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Cheney Loves Obama’s Foreign Policy

Cheney Loves Obama’s Foreign Policy

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go daddy you get the best promote both single world speaking of uh… present all bomber agreeing with rubble
and ideas on a dick cheney the a robust face in it member in the beginning when obama came out
to a close guantanamo uh… we’re gonna and torturing you know and he criticized the
bush in cheney administration for doing all these abuses and cheney came out and said all of this is
going to make its on safe obama doesn’t know what he’s doing is either protect us well cheney’s changes too because he realizes or bamaca surrendered
to his ideas don’t listen to me was in the chain but number
two i was concerned the characters and policies and we put in place after nine eleven and get the nation’s safer over seven years rabin sewed rapidly square student to describe things like enhanced interrogation techniques it tear surveillance program i think he’s also but he obviously has a mentioned the fires
of becoming president having to make decisions
with the consequences i think he’s word that uh… what we did was far more appropriate and hearing him as credit
for well wives can outlining translate that to you know when
mr had buat coming up my ass tits that switching
the start so what happened arthur hiller to stop the
warrantless wiretapping you didn’t get you at the u_n_ is stopping government entries you didn’t get you and are both things we’re doing more produced but yet you’re doing ninety percent of the
many way saw what happened his congress periodontal auto bomber goat
what now what now you great and all the sudden everything
we did as appropriate right there could not be a better spokesperson for
how right wing brocco obama is then big cheney it did cheney approves awad bronco bomb was
doing magid how’re i did it i mean right wing not correct and uh… and and look here yes he’s he said
he’s going to my argument for reasons that oba so almost the same thing bush did and the same thing
she needed what do you know what what did we get weak
elected democrat waiting and democrat or maybe today democrat means as secret republican
that because that’s what we got he’s that’s why put if he’s ordering trauma strikes execution of united states citizens abroad
they might be bad guys we think they’re bad guys but do we didn’t try them we didn’t go
through any uh… judicial process we’re executing them even bush wouldn’t do that now obama is doing it so cheney’s notebook i can’t believe i’ve
got a democratic president do what i couldn’t get wants to do win epic away then can you get any sense of why were disappointed
no bottle or no were being unreasonable did katie agrees with the most progress the
president we’ve had couple of anybody in there i finally that thank you one of my domain one of those website uh… articulate that first of all they have
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87 comments on “Cheney Loves Obama’s Foreign Policy

  1. If liberals were truly like the left when it comes to being armed and dangerous and grabbing your guns then someone would have taken out that obtuse piece of flotsam

  2. It would be fair to entertain the idea that perhaps these policies, such as warrant less wiretapping, seem more valid when you're actually in possession of the facts that you aren't privy to until you are sworn in. Just a thought, doesn't mean it's right, but assumptions are the mother of all fuck ups.

  3. It's a logical fallacy to say that a 'bad' person x likes something s and therefore s is 'bad'. For instance Hitler thought that fox-hunting was cruel, he wasn't wrong about everything just because he's Hitler. It's also a logical fallacy to say that I'm comparing Cheney to Hitler right now.

  4. @LanteanKnight Exactly. Ignore the party system and vote only for qualified candidates, even if that means voting for independents.

  5. Appropriate for the rich corporations not for international human rights nor for the benefit of the people of the US.

  6. @Richardgwm How many Americans are following him around and trying to prosecute him for war crimes? I demand a citizen's arrest!

  7. @dEdGrimley You are right…in the words of Naom Chomsky the american political system is polyarchy …not democracy…the political system is designed to be controlled by the elite minority. I don't know how Americans can get out of that.

  8. one good thing is that Cheney has one foot in the grave , how sick does he look ?
    For all the murders for the Dollar and oil he has caused hope he stays around for a while longer . Suffer you son of a bitch

  9. I made a comment on a video disapproving of Cenk's support of drone strikes as a form of execution. I'm kind of glad he changed his tune in a subsequent video but I'm still disappointed as he against drone strike executions only when used against U.S. citizens.

  10. I have been Saying a primary against Obama for a year now….. Glad comments like that are getting so many thumbs up now-a-days.

  11. If Obama keeps this up, Republican's might move to the left just so they can still paint him as a bad guy. Or they'll move farther right…

  12. @lasku0007 I don't think you understand the meaning of the word "boycott". Unless you're implying you want to boycott the two-party system, in which case I'm all for it.

    I've sort of vowed to only vote third party from now on, but god dammit Ron Paul is really reaching out for my vote right now. He doesn't even seem like a Republican when you compare him to all the other Republicans now.

  13. @Relyt22 that's exactly what I mean…to boycott the two party system. I am sicking choosing between lesser of the evils. As someone pointed out here I know just about 50% of the americans vote.
    By boycott I mean it should be made known that it's intentional…should be something like a massive protest on the election day.

  14. Ol' Dick looks like he's getting closer and closer to his date with Satan. Check out the documentary "Gasland" to see ANOTHER example of how this pompous ass has messed up our country.

  15. LOL the democrats got SWINDLED! LOL. I have to gloat a bit. I am a true progressive and was always suspicious of Obama. Never voted for him and never trusted him like I don't trust most of the other scumbag dems in our government.

  16. Ok let's be serious. Obama doesn't AGREE with Dick Cheney's policies, that is bullshit, Mr. Cheney. Obama is just trying to "compromise" (except that compromising with INSANITY makes no sense, and WILL thus be Obama's biggest own regret of his life, when he looks back at his efforts). MR. OBAMA, CALL THE REPUBLICANS' BLUFF FROM NOW OWN AND THEY WILL COLLAPSE EVERY SINGLE TIME WHEN YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE ***RIGHT***!!!

  17. Is it that Obama is a secret republican or is it that he was a rookie fresh from the minor leagues thrust into super stardom, mvp, top of the mound position overnight? You picked a guy that had less experience than Palin, and she's a complete and utter moron, but she at least knows not to back down, even when she should, but thats a different story.

    Obama should of been in the 2020'ish race, when George P Bush will probabley be making his move

  18. I mean for crying out loud, the Obama muscle to back him up is Biden…. Nobody's scared of Bidens political power. At least with Gore he had liebermann (back with the whole libermann, McCain, Kerry, etc etc moderate party made up within of the two party's). Though that group is all but dead today.

  19. "Enhanced interrogation techniques" does not fool anyone… he should just say torture, we all know this is what he's talking about

  20. imagine that!,..Obowma is using drone strikes to kill US citizens w/o a trial, lmfao

    even Obowma is smart enough to know that you don't fight wars with the American Criminal Justice System, but Cenk (Junk, Jenk whatever) doesn't seem to know that so how smart is he??

    turns out that Bush's policies w/r to fighting terrorism were the correct ones and that drives the shallow minded rigid progressives mad!! Got to love that!!

    BTW, Gitmo is the best location for a prison on this planet

  21. @genie0390 'obowma' is a conservative president, you should love him. Also Bush didn't go to the middle east to fight terrorists, he went their to overthrow saddam, or so he said. He lied to the American people, and should be brought up for war crimes, for masquerading a war for oil, as a war on terrorism. Conservative foreign policy is disgusting.

  22. @nomis101uk
    Although I agree that what is being done to these people is torture, the addition of the qualifier "enhanced" does not nullify the base words meaning. In this case, it is obviously suspicious why they would need to enhance the word interrogation. It doesn't justify what they are doing.

  23. @genie0390 Yeah, because morality is so worthless. I honestly don't you so-called conservatives sleep at night.

  24. First Bush approved of Obama's Presidency, now Cheney. LOL, you know you're doing a fucked up job when the worst President and worst Vice President in American history approves of you. Obama's a joke. I hate to say this, but I'm with Mitch McConnel, I hope he's a 1 term President.

  25. CheneyClone Obama just appointed a Criminal.
    Daley was an Executive at JP MorganChase and helped create the 2008 Financial Meltdown, and took Millions of dollars for himself.
    Daley Opposes All Consumer Protections.
    Daley advertized and helped create NAFTA that robbed USA of Millions of Jobs and still does.
    Daley Opposed Health Care Bill (until Health Care Lobbyists were the only ones who were writing the bill), he opposes the Public Option.
    Daley is connected to All Chicago Mobsters & Criminals.

  26. Black Cheney Obama, Gave ALL Taxpayer money to Corporations & Israel -Renewed Patriot Act, Gave Nukes to Israel -Renewed Emergency Powers Act -Expanded & Created New Wars -Expanded use of Mercenaries -Cover-ups & Continuation of ALL Bush Crimes & NO Bush Investigations -Drone Attacks on Civilians -Police state, Internet Off-switch -Spends Like Bush, NO Financial Reform, NO Transparency,NO Integrity -Continues Wiretapping &Guantanamo, GOP Slave -No Diplomacy, NO Public financing, NO Public Option


  28. Aren't there any conservatives here that just agree with some of the GOP's ideologies? I don't like the "you pick one, you need to pick them all" approach to siding with issues. Assuming all correlations must be checked makes us out to be simple people.

  29. @wspol624 None of us are surprised anymore… "change you can believe in"… Yep, an extremely small amount of change, and some of it for the worse.

  30. @ccricers There are whole massive lobbying firms that will CRUSH any politician or candidate who does not toe the exact party line. All of a sudden, McCain goes from somebody who believes in anthroprogenic climate change and the repeal of Dont Ask Dont Tell, to somebody who bitterly opposes both. That aint no accident.

  31. Wait what is he talking about when he says Obama is ordering drone strikes on Americans? I don't remember a story like that.

  32. @dangerouslytalented I wasn't talking about politicians, but just the average joe that follows them and may want to vote for them. There is no obligation for them to toe the party line exactly. I am disappointed at the lack of selectiveness with the things to agree upon when people align themselves with one party. It is not taboo for someone disagree with some of the issues against a politician although they still like them.

  33. @ccricers that is basically the fault of a 2 party system. It is difficult to be in the middle ground. More diverse parties are needed if you don't want to be branded as Republican

  34. @sdrawkcabgnipytmi Because we are in a screw up country that serves the rich, powerful, and corrupt. A quote from the anime show Samurai Champloo can be said her. "No lord is worth risking your life for".

  35. @Hariuka Bill Clinton xucked ass. The difference is he didn't suck ass 1/10th as much as Barack, or 1/1,000,000,000,000th as much as Bushy.

  36. You guys can't still believe that Dubya was half the genuflecting altar boy that Gobombanation is. You name any large corporation from Goldman Sux to Raytheon to BP to Pfizer he's kissed all their asses. When Blankenfein at least had the decency to ask Obummer if he wanted him to use the bidet before he puckered up, Obama said "No Sir! If I need to pee, I'll just use the can in the Greyhound lobby… Got a buck-fifty for bus fare?" He;s the Uakland Prez: There's no there . We been had!

  37. the leftright wing paradigm is false thats why! people who try to say that democrats and republicans are different makes me laugh

  38. This isn't a left/right struggle anymore, it is a fight between the rule of law vs the rule of man. The rule of law, in the form of a constitution that limits the power of government and protect our rights, is under attack from all sides. The bill of rights has been dismantled and only liars with false promises are being elected. If only there was a presidential candidate who is truly on the people's side, who will restore our protections, and has a 30 year voting record to support that claim.

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