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Catalina Cruz: A Promise to Keep

Catalina Cruz: A Promise to Keep

I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for my mother Of course many people can say that But for me, I really can say, I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for her You see when I was 9 years old my mom brought me from Colombia with just one dream to give her daughter a better life So, she did the most courageous thing that a young, single mother could do Uproot our lives and move to Queens We’ve never looked back I am a DREAMer I am the child of an undocumented worker who brought me here to achieve the American Dream I am the daughter of a woman who struggled to make a living passing out flyers on Roosevelt Avenue And who suffered the indignity of wage theft as a domestic worker Every corner in Corona, Elmhurst, and Jackson Heights has a story like mine I have a promise to keep One that my mother made to me by moving me here more than 20 years ago Inspired by her perserverance and sacrifice I’ve committed my career to fighting for our community to ensure our workers, neighbors and families have the best chance to succeed I worked very hard I graduated law school I go and I start practicing law and I’ve dedicated my life for almost a decade to representing people like us Now, because of the Republican Party our community is under attack like never before We must fight to protect the American Dream We can’t allow Trump to define us We can’t allow Trump to define what it means to be from Queens. With this campaign, we get to define ourselves [applause] This is a fight worth having one that I am built for I want to be the woman that goes to Albany to represent our community We can create, together, the change that our community deserves We still have issues with the MTA We need to have real protection for our immigrant communities and we need truly affordable housing that keeps our community together So whenever I think about the challenges waiting ahead, I think of what my mother said to me: Catalina, we didn’t go through everything we went through for the Dream to end here. My name is Catalina Cruz. I am a DREAMer. And I am a Democrat running for State Assembly.

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