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Charter Schools/Legislature & Sustainability: Beyond the Mirage & AZ Giving and Leading: Tumbleweed

Charter Schools/Legislature & Sustainability: Beyond the Mirage & AZ Giving and Leading: Tumbleweed

17:29:54:12 ��
17:29:57:24 Coming up next on “Arizona 17:30:08:03 Horizon,” how the recent
17:30:10:15 legislative session impacted 17:30:12:09 charter schools.
17:30:13:21 We’ll hear about an innovative 17:30:16:12 web project designed to raise
17:30:18:06 awareness of the state’s water 17:30:20:12 challenges.
17:30:20:27 And a local organization that 17:30:22:06 helps homeless youth, next on
17:30:23:21 “Arizona Horizon.” 17:30:24:03 “Arizona Horizon” is made
17:30:28:09 possible by contributions from 17:30:29:15 the Friends of Eight, members
of 17:30:31:06 your Arizona PBS station.
17:30:32:21 Thank you. 17:30:35:06>>Good evening and welcome to
17:30:36:21 “Arizona Horizon,” I’m Ted 17:30:37:27 Simons.
17:30:38:27 Governor Doug Ducey today signed 17:30:40:00 a bill that prohibits Arizona
17:30:41:12 from using a state-run health 17:30:43:06 care exchange under the
17:30:44:15 Affordable Care Act. 17:30:44:15 The move puts the health
17:30:47:15 insurance for more than 200,000 17:30:49:12 Arizonans in jeopardy because
a 17:30:52:21 U.S. Supreme Court case could
17:30:54:12 end the kind of federally run 17:30:57:12 exchanges that Arizona now uses.
17:30:59:06 The Governor actually signed the 17:30:59:06 bill last Friday, but his office
17:31:00:09 did not announce the signing 17:31:02:21 until yesterday.
17:31:04:06 The state legislature approved 17:31:05:27 $20 million to guarantee loans
17:31:07:24 so that charter school 17:31:09:27 businesses can expand their
17:31:11:27 operations. 17:31:12:15 Here to talk about that and more
17:31:14:15 is Eileen Sigmund, President and 17:31:16:06 CEO of the Arizona Charter
17:31:18:12 School Association. 17:31:19:03 Good to see you again, thanks
17:31:20:06 for joining us. 17:31:20:21>>Good to be here.
17:31:22:18>>Legislative session: What 17:31:23:21 are your thoughts?
17:31:25:06>>It was a tough, short, 17:31:27:00 intense session.
17:31:27:27 In 12 years of being a lobbyist 17:31:30:00 it was one of the quickest and
17:31:32:15 certainly one of the quickest in
17:31:35:03 50 years. 17:31:35:27>>Was it too quick?
17:31:37:18>>There was a lot of late 17:31:40:03 nights, but we know what the
17:31:45:09 budgets are — Well, we’re still 17:31:47:09 trying to figure out the effects
17:31:48:24 of the budget. 17:31:50:00 We’re still trying to figure out
17:31:51:09 the effect of the cuts. 17:31:53:03>>I want to get to the cuts in
17:31:54:12 a second. 17:31:55:09 We talked about this $24 million
17:31:58:12 charter expansion loans. 17:32:00:12 We don’t have the details of how
17:32:01:27 this is going to work. 17:32:03:03>>And I don’t really have
17:32:05:00 details if this is going to back 17:32:07:09 charter loans, either.
17:32:08:27 The details will be turned over 17:32:10:24 to the joint legislative budget
17:32:12:21 committee. 17:32:14:21 So where the charter association
17:32:16:15 and our members are, is we want 17:32:18:00 to get excellent schools to more
17:32:21:06 kids. 17:32:21:21 If this achievement district
17:32:23:18 does that for all public schools 17:32:26:00 and public school children we
17:32:27:03 are very appreciative. 17:32:28:18 We just don’t have details.
17:32:30:09>>The fact that it could be 17:32:31:21 unconstitutional, the idea that
17:32:33:21 it could be a gift for charters, 17:32:35:15 how can you plan when you don’t
17:32:37:06 even know if it’s going to be 17:32:39:03 challenged legally?
17:32:41:03>>Certainly a lot of laws, the 17:32:42:21 one you just responded to on the
17:32:44:21 Medicaid expansion, there will 17:32:46:18 always be court challenges.
17:32:49:00 Charter students are leading 17:32:50:24 some of those challenges on 301.
17:32:54:00 Right now what the concept is, 17:32:55:24 is to expand what’s working and
17:32:58:24 get to it more kids. 17:33:00:09 I think we all want that.
17:33:02:06 Those are the broad programs 17:33:04:00 that I have seen and heard, but
17:33:06:12 I haven’t — the details? 17:33:09:03 No one’s seen.
17:33:10:21>>No kidding, still looking for 17:33:12:12 them.
17:33:12:24>>And anyone who says it’s for 17:33:15:18 charter schools, from what
17:33:16:27 Governor Ducey says it’s for all 17:33:18:18 public schools.
17:33:19:12>>We don’t even know that. 17:33:21:03 We’ll wait to get the details
on 17:33:23:00 that.
17:33:23:18 As far as the cuts now, how much 17:33:24:24 was cut to charter schools, and
17:33:26:18 what kind of charter schools 17:33:28:12 were hit the hardest?
17:33:30:18>>Sure. 17:33:31:18 Charter students did not go
17:33:33:03 unscathed in this budget. 17:33:35:27 It was a difficult budget, a
17:33:38:15 billion-dollar deficit. 17:33:40:18 The budget cuts, all charter
17:33:43:18 students which are about 200,000 17:33:45:24 right now, they are at about $20
17:33:48:00 million of continuing cuts for 17:33:49:24 facilities for transportation,
17:33:52:03 for books, for technology, 17:33:54:00 that’s continued.
17:33:55:18 $3 million was added to that 17:33:57:24 bucket.
17:33:58:06 The second cut was about 50% of 17:34:01:06 students got an additional cut
17:34:02:18 and that is some of our best 17:34:04:03 schools, some of our nationally
17:34:05:27 ranked schools and schools 17:34:07:15 serving homeless students,
17:34:09:03 schools that are serving deaf 17:34:11:06 students.
17:34:11:21 It was across the gamut of 17:34:14:21 schools that were cut.
17:34:16:12>>And the schools that were 17:34:17:24 cut, fewer than 600 of — it was
17:34:20:15 charter schools with fewer than 17:34:23:06 600 students that was targeted.
17:34:25:15 Why? 17:34:27:21>>The budget conditions that
17:34:29:03 the legislature and the governor 17:34:30:21 walked into, they cut broadly
17:34:34:12 across all spectrums. 17:34:36:21 What the cuts here were focused
17:34:39:03 on is, if a school is in Tucson 17:34:43:09 and a school is in Phoenix, and
17:34:47:18 it is greater than 600 students 17:34:50:09 but two separate schools, what
17:34:52:15 this legislation says, you’re a
17:34:54:06 network and you should be able 17:34:55:24 to combine resources and be more
17:34:58:12 efficient. 17:34:58:27 So we’re going to cut you.
17:35:00:24 For example, we have academy of 17:35:02:18 math and science in Tucson, they
17:35:04:03 are expanding three new schools 17:35:06:12 for Phoenix, an initiative we’re
17:35:09:09 working on to serve more 17:35:11:27 students in high-poverty areas
17:35:13:21 of Phoenix. 17:35:14:27 Because of the schools combined
17:35:16:21 are more than 600, but alone 17:35:18:18 they are not, this combines
17:35:20:15 those two schools. 17:35:21:15 So that’s the issue.
17:35:22:24>>What about charter schools 17:35:23:24 that stand alone at fewer than
17:35:26:09 600 students? 17:35:27:09>>If you’re fewer than 600
17:35:29:03 students and not part of a 17:35:30:18 larger network you’re not
17:35:32:15 affected. 17:35:33:06>>Does that make sense to you?
17:35:35:12 First of all, forget whether or 17:35:36:18 not it makes sense to you.
17:35:39:00 Did you see that cut coming? 17:35:40:27>>No.
17:35:41:06 This was a cut that came and we 17:35:43:15 read the language at 9 p.m. on
a 17:35:47:15 Wednesday night.
17:35:48:15 By 3:00 on Friday we sent 33,000 17:35:52:09 emails and activated a lot of
17:35:55:00 people. 17:35:55:15 We’re still trying to figure out
17:35:56:21 the language two weeks after 17:35:57:27 session.
17:35:58:12>>Did the emails work? 17:36:00:21>>It cut the cuts from 50% and
17:36:03:06 being sort of loose language to 17:36:05:00 tightening up the language and
17:36:06:18 now being a 33% cut. 17:36:08:24 But it’s still — school
17:36:10:00 funding, Ted, you’ve been here, 17:36:12:24 it’s $4.5 billion of the general
17:36:16:21 fund. 17:36:17:06 It is 35 years old, complex, not
17:36:19:24 transparent, it needs to be 17:36:22:03 overhauled for all students.
17:36:24:06>>We do show after show here 17:36:26:18 and it’s like a brand-new issue
17:36:28:06 trying to reach for logic and 17:36:31:09 understanding.
17:36:31:24 Still, you say you were 17:36:33:15 surprised by this.
17:36:34:18 Where did this idea come from? 17:36:37:03>>This has been something
17:36:38:12 certainly that has been 17:36:40:00 discussed at the legislature in
17:36:44:21 a context of school finance. 17:36:46:24 But to see the language was a
17:36:50:27 surprise. 17:36:51:09 And we don’t know where it came.
17:36:54:06 From two thirds of the cuts are 17:36:55:12 in statute now for fiscal year
17:36:58:03 17 and fiscal year 18. 17:37:00:12 We’re hoping we have a
17:37:01:24 comprehensive school finance. 17:37:04:12 Frankly, one student should not
17:37:05:18 be worth res than another 17:37:09:00 student.
17:37:09:09 And equal resources should flow 17:37:11:15 to all of our one million public
17:37:14:09 students. 17:37:14:27>>Biggest success for charters
17:37:16:15 this session. 17:37:17:12>>We have — we have several
17:37:18:27 bills that passed. 17:37:20:06 One is districts are able to
17:37:22:06 sell their facilities. 17:37:24:03 When they are losing students
17:37:25:24 they are able to sell their 17:37:27:15 facilities.
17:37:28:03 Some districts would block a 17:37:30:15 charter school from even bidding
17:37:33:06 on that facility. 17:37:34:03 There is a bill the Governor
17:37:35:15 signed that said if you’re 17:37:37:15 selling your facility you need
17:37:38:24 to allow a charter school to bid 17:37:41:21 it for and get highest dollar
17:37:43:27 for that public asset. 17:37:45:21 That was great to be able to get
17:37:47:15 that through. 17:37:48:09 Facilities are a huge issue.
17:37:50:15>>So the biggest disappointment 17:37:52:24 I would imagine would be the
17:37:53:21 cuts in funding. 17:37:55:18>>Funding has always been our
17:37:57:15 priority. 17:37:58:06 We are 100% funded by the
17:38:00:21 general fund. 17:38:01:18 When we go through a recession
17:38:03:06 we know it. 17:38:04:12>>Are you expecting better next
17:38:06:09 session? 17:38:06:24 I know better than to ask this,
17:38:08:09 but are you really expecting 17:38:10:06 better next session?
17:38:11:21>>The Governor’s putting 17:38:13:03 together a school finance task
17:38:14:18 force. 17:38:15:27 Preliminary report of that task
17:38:17:03 force is September 1st, final 17:38:18:27 by December 1st.
17:38:20:15 Yes. 17:38:20:24 The Governor has put K-12
17:38:23:15 education as one of his top 17:38:25:27 priorities.
17:38:26:09 He really wants to put the 17:38:27:24 quality of choice.
17:38:30:09 So yes, we expect better. 17:38:32:15>>Good to have you here, thanks
17:38:34:03 for joining us. 17:38:34:18>>Thank you.
17:38:36:18 �� 17:38:43:09 ��
17:39:35:21>>”Beyond the Mirage” is an 17:39:38:03 innovative web-based concept
17:39:41:24 that aims to raise awareness and 17:39:43:24 understanding about Arizona’s
17:39:44:27 water supplies and demands. 17:39:49:18 ��
17:40:02:03 �� 17:40:09:27>>The project recently won the
17:40:12:06 $100,000 grand prize in the new 17:40:14:18 Arizona prize water
17:40:16:24 consciousness challenge. 17:40:18:03 Here to tell us more about the
17:40:19:09 project is Thom Reilly, director 17:40:21:27 of the ASU Morrison Institute,
17:40:23:27 and Steve Seleznow, President 17:40:26:03 and CEO of the Arizona Community
17:40:27:00 Foundation. 17:40:28:18 Thank you so much for joining
17:40:30:21 us. 17:40:31:12>>Thank you.
17:40:32:00>>What is “Beyond the Mirage”? 17:40:33:03>>It’s a really innovative
17:40:35:21 project that looks at the 17:40:37:21 challenges for water for
17:40:39:06 Arizona. 17:40:40:12 And really challenges citizens
17:40:43:21 and young people to step up and 17:40:46:21 help plan and help Arizona meet
17:40:49:27 those challenges. 17:40:50:24>>Who was behind this project?
17:40:52:06>>Well, the Arizona Community 17:40:53:00 Foundation formed a partnership
17:40:55:18 with Morrison institute and the 17:40:59:12 “The Arizona Republic” to really
17:41:00:09 look at the important issues and 17:41:02:06 vexing problems we face in
17:41:04:09 Arizona into our future. 17:41:05:15 And one of the things that
17:41:07:12 appeared and really drew our 17:41:10:00 attention was our water future.
17:41:14:00 And what Arizona has done 17:41:15:27 historically is add innovative
17:41:21:06 bold, courageous thinking. 17:41:23:15 We here in the desert enjoy a
17:41:25:09 robust water environment while 17:41:27:09 we look at our neighbors next
17:41:29:03 door in California really 17:41:31:00 suffering.
17:41:31:24 That’s because great leaders 40 17:41:34:09 years ago said this is what we
17:41:36:00 need to do here. 17:41:37:06 While we don’t have a crisis
17:41:39:06 today, we will have a crisis 30 17:41:41:00 years from now.
17:41:42:06 The point was, how do we 17:41:44:00 mobilize the next generation of
17:41:46:09 leaders to act today for a 17:41:48:12 problem they won’t see for 30
17:41:50:24 years? 17:41:51:18>>How do you mobilize that next
17:41:53:27 generation of leaders? 17:41:55:12>>I think we saw five
17:41:57:03 outstanding projects of students 17:41:58:27 throughout Arizona looking at
17:42:00:12 how to engage young people. 17:42:02:06 How to work with social media,
17:42:04:15 and how really to tap into the 17:42:06:12 entrepreneur neural spirit of
17:42:08:09 the Arizona to meet these 17:42:10:09 challenges.
17:42:10:27>>We’ve got water experts, 17:42:12:15 videographers, social marketers,
17:42:15:09 all involved in the “Beyond the 17:42:16:06 Mirage” project?
17:42:17:24>>I was just kind of astounded 17:42:19:03 at the quality of all five of
17:42:20:24 the projects. 17:42:21:27 It was a tough decision but they
17:42:27:18 are definitely up to it to help 17:42:31:15 resolve the issue.
17:42:33:21>>They have create understood 17:42:34:24 innovations in technology called
17:42:37:00 a clip stack. 17:42:38:27 You can take videos, stack them
17:42:42:12 together, produce them and send 17:42:44:00 them out.
17:42:44:21 Anybody can do it. 17:42:45:24 If you’re in the technology
17:42:48:09 generation that is great tool to
17:42:50:24 communicate this to their 17:42:52:15 friends.
17:42:52:24 It’s an option for news media to
17:42:56:18 use content. 17:42:57:15 The upgrade was to really raise
17:43:00:09 convincedness. 17:43:01:12 When you turn on that water
17:43:03:03 faucet are you really thinking 17:43:05:06 of the value of what’s going
17:43:08:09 down your train or what you’re 17:43:10:09 taking in.
17:43:11:00 We wanted to go deeper than just 17:43:13:09 awareness and that’s what they
17:43:14:03 have done. 17:43:14:21>>You mentioned the clip stack.
17:43:17:21 Not only is there a documentary 17:43:20:06 we just saw the beginning of,
17:43:22:12 but anyone can put together a 17:43:24:06 documentary.
17:43:25:03>>That was why that was the 17:43:26:06 winning project.
17:43:27:03 The scaleability of what they 17:43:29:06 have created enables, we think,
17:43:33:21 “Beyond the Mirage” to reach 17:43:34:24 really thousands if not hundreds
17:43:36:21 of thousands, hopefully 17:43:39:03 millions.
17:43:39:18 We saw with the prize 66 17:43:42:06 countries went to the website,
17:43:43:27 7,000 hits to that website, 17:43:46:15 3,000 active users, 35 teens.
17:43:50:06 So we know the power of that 17:43:51:18 social media to mobilize people
17:43:54:09 around something that’s 17:43:55:06 important.
17:43:56:03>>$100,000 grand prize. 17:43:58:06 Where did the money come from
17:43:59:24 and what will the money be used 17:44:01:09 for?
17:44:02:09>>We’ve got go over for that 17:44:04:18 one.
17:44:05:00>>The Arizona Community 17:44:05:06 Foundation is one of the largest
17:44:07:18 foundations in the state of 17:44:10:00 Arizona.
17:44:10:09 We put up the prize money, and 17:44:12:21 we are a home for many Arizonans
17:44:15:03 to create charitable funds. 17:44:17:12 So two very, very philanthropic
17:44:22:06 Arizonans helped fund the 17:44:26:21 operations of it while the
17:44:27:27 foundation put the $100,000 17:44:30:09 prize up.
17:44:30:27>>And who decided on the winner 17:44:32:24 of this particular prize?
17:44:35:09>>Well, I was impressed with 17:44:37:12 the number of individuals that
17:44:39:15 were engaged, most sectors of 17:44:42:12 society, nonprofit, government,
17:44:44:15 private industry, that 17:44:46:06 participated in rating these
17:44:48:00 proposals at several different 17:44:49:15 levels.
17:44:50:06 We were the last individuals to 17:44:51:15 actually see the presentation.
17:44:53:00 It’s one thing to actually see 17:44:54:21 it on video and read about it.
17:44:57:06 But actually having a 17:44:58:21 presentation on it brings it to
17:45:00:18 a new level. 17:45:02:06>>As Tom said, there were some
17:45:03:21 35 people across the state and 17:45:07:12 outside the state of Arizona,
17:45:08:18 experts in water, expert in 17:45:11:03 social media, experts in
17:45:13:00 communication. 17:45:13:15 And so there were several levels
17:45:17:03 where everyone could weigh in, 17:45:20:03 score it independently, and then
17:45:21:24 aggregate those scores. 17:45:23:15 There were several levels to get
17:45:25:00 to that final five. 17:45:26:06>>We’ve had both of you on the
17:45:28:00 show numerous times for a 17:45:29:18 variety of reasons.
17:45:30:24 How is this going to change 17:45:32:15 Arizona for the better?
17:45:34:00 Is this just a great concept, a
17:45:36:03 great project a good idea? 17:45:39:06 How is the going change things.
17:45:40:27>>We think what we have to do 17:45:42:15 here is recognize that we’re the
17:45:45:15 beneficiaries of innovative 17:45:48:21 thinking 40 years ago.
17:45:50:06 What we hope this will do — we 17:45:52:03 were inspired by senator kyl who
17:46:02:06 said we hope to inspire young 17:46:04:27 people who know how beautiful
17:46:10:00 Arizona is, what a great state 17:46:11:15 we have, and build the political
17:46:13:00 will and support necessary to 17:46:14:15 begin addressing as those before
17:46:16:03 us did, our water future. 17:46:18:03 That’s what we hope will happen.
17:46:19:27>>We know water is on 17:46:22:06 individuals’ minds in Arizona.
17:46:24:00 The Morrison Cronkite poll 17:46:26:18 showed that education and water
17:46:27:27 were the top two issues people 17:46:29:27 ranked.
17:46:30:18 The topic of water, there are a
17:46:32:15 lot of things coalescing 17:46:34:00 together to not only raise
17:46:36:06 awareness as Steve as said. 17:46:38:06 Some of the challenges some of
17:46:39:15 our neighbors face, like 17:46:41:03 California, really are a result
17:46:43:06 of poor planning. 17:46:46:18 The groundwater, the issue of
17:46:48:21 the groundwater problem in 17:46:50:27 California, where they are using
17:46:52:27 up all their groundwater was 17:46:55:00 address beside Arizona 35 years
17:46:56:24 ago with the groundwater act. 17:46:58:06 I think it’s that type of
17:47:00:00 innovative thinking we’re trying 17:47:01:27 to tap into, so we don’t see
17:47:04:00 ourselves facing the same 17:47:05:21 challenges as our neighbors.
17:47:07:09>>If people want to get one of 17:47:08:24 these clips and find out more,
17:47:10:15 what do they do? 17:47:12:06>>Contact Arizona Community
17:47:12:18 Foundation, and “Beyond the 17:47:13:27 Mirage” is getting set up to
17:47:15:27 introduce their plan and their 17:47:18:27 program.
17:47:19:06 That’s what the $100,000 is for. 17:47:21:27 They can certainly contact us
at 17:47:23:24 Arizona Community Foundation and
17:47:25:03 we will help them and direct 17:47:26:24 them.
17:47:27:06 This is just the first of two. 17:47:28:21 The next prize is to look at
17:47:30:18 technological solutions or 17:47:32:09 market driven solutions to this
17:47:34:24 problem. 17:47:35:09 We felt it was necessary to
17:47:37:21 build consciousness first and 17:47:39:15 then see what kind of new and
17:47:41:12 entrepreneurial thinking will be
17:47:45:00 next. 17:47:46:06>>Very good, thank you for
17:47:48:03 being here. 17:47:48:27>>Thanks for having us.
17:47:53:15 �� 17:47:54:06>>Tonight’s edition of “Giving
17:49:00:24 and Leading” looks at an 17:49:02:27 organization that helps homeless
17:49:04:12 youth. 17:49:05:06 Eight Arizona PBS aired a
17:49:09:12 documentary last night that 17:49:10:15 follows the plight of three
17:49:12:06 homeless teenagers struggling to
17:49:15:18 stay in school. 17:49:16:12 The Tumbleweed Center for Youth
17:49:16:12 Development in Phoenix offers 17:49:16:12 help to homeless young people
17:49:16:12 through a variety of services. 17:49:17:03 Cynthia Schuler is the CEO of
17:49:18:15 the Tumbleweed Center and she 17:49:21:00 joins us now.
17:49:21:27 Good to have you here. 17:49:23:12>>Thank you.
17:49:24:00>>What exactly is the 17:49:25:00 Tumbleweed Center for Youth
17:49:25:00 Development? 17:49:25:27>>We are a nonprofit that
17:49:27:27 serves homeless and runaway 17:49:30:18 youth ages 12 to 25.
17:49:32:03 And we have a variety of 17:49:33:24 programs.
17:49:34:21 We have five shelters, four of 17:49:37:03 those are for the 12 to
17:49:39:21 17-year-olds. 17:49:40:27 We have one that served
17:49:43:09 exclusively 18 to 25-year-olds. 17:49:45:18 That’s also a dog friendly
17:49:49:24 shelter. 17:49:50:12 We let them bring pets with
17:49:52:03 them. 17:49:52:24 We have a couple of crisis
17:49:54:15 programs. 17:49:55:00 We do street outreach and also
17:49:57:18 two resource centers, one in 17:49:59:21 Tempe and one in Phoenix.
17:50:00:27 If you’re living on the street 17:50:02:21 you can come in and get a
17:50:03:21 shower, food, clothes, hopefully 17:50:06:18 we’ll get you to engage in case
17:50:08:21 management so we can start to 17:50:09:24 help you get back on your feet.
17:50:12:06>>Obviously shelter is a biggie 17:50:14:15 here.
17:50:15:03 Counseling, GED help, Job 17:50:17:15 Services all included?
17:50:19:12>>We have that. 17:50:20:06 We have a school that does the
17:50:21:21 Job Services, a GED program a 17:50:24:03 community high school.
17:50:25:00 And I have to put my other plug 17:50:27:15 to dog friendly.
17:50:28:27 Both of our resource centers are 17:50:31:09 dog friendly.
17:50:32:09 I don’t think people understand, 17:50:33:12 if you’re on the street and you
17:50:34:18 have a pet that’s your best 17:50:36:21 friend.
17:50:37:03 You’re not going to give that 17:50:38:18 dog up to come in and get help
17:50:40:09 when. 17:50:40:18 We found that we started to make
17:50:42:18 our facilities much more dog 17:50:44:09 friendly.
17:50:45:00>>Very understandable. 17:50:46:18 What about family unification?
17:50:48:27>>We do a lot of that, 17:50:50:06 particularly our 12 to
17:50:51:27 17-year-old programs. 17:50:53:15 We really focus on — let me
17:50:56:03 back up a minute. 17:50:57:03 We do the safe place program
17:50:59:03 here in Maricopa County. 17:51:00:15 If we look at a Kwik-Trip you’ll
17:51:03:27 see a safe place sign, it’s a 17:51:07:12 triangle.
17:51:08:12 They can call the number, we’re 17:51:09:21 out within 30 minutes.
17:51:11:06 We take them to our shelter and 17:51:12:27 we work with the families to get
17:51:14:09 the problem resolved. 17:51:16:06 We have like a 98% success rate
17:51:18:24 reunifying them. 17:51:20:24>>Are there similar boxes at
17:51:23:15 other stops? 17:51:25:18>>We have 18 partners at about
17:51:28:18 16 sites for use around the 17:51:31:00 county.
17:51:31:12 We go into the high school and 17:51:33:00 educate youth, give them cards
17:51:35:06 to take so they know who to 17:51:36:27 call.
17:51:37:12 We get a call every three days 17:51:39:24 from the youths in crisis.
17:51:42:18>>These call centers, are they 17:51:44:21 drop centers?
17:51:46:00 Safe places? 17:51:47:12 One and the same?
17:51:50:03>>They say to a Kwik-Trip 17:51:53:06 person, I don’t feel safe,
17:51:56:09 Kwik-Trip calls us and we go out 17:51:59:09 and get them.
17:52:00:18>>What about young adults, they 17:52:02:00 are still teenagers.
17:52:03:24>>Absolutely. 17:52:04:00 We serve 18 to 25.
17:52:05:21 We serve them until their brains 17:52:09:00 finish developing.
17:52:10:12 The one shelter is specifically 17:52:12:18 for that age group.
17:52:14:03 We also — and our high school 17:52:17:03 really serves that age group
17:52:18:27 trying to get them back with 17:52:20:12 their GEDs also.
17:52:23:06 We do apartments for youth, 17:52:24:27 apartments for as to en to
17:52:26:00 18-year-olds who can’t live at 17:52:28:18 home and need to start getting
17:52:31:00 independent living skills. 17:52:32:09>>For those who can’t get at
17:52:35:12 home, and maybe it’s an abuse 17:52:39:00 parent that can’t wait to get
17:52:40:15 their hands back on that child, 17:52:42:12 how do you make sure it’s a safe
17:52:44:18 environment? 17:52:45:00 How do you work that line?
17:52:46:21>>If a child is less than 18 17:52:49:03 and we don’t feel they can go
17:52:51:15 home, we’re a mandatory 17:52:53:18 reporter, we have to call CPS.
17:52:56:00 But a lot of times, the family 17:52:58:21 can use a cooling off period.
17:53:01:03 The shelter says you can stay at
17:53:04:27 our shelter at no charge and 17:53:07:24 they can do counseling.
17:53:14:03>>Let’s talk about funding, how 17:53:16:09 much of a challenge?
17:53:17:21>>When I got to Tumbleweed we 17:53:20:03 had about 90%, our goal is 50%.
17:53:24:09 We are really looking to the 17:53:25:21 community to support us.
17:53:27:09 And it’s easy to support, they 17:53:29:06 can give money, we can have a
17:53:31:21 donation center, we take 17:53:33:06 donations and clothes for our
17:53:35:03 youth. 17:53:36:06 They can volunteer, there are
17:53:37:15 all kind of ways people can 17:53:39:09 support us.
17:53:41:03 Government funding is not very 17:53:44:03 secure so we have to move to
17:53:46:12 more community support. 17:53:48:27>>How did you get involved with
17:53:50:06 Tumbleweed? 17:53:52:21>>It’s funny, I’ve had a career
17:53:55:18 several places around the 17:53:57:03 country.
17:53:57:15 They had an ad and I answered it
17:54:00:18 and I was hired as the CEO. 17:54:02:21 I’ve done nonprofit work in the
17:54:04:21 past. 17:54:05:06>>But you were also involved
17:54:06:15 with juvenile justice, weren’t 17:54:08:24 you?
17:54:09:24>>I am a licensed attorney and 17:54:11:18 when I was in Ohio I’m old
17:54:14:21 enough to have had a long 17:54:16:27 career.
17:54:17:18>>And as far as a future for 17:54:18:21 you, for Tumbleweed?
17:54:20:24 What are you seeing? 17:54:22:12>>I think there is a brilliant
17:54:23:27 future for tumbleweed. 17:54:25:21 One of the things we’re doing
17:54:27:09 for funding is we have a screen 17:54:31:06 print shot a social enterprise.
17:54:34:00 We employ homeless youth and 17:54:37:09 print T-shirts.
17:54:39:00 We encourage people to let us 17:54:42:00 bid and see if we can go
17:54:45:21 competitive. 17:54:46:21 Very good, congratulations on
17:54:48:27 the world you do and your 17:54:51:06 success and best of luck in the
17:54:52:18 future. 17:54:53:00>>Thank you.
17:54:53:27>>Thank you. 17:54:55:21>>Wednesday on “Arizona
17:54:55:21 Horizon” we’ll look at how the 17:54:58:21 recent legislation impacted
17:54:59:27 children’s issues and how the 17:55:01:15 head start program is doing in
17:55:02:27 its 50th anniversary year. 17:55:05:09 That’s at 5:30 and 10:00 on the
17:55:07:27 next “Arizona Horizon.” 17:55:08:24 That is it for now.
17:55:10:00 I’m Ted Simons, thank you so 17:55:11:21 much for joining you are, you
17:55:13:15 have a great evening. 17:55:14:15 Captioning Performed By
17:55:14:15 LNS Captioning 17:55:14:15
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