to be honest, China is still a poor developing country, and we can not enjoy the profit of people amounts soon ,so India will surpass us definitely , India is the next superpower, China sucks, all of statistics from this channel, about China, is fake date .. plz believe in me

  9. the difference between china and europe is that china is a united country since 221BC. honestly, the differences between provinces in china sometimes bigger then the differences between countries in europe.

  10. 作为一个广东人!我给大家总结一下广东的经验,因为我们敢吃福建人!🤣🤣🤣美味!!!

  11. Chinese are very capable of making money and developing economy , history has proved this .during ancient time as long as there is no powerful invader and very destructive war , Chinese economy were always unparalleled,but during that time ,Chinese didn’t have very strong military power and were very easily plundered by those nomad tribe from north or getting the economy totally destroyed by different wars . Now we are stable and have a very peace full environment , no body will be able to bother us again .China will take back its crown,it is just a matter of time , in near future the world will only have two country to compare , China and the rest of the world lol .

  12. Please do not compare China like this, which makes China look quite strong! Actually, we are only a developing country. Our GDP per capita is still very low comparing with EU countries. We still have a long road to get better life.

  13. I keep forgetting that China is comparable to the size of Europe, so each Chinese province is like one European country. Now that's some perspective, lol.

  14. Congratulations to China. I have lot of respect for chinese people, they are smart and very hard workers. Greetings from Italy.

  15. Why are there so many Indian Patriots. I wouldn't be so proud of living in a country which has 140x more population than Austria but only 7x higher GDP… that is not a strong economy compared to the number of people.

  16. So now I wonder how German GNP will look like 😮 if the gdp is already that huge, what about the profit they made in overseas country 😮

  17. Personally would have left India out, as it adds nothing in this China provinces vs EU /EFTA countries chart! A comparision indian states vs chinese provinces exist already. Just my thoughts…

  18. Just for information, the population of the Guangdong province is 113.5 millions inhabitants. It is nearly as populated as Japan. So it puts things into perspective 😂

  19. It looks like going to take some years before any of the Chinese province taking over the big four: Germany, UK, France and Italy.

  20. ???
    Taiwan is not a part of China.
    Please fix your mistake.
    Tâi-uân tiō sǐ Tâi-uân,m̄ sǐ Tiong -kok.

  21. I am glad that China is rising, they are helping us all to rise.
    Here in Canada we have so many natural resources, we are working tirelessly to be of service to not only our American neighbours but also to Europe and China as well as the rest of the world. The world is so interconnected now, if China is selling more phones, Canada in turn is selling more minerals and meat and grains to help to make that possible. Win win win. What goes around comes around

  22. Ummm, last time I checked, India was neither in the EU nor a Chinese province. It's presence on this graph is irrelevant.

  23. China is not democratic.
    Every good step our prime minister take other party people came so that good step look lime bad and not let him do good work.
    In India

  24. 没啥用,人均gdp和其他综合条件差距太大,人民的福利待遇,社会保障也根本没法比,国家是富裕了,但人民的福利待遇,人均收入跟欧洲根本不在一个层次上,人口太多了,也没有办法

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