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Children and the Legislature & 50-Year-Anniversary of Head Start & AZ ArtBeat: Andy Warhol

Children and the Legislature & 50-Year-Anniversary of Head Start & AZ ArtBeat: Andy Warhol

17:30:10:11>>>Coming up next on “Arizona
17:30:12:10 Horizon,” how lawmakers 17:30:13:24 addressed children’s issues this
17:30:15:11 past legislative session. 17:30:17:03>>>A federal program designed
17:30:18:24 to give kids a head start turns 17:30:20:12 50 this year.
17:30:21:27>>>And we’ll take you to a 17:30:23:10 local Andy Warhol exhibit.
17:30:24:16 That’s all next on “Arizona 17:30:25:18 Horizon.”
17:30:29:16>>>”Arizona Horizon” is made 17:30:30:24 possible by contributions from
17:30:32:18 the Friends of Eight, members of
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17:30:38:11>>>Good evening and welcome to 17:30:39:23 “Arizona Horizon.”
17:30:40:16 I’m Ted Simons. 17:30:43:04 A three-judge panel of the Ninth
17:30:44:06 Circuit Court of Appeals today 17:30:45:16 upheld most of a lower court
17:30:46:19 judge’s ruling on racial 17:30:47:18 profiling by the Maricopa County
17:30:48:20 sheriff’s office. 17:30:49:24 The panel upheld a ruling that
17:30:51:00 sheriff Joe Arpaio’s deputies 17:30:53:00 racially profiled Latinos during
17:30:54:18 regular and so-called saturation 17:30:55:23 stops.
17:30:57:18 The ninth did side with Arpaio 17:30:58:27 in one respect.
17:31:00:01 The panel ruled that a 17:31:01:06 court-appointed monitor could
17:31:02:09 oversee internal investigations 17:31:03:20 but only those dealing with
17:31:04:28 constitutional issues. 17:31:06:11 Today’s decision comes one week
17:31:08:16 before a civil contempt hearing 17:31:10:13 involving Arpaio and a number
of 17:31:13:23 his top aides.
17:31:15:04>>>Advocates for children’s 17:31:16:01 issues say that there wasn’t
17:31:17:08 much to celebrate during the 17:31:18:24 recent legislative session.
17:31:22:05 Here now to talk about it is 17:31:25:16 president and CEO of the
17:31:26:26 children action alliance and sam 17:31:28:18 Richard, coordinator and
17:31:31:11 executive director of protecting 17:31:33:15 Arizona’s family coalition.
17:31:35:24 Overall, thoughts on the 17:31:36:07 legislative session?
17:31:37:14>>It was chilling. 17:31:38:14 It was a scary session for kids.
17:31:40:17 I know Governor Ducey uses the 17:31:42:03 word opportunity to describe the
17:31:43:13 session. 17:31:44:12 Two words come to my mind when
I 17:31:46:06 think about it for children:
17:31:47:15 Neglect and unbalance. 17:31:50:09 And those are both very scary
17:31:51:15 for our future. 17:31:52:22>>Talk to me about what you saw
17:31:54:16 from the session. 17:31:55:07>>I think we saw a legislative
17:31:58:05 session that in many ways was 17:32:00:06 tone deaf in my opinion.
17:32:03:12 In one way, we saw the 17:32:04:21 legislature prioritize tax cuts
17:32:07:02 for the most cash-rich 17:32:08:27 corporation in the world and
17:32:10:25 prioritized those tax cuts 17:32:12:23 over — we have the lowest time
17:32:16:13 limit eligibility of temporary 17:32:18:10 assistance to needy families in
17:32:20:04 the nation at 12 months, 38 17:32:23:01 states are at 60 months or five
17:32:24:18 years. 17:32:26:09 So we really saw what the
17:32:27:20 legislative priorities were and 17:32:30:00 children and family were not
17:32:31:04 among those. 17:32:31:28>>Talk about that program and
17:32:32:28 again, what the time limit was 17:32:35:03 before, what it is now, why it
17:32:37:10 changed. 17:32:37:26>>So this is assistance for the
17:32:40:07 poorest mothers and children in 17:32:41:23 our state.
17:32:43:21 And they cut the time in half 17:32:45:12 and that time is needed for moms
17:32:46:27 to get back on track, get on 17:32:48:29 their feet, get into the
17:32:50:03 workforce, get ready and the 17:32:51:07 whole point of cash assistance
17:32:52:23 is to keep kids out of crisis 17:32:54:25 while moms are doing that.
17:32:56:19 A year is not long enough for 17:32:58:04 their lifetime.
17:32:59:21 Sometimes, people get back on 17:33:00:15 track, and then they have
17:33:01:11 trouble again and they need some 17:33:02:19 help again.
17:33:03:22 A year, we’re the only state in 17:33:04:27 the country with that little of
17:33:06:09 a time limit. 17:33:08:01>>Low-income family childcare
17:33:09:20 vouchers also cut? 17:33:11:04 Talk to us about that.
17:33:11:27>>That was very discouraging. 17:33:14:05 We went backwards and we’ve had
17:33:14:25 a year-long conversation with 17:33:16:12 our community about child abuse
17:33:17:29 and neglect and about the need 17:33:20:01 to prevent crisis, so fewer
17:33:22:25 cases come into our overwhelmed 17:33:24:29 system and there was a
17:33:25:26 recognition last year that 17:33:27:01 having safe and affordable
17:33:28:13 childcare is a key part of that 17:33:30:18 prevention.
17:33:31:26 This year, they zeroed out the 17:33:34:03 state funding for childcare
17:33:35:19 vouchers and we went backwards. 17:33:38:24 The waiting list is already
17:33:40:00 growing. 17:33:40:21 There’s more than 2,000 kids on
17:33:41:24 the waiting list and we know 17:33:43:11 that that and other budget cuts
17:33:44:27 will actually drive up child 17:33:46:19 neglect.
17:33:47:29 When our politicians are telling 17:33:48:29 us they want to reduce neglect
17:33:51:22 but their votes are in the 17:33:53:05 opposite direction.
17:33:53:22>>What are your hearing from 17:33:55:09 lawmakers, from folks regarding
17:33:57:15 preventive measures like these? 17:33:59:09>>Well, we know that some
17:34:01:03 lawmakers know that an ounce of 17:34:03:03 prevention is worth a pound of
17:34:04:09 cure and a 16-1 ROI is a great 17:34:08:17 return, whether you’re a
17:34:10:28 taxpayer or a former 17:34:11:25 businessman, you can see value
17:34:13:21 in that kind of ROI and that’s a
17:34:16:01 growing narrative among many 17:34:17:23 lawmakers seeing the value of
17:34:19:06 preventive services, both at dcs 17:34:21:10 and across other departments.
17:34:23:12>>That return on investment is 17:34:25:04 not convincing enough lawmakers.
17:34:27:15 Why not? 17:34:27:26>>It’s a tougher sell because
17:34:29:09 the results aren’t here 17:34:30:09 tomorrow.
17:34:31:11 They’re there next week, next 17:34:32:18 month, proverbially, so, you
17:34:34:27 know, the sell is a little 17:34:36:29 harder but it’s one that’s worth
17:34:39:03 fighting for. 17:34:40:09>>This new department, that
17:34:44:10 budget was cut, too. 17:36:17:16 [ interruption in captions ]
17:37:50:22>>Those kinds of things, they 17:37:51:22 didn’t escape, either, did they?
17:37:53:14>>Right and that was one of 17:37:54:07 those surprise cuts that came
up 17:37:55:24 in the last two days, cuts to
17:37:58:22 technical education, cuts to 17:37:59:29 schools where their population
17:38:02:02 is declining. 17:38:15:28>>Lawmakers will say there’s
17:38:16:24 only so much they could cut. 17:38:18:09 There’s so much mandated, so
17:38:19:12 much voter protected and 17:38:21:12 education, child services, those
17:38:23:08 are there for the taking. 17:38:24:24 How do you respond?
17:38:25:24>>So every year, except for 17:38:27:08 one, since 1990, we’ve had a cut
17:38:29:24 to revenue. 17:38:31:06 So there are two sides to the
17:38:32:19 ledger, and we believe there are 17:38:34:26 choices to be made and we’ve
17:38:36:10 chosen to cut our revenue 17:38:38:02 instead of use those revenues
to 17:38:40:27 fund the programs that deserve
17:38:42:28 funding. 17:38:44:16 Children, families and taxpayers
17:38:45:25 frankly across the state of 17:38:46:25 Arizona deserve a fully funded
17:38:50:22 safety net. 17:38:51:12>>A better economy by way of
17:38:53:00 tax cuts means a better economy 17:38:54:24 means better environments, the
17:38:57:18 whole nine yards for kids. 17:38:59:27>>If that was true, we would
17:39:01:02 see those results. 17:39:02:05 We’ve been doing this for 25,
26 17:39:03:20 years.
17:39:05:12 And we just haven’t seen the 17:39:06:15 data and I’ll refute that every
17:39:09:15 time it comes up. 17:39:10:19>>Ted, we need to point out the
17:39:12:05 contradictions, because the same 17:39:14:01 legislators who voted yes on the
17:39:15:23 budget cuts, they said they had 17:39:17:04 to do it because there was no
17:39:18:17 money. 17:39:19:04 They then voted yes on more and
17:39:21:05 new tax cuts that the governor 17:39:23:03 signed.
17:39:24:12 Those legislators said our top 17:39:25:25 priority is putting the budget
17:39:27:02 into structural balance and 17:39:29:11 that’s what Governor Ducey said.
17:39:30:24 Then they passed tax cuts that 17:39:32:20 unbalanced that budget.
17:39:34:09 So we have an unbalanced budget 17:39:36:02 and children are left behind.
17:39:38:11 Neither one is good for the 17:39:39:14 state.
17:39:39:27>>Before you go now, tuition 17:39:41:17 waiver, scholarship for foster
17:39:43:09 kids, that was a success. 17:39:44:22>>It was and very thankful,
17:39:46:23 there was great legislative 17:39:47:24 support.
17:39:48:14 It was sponsored by 17:39:52:03 representatives and it will
17:39:52:24 allow more kids who lived in 17:39:54:14 foster care to get a secondary
17:39:55:27 education and succeed. 17:39:57:03>>And we mentioned the
17:39:58:09 department of child safety. 17:39:59:25 It seemed like that role, that
17:40:01:03 department was somewhat 17:40:02:26 clarified?
17:40:03:27>>There were some bills passed 17:40:05:18 again to keep working on
17:40:07:01 accountability and transparency. 17:40:08:12 We have more work to do.
17:40:10:15 They did continue the oversight 17:40:11:26 economy, which will be important
17:40:13:28 because we need that community 17:40:14:28 and legislative dialogue as the
17:40:16:14 department continues to tackle 17:40:17:19 the crisis.
17:40:18:13>>And information on near-fatal 17:40:19:27 cases?
17:40:20:25 I know that was in there, as 17:40:21:12 well.
17:40:21:28>>Right so there will be more 17:40:23:17 reporting on those types of
17:40:24:17 cases for the public. 17:40:26:10>>Last point, I want to go back
17:40:28:06 to what I hear from leadership 17:40:29:20 when they’re on the program and
17:40:31:00 they are saying that there is no
17:40:32:25 disconnect here and they are 17:40:34:25 only doing what Arizona citizens
17:40:37:08 want done. 17:40:39:12 They feel as though they were
17:40:40:04 elected, they ran on certain 17:40:41:21 platforms, they are now putting
17:40:43:07 those platforms into action. 17:40:45:09 Again, how do you respond?
17:40:47:01>>So I think the work that 17:40:49:08 dana’s organization does, that
17:40:51:04 pathco does, speaks to that. 17:40:53:24 Arizona’s vulnerable, whether
17:40:54:15 it’s children, family, or 17:40:57:07 vulnerable adults, don’t have
a 17:40:59:07 loud voice and that’s what we
do 17:41:02:21 as organizations, and I think
in 17:41:03:28 many ways, what we need to focus
17:41:06:27 on here in the session is 17:41:09:02 rallying around those folks and
17:41:11:00 helping Thome speak to that 17:41:12:12 because there is a quiet
17:41:15:04 movement that really is sort of 17:41:16:22 resisting that rhetoric and
17:41:19:12 there is more to say there. 17:41:21:19>>Quiet, too quiet maybe?
17:41:23:04>>It’s so quiet anymore. 17:41:24:24 I think a lot of parents who
17:41:25:21 voted for governor Ducey were 17:41:27:13 surprised when he cut school
17:41:28:20 budgets, because when he 17:41:30:02 campaigned, he didn’t say he
17:41:31:05 would cut schools. 17:41:32:18 He didn’t say he would cut child
17:41:33:27 safety. 17:41:35:11 They did not expect that.
17:41:36:27 A lot of parents were very 17:41:37:23 active and visible at the
17:41:38:23 capitol and people are still 17:41:42:00 talking and not going away.
17:41:43:24>>Thank you for joining us. 17:41:45:12 We appreciate it.
17:41:46:06 �� 17:41:47:07 ��
17:41:47:15 �� 17:41:59:17 ��
17:41:59:27 �� 17:42:27:29 ��
17:42:50:28>>The head start program is 17:42:51:15 turning 50 this year.
17:42:52:27 Head start began as part of 17:42:54:00 president Lyndon Johnson�s war
17:42:55:06 on poverty and continues to 17:42:56:05 provide a variety of services
to 17:42:57:11 poverty-level children and their
17:42:57:18 families. 17:42:58:17 Jonathon Adam Gonzales is
17:42:59:19 director of the Arizona Head 17:42:59:27 Start Association.
17:43:01:28 Welcome to “Arizona Horizon.” 17:43:04:00>>Thank you for having me.
17:43:04:27>>Give me a better definition 17:43:05:28 of head start.
17:43:06:22>>Head start is a comprehensive 17:43:10:08 early learning and education
17:43:12:06 program. 17:43:13:03 What our grantees do is provide
17:43:15:13 classroom-based preschool 17:43:17:11 settings that are high-quality,
17:43:19:25 that engage parents in parenting 17:43:22:12 practices but also track
17:43:23:27 children’s health outcomes, as 17:43:25:03 well.
17:43:26:06 We do things like literacy 17:43:27:13 events and activities outside
of 17:43:29:21 the classroom, as well.
17:43:30:24>>So are you talking basically 17:43:33:00 poverty-level kids under the age
17:43:34:15 of five? 17:43:36:00>>It’s a good question.
17:43:37:03 We have a variety of options for 17:43:40:04 families.
17:43:40:24 It’s 130, 135% of federal 17:43:43:03 poverty but that’s not the only
17:43:44:26 guidelines we have for families. 17:43:46:09 If they have a child with a
17:43:47:07 developmental delay or who may 17:43:48:23 qualify for special education,
17:43:50:06 we’re mandated by federal law to
17:43:52:00 serve the 10% of our enrolled 17:43:54:03 children who may have a
17:43:55:10 qualifying disability so it’s a
17:43:56:23 really case-by-case basis. 17:43:59:29 We tell families to bring you
17:44:01:15 into our enrollment offices, 17:44:03:12 take you through the application
17:44:04:25 process and see if you qualify. 17:44:06:18>>How associated or independent
17:44:08:12 from school districts are you? 17:44:11:17>>Highly associated.
17:44:12:22 Not all sites are connected to a
17:44:15:18 school district site or local 17:44:20:06 school districts that folks may
17:44:21:16 know but some of them are. 17:44:23:18 But we do bridge those instances
17:44:25:09 where we’re not in communities 17:44:26:22 where they’re integrated in a
17:44:29:17 school district by partnering 17:44:31:04 with the local department of —
17:44:33:05 through the department of 17:44:33:26 education and those local
17:44:34:26 districts through what’s called 17:44:36:06 the equip teams.
17:44:37:10 The equip teams are based out of
17:44:38:15 the school districts and then we
17:44:42:26 tried to bridge families so that 17:44:46:03 kids are flow right into
17:44:47:13 kindergarten. 17:44:47:24>>So what happens at a head
17:44:49:18 start center? 17:44:50:22>>Everything.
17:44:51:22 Everything fun. 17:44:52:21 I was a former head start
17:44:53:25 parent. 17:44:54:18 Both my kids, now 19 and 17,
17:44:57:16 went through head start. 17:44:59:09 Everything from — like I’ve
17:45:01:03 discussed, early education 17:45:02:13 experiences, you know, playing
17:45:06:29 in the classroom, parent 17:45:08:11 literacy nights, follow-up
17:45:10:22 wellness and wellness checks or 17:45:13:14 healthcare screenings, you name
17:45:15:09 it, head start’s been doing it 17:45:17:25 for 50 years, doing it well.
17:45:20:02>>And these centers aren’t 17:45:21:21 necessarily at schools.
17:45:22:27>>Faith-based organizations, 17:45:26:03 nonprofit locations but
17:45:27:18 typically, we try to find 17:45:29:19 places, each grantee does, to
17:45:32:25 make sure they’re well situated 17:45:34:14 where we’ll have the most impact
17:45:35:27 and the most need. 17:45:37:01>>How is head start funded?
17:45:40:08>>Funding is through the 17:45:43:01 federal government.
17:45:44:09 Like you discussed in your 17:45:45:09 opening, since 1964 when Linden
17:45:48:16 Johnson passed the act to begin 17:45:54:15 the war on poverty, it’s been
17:45:56:16 funded through reauthorization 17:45:58:25 acts through the federal
17:45:59:12 government. 17:45:59:25>>And with these
17:46:01:09 reauthorization acts, there’s 17:46:03:01 concern, especially of late it
17:46:05:00 seems like there’s more 17:46:05:29 conversation, how do we know
17:46:08:06 that head start works? 17:46:11:17>>There was a recent study, you
17:46:12:27 have heard in the past probably 17:46:14:23 fade away effect and those kinds
17:46:16:15 of things, you know, I used to 17:46:19:18 work with another state
17:46:20:18 organization, first thing first, 17:46:22:23 around brain science and we had
17:46:26:13 a lot of brain science debunk 17:46:27:24 all those myths around fade away
17:46:29:25 and what we found through the 17:46:32:00 recent studies through head
17:46:33:09 start and the office of research 17:46:34:16 and evaluation, they did almost
17:46:37:24 a 10-year study, since 2002, 17:46:40:24 over 5,000 children and they
17:46:42:27 found huge impacts in terms of 17:46:45:07 literacy, social and emotional
17:46:46:27 development. 17:46:47:17 Social and emotional development
17:46:48:26 is the simple things, being able 17:46:50:03 to engage in the classroom,
17:46:51:17 imagine being three or four 17:46:52:17 years old and this may be your
17:46:53:27 first social experience. 17:46:56:08 How do you get along with other
17:46:56:28 kids? 17:46:57:22 We measure those things.
17:46:58:26 We have the tools to be able to 17:46:59:17 say we’re having an impact.
17:47:01:01>>And we should mention that 17:47:02:01 fade away effect has been talked
17:47:03:10 about quite a bit, the idea 17:47:04:21 being that yes, this is great
17:47:05:24 for prekindergarten and maybe 17:47:07:08 good for kindergarten, probably
17:47:09:00 pretty good for first grade but 17:47:10:04 by second, third and fourth, it
17:47:11:25 fades away, you’re saying 17:47:13:05 studies are showing that doesn’t
17:47:14:26 happen. 17:47:15:16>>It doesn’t happen but it’s
17:47:16:16 also — you also have to have 17:47:18:15 the infrastructure and supports
17:47:20:12 at your local school districts 17:47:21:13 and the funding.
17:47:22:10 We
heard in the previous segment 17:47:23:16 with your previous guests that
17:47:25:08 we have to make sure that we 17:47:26:04 have ongoing funding support,
17:47:29:03 children’s education. 17:47:30:10 So that doesn’t happen.
17:47:31:09>>So in order to keep again 17:47:33:17 this funding because right now,
17:47:34:20 funding is the major topic for 17:47:36:20 everyone, everywhere.
17:47:39:00 So someone says this is fine but 17:47:40:20 how do you make up for bad
17:47:42:00 parenting? 17:47:42:29 Even head start can’t do that,
17:47:44:24 can it? 17:47:45:21>>What we do through head start
17:47:48:10 is engage parents. 17:47:51:07 It’s part of the outcome that’s
17:47:52:06 required of the federal act, 17:47:53:23 around head start, which really
17:47:56:24 has what we call parent and 17:47:58:22 family engagement component and
17:48:00:14 what that component says is 17:48:01:23 parents have to be involved at
a 17:48:03:18 certain level to continue to be
17:48:06:11 participating in the program. 17:48:08:00 So things like I discussed,
17:48:10:10 parent education nights, 17:48:11:23 literacy components and talks
to 17:48:14:01 families and engages families
in 17:48:16:09 a way that shows them various
17:48:19:05 parenting techniques, I’ll give 17:48:21:13 an example.
17:48:24:11 I was a teen dad, I used to talk 17:48:26:04 to my children standing up.
17:48:28:13 If you get on your knee and talk 17:48:30:00 to your children eye to eye,
17:48:31:21 it’s very simple and it will 17:48:33:27 change their behavior and
17:48:35:06 outcome of how they react to 17:48:36:25 you.
17:48:37:24 So I think that what people 17:48:38:27 don’t understand is it teaches,
17:48:41:16 it’s a holistic approach to how 17:48:43:22 we engage families and work with
17:48:45:06 families. 17:48:45:17>>And last question, has that
17:48:46:27 approach changed over the years? 17:48:48:21>>Oh, definitely.
17:48:49:27 I think that in the 50 years of 17:48:51:04 head start, there was a recent
17:48:53:27 case study that was called a two 17:48:55:27 parent approach.
17:48:57:12 And that two parent approach or 17:48:58:27 two pronged approach that the
17:49:02:13 foundation put out there looked 17:49:03:28 at ways that families on a
17:49:06:21 multigenerational level engage 17:49:09:14 with their children, lifetime
17:49:12:10 learners, right? 17:49:13:29 And what we found from that
17:49:16:12 study is head start has been 17:49:17:19 doing that for many years, 1965.
17:49:20:21 And how they’ve changed is 17:49:21:28 they’ve done it — they’ve found
17:49:23:27 ways to improve on those things. 17:49:25:13>>All right.
17:49:26:06 Well, very good. 17:49:26:20 It’s good to have you here,
17:49:27:24 happy 50th anniversary I guess 17:49:29:07 to head start and thank you so
17:49:30:13 much for joining us. 17:49:32:10 For sure.
17:49:33:05>>Thank you. 17:49:33:19 ��
17:49:34:02 �� 17:49:43:08>>>Tonight�s edition of Arizona
17:49:44:08 Artbeat looks at one of the most 17:49:45:18 famous artists in modern
17:49:46:01 history. 17:49:47:01 Andy Warhol is known for his
17:49:47:29 quote that “In the future, 17:49:49:02 everyone will be famous for 15
17:49:49:23 minutes.” 17:49:51:02 Warhol’s own fame has lasted a
17:49:52:07 lot longer. 17:49:53:13 Producer Shana Fischer and
17:49:54:19 photographer Kyle Mounce take us
17:49:55:26 to the Phoenix Art Museum for an
17:49:57:06 exhibition of Warhol’s 17:49:58:18 portraits.
17:50:01:15>>Andy Warhol is the very 17:50:03:06 definition of art imitating
17:50:05:08 life. 17:50:05:28 His portraits were of
17:50:06:27 celebrities who often became his 17:50:08:20 friends and his time in the New
17:50:10:25 York club scene is legendary. 17:50:13:06 But that was disgust a small
17:50:14:19 part of who Warhol really was, 17:50:16:16 according to curator Jerry
17:50:18:00 smith. 17:50:18:28>>Andy Warhol is an individual.
17:50:21:10 He grew up from an immigrant 17:50:24:09 family, living in Pittsburgh,
in 17:50:30:00 blue-collar working class
17:50:34:03 Pittsburgh. 17:50:35:11 He has a nervous disorder that
17:50:38:26 kept him out of school quite 17:50:39:29 often, and he spent that time
17:50:42:01 when he was home alone reading 17:50:46:29 movie magazines.
17:50:48:21 And making clippings and 17:50:50:06 sketchbooks of movie stars and
17:50:53:11 he had this early obsession with 17:50:56:18 film.
17:50:57:05>>He also loved to sketch and 17:50:58:24 his mother encouraged him.
17:51:00:11>>So when he graduated college, 17:51:02:15 he went to New York and in the
17:51:03:23 1950s, he was one of the most 17:51:05:21 popular, sought-after commercial
17:51:09:14 illustrators and was making 17:51:10:29 upwards of $150,000 a year.
17:51:14:14 In the 1950s. 17:51:16:02>>During that time, he
17:51:17:15 connected with many celebrities. 17:51:19:23 They would pose for him and he
17:51:20:16 would turn that photo into a 17:51:21:24 work of art.
17:51:23:10 He utilized a silk screening 17:51:25:00 technique that we now appreciate
17:51:26:22 as something distinctly his. 17:51:29:07>>His main emphasis was using
17:51:31:25 the silk screen process of 17:51:33:27 taking a photographer just like
17:51:35:13 you find in a newspaper and 17:51:38:04 having it made into a silk
17:51:39:28 screen, and then running ink 17:51:41:05 through the screen to create the
17:51:42:27 image. 17:51:44:00 And that’s why you see
17:51:44:26 variations in images, because he
17:51:48:03 used the silk screens that would 17:51:49:14 get clogged with the ink or the
17:51:52:01 registration of the colors 17:51:53:03 wouldn’t be exact, and he
17:51:55:14 encouraged that. 17:51:56:17>>Nearly 200 are on exhibition,
17:52:01:00 from Stallone to heather watts, 17:52:05:06 along with portraits there are
17:52:07:03 Warhol’s early works, pencil 17:52:09:03 sketches and ink drawings.
17:52:10:18>>Putting together this 17:52:11:16 exhibition was a lot of fun
17:52:14:15 because of the bright colors in 17:52:17:12 the work.
17:52:19:01 We went through a palette of 17:52:20:28 different things and selected
17:52:22:02 blues and pinks and purples and 17:52:24:00 yellows that are very vibrant
17:52:26:22 and indicate colors you find in 17:52:28:13 the work and yet they have a
17:52:31:09 real ’80s feel to them and 17:52:33:19 also with the color, we wanted
17:52:35:29 to kind of play with the ideas 17:52:38:07 that you find in the art, which
17:52:39:25 is the registration of colors 17:52:41:14 don’t always line up.
17:52:43:11 So we weren’t necessarily 17:52:44:28 completely concerned with if a
17:52:47:17 painting would be perfectly on 17:52:49:10 one color or another.
17:52:52:00>>Warhol was also an 17:52:53:09 avant-garde filmmaker.
17:52:56:11 In a room is a look at his 17:52:57:20 movies and screen tests.
17:53:00:23 There’s also an area where you 17:53:02:12 can do your own screen tests.
17:53:04:22 An old fashioned bolex film 17:53:07:09 camera sits on a tripod and
17:53:08:23 records you and the screen test 17:53:09:24 is e-mailed to you.
17:53:11:22 There are other areas where you 17:53:13:04 become part of the exhibit, like
17:53:14:23 the silver clouds room. 17:53:16:13>>Warhol wanted this idea of
17:53:19:09 sculpture that floated. 17:53:21:15 And initially he was thinking
17:53:23:08 lightbulb but that took too much 17:53:24:15 effort to try to create a design
17:53:27:19 so he made silver clouds, which 17:53:29:12 are these silver mylar balloons
17:53:31:20 that float and he would have 17:53:35:04 those floating about in his
17:53:37:03 silver factory of his studio 17:53:39:13 space that was filled, lined
17:53:42:25 with aluminum foil and silver 17:53:44:28 paint and those balloons are
17:53:46:06 floating around and the velvet 17:53:47:25 underground, the band that he
17:53:50:06 produced, would be playing, and 17:53:52:17 these balloons going and films
17:53:54:13 playing across everything and it
17:53:56:04 was a full on experience. 17:53:58:07>>There’s also the selfie wall
17:54:00:06 with wall paper featuring images 17:54:04:03 of Warhol.
17:54:05:10 You can take a photo here and 17:54:06:08 post on social media.
17:54:08:03>>What would Andy Warhol do 17:54:09:06 with social media?
17:54:11:13 I really believe that if Andy 17:54:12:12 Warhol were alive today, we
17:54:16:03 would be calling them Andys, we 17:54:22:17 would have Warhol-o-grams.
17:54:27:09 He would have that eaten that 17:54:28:00 up.
17:54:28:14>>Smith says contrary that too 17:54:30:00 what many people believe, Warhol
17:54:31:18 wasn’t over into the social 17:54:32:24 scene.
17:54:33:12 He worked very long hours, and 17:54:35:12 it’s that emphasis on the work
17:54:37:01 that smith believes is the 17:54:38:23 reason Warhol’s fame has lasted
17:54:41:04 longer than 15 minutes. 17:54:43:09>>There is often a divide
17:54:45:11 between the artist and the work 17:54:47:18 in our own time but I think we
17:54:49:07 see these works and we get it. 17:54:51:17 We get it.
17:54:52:10 They’re bright, they’re 17:54:53:09 colorful, they’re fun and people
17:54:55:05 enjoy them, and I think that’s 17:54:56:15 one of the reasons Andy Warhol,
17:54:58:13 or many of the reasons, Andy 17:54:59:22 Warhol is so famous still today.
17:55:03:12>>The Warhol portraits are on 17:55:04:27 display until June 21st.
17:55:10:29>>>We want to hear from you. 17:55:14:02 Submit your questions, comments
17:55:14:23 and concerns via e-mail at 17:55:16:09 [email protected]
17:55:20:01>>>Thursday on “Arizona 17:55:21:01 Horizon,” we�ll hear from both
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17:55:23:21 We’ll learn about national 17:55:24:23 legislation that could end the
17:55:25:13 crackdown on state medical 17:55:26:26 marijuana programs.
17:55:28:09 That’s on the next “Arizona 17:55:29:10 Horizon.”
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17:58:30:06>>Aren’t you afraid? 17:58:32:05>>You have friends everywhere.
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17:58:40:16>>Sunday night at 9:00 on 8-HD. 17:58:42:23>>>On “American Experience.”
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17:58:50:16>>What in the hell is this? 17:58:51:27 These are civilians.
17:58:52:23>>Not troops. 17:58:53:13>>This is simply propaganda.
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