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Canada, Saudi stand firm as diplomatic rift deepens

Canada, Saudi stand firm as diplomatic rift deepens

Speaking publicly for the first time
since Saudi Arabia expelled her ambassador, Canada’s foreign minister
refused to back down. “We stand, we absolutely, with great assuredness, stand by what we have said. We will always speak up for human rights, we will always speak up for women’s rights around the world.” It was this tweet by Freeland’s ministry that sparked the diplomatic row. Last Friday, Canada’s Global Affairs Office criticized Saudi Arabia’s recent arrest of activists including women’s rights campaigner Samar Badawi. Badawi is the sister of jailed blogger Raif. His wife now lives in Canada. The Kingdom snapped
back, calling the comments a “blatant interference in internal affairs”. Riyadh froze new trade and investments, grounded flights and suspended educational exchange programs with Canada. “I think the decision to expel the ambassador and
declare him a persona non-grata was made impulsively and if anything it
attests to the pressure that the Saudi political system is confronting these days. In the midst of transition.” Since King Salman came to the throne in 2015, Crown Prince Mohammed has been spearheading reforms such as allowing women to drive. His foreign policy has been aggressive Saudi Arabia led a regional effort to ostracize Qatar over terrorism charges as well as a military campaign in Yemen. Last year, Riyadh cut back commercial ties with Germany after a minister suspected its role in Lebanon’s political turmoil. The latest row with Canada is yet another sign of the kingdom’s increasing intolerance to
foreign criticism.

30 comments on “Canada, Saudi stand firm as diplomatic rift deepens

  1. down with Saudi king – we stand behind poor people of Saudi – people who lost their loved ones – women brutality – women rights and we wont back down

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    American Zionist Saudi Egyptian UAE UK French Septet bringing you the genocide of men 🚹 women🚺 children🚸 and babies 🚼 ⚰⚰ RIP in YEMEN.
    The House of Saud is an apostate House.
    Consorting with the Zionists colonial entity Israel is Haram according to Qur'an and Hadith's and Shari'a fatwas consorting with the enemies of Islam is Haram.
    Apostates 🗡 👤

  3. If Adel Al-Jubair reads this, then my Message to you is:

    Expel the kaafir and munafiq badawi and revoke his citizenship. There are millions of Muslims and converts who would love to change places with the munafiqeen who live in Saudi Arabia. Make a new law for munafiqeen that they will be expelled if they want to imitate disbelievers. And that Muslims living in the west and have seen Jahiliyyah and hate everything about disbelievers are willing to replace them within a second times notice.

  4. Allowing women to drive ?! It's slobbering … Allowing women to dress in WHITE in the harsh heat of the desert has to be the next move !!! & Protecting women & children from physical abuse too

  5. Freeland is an idiot … Trudeau is an idiot … Trump and the Saudi Crown Prince are close allies … Saudi Arabia was the very first nation Trump visited as POTUS … because Trump isn't an idiot … Egypt has now come out in support of Saudi Arabia … Freeland has slit Canada's economic throat with plenty of help from PM Twinkletoes.

  6. You do not have the right to dictate whether or not Saudi Arabia is a rich country and a state that does not accept the dictates of its internal affairs.

  7. Canada must give to a man his rights because Canada violates the rights of men The man in Canada records any identity or authority or rights he is a follower of the woman who is a dog and controls hiand can quickly imprison him and take all his property through the law

  8. Saudi Arabia can go screw themselves. I hope this incident permanently ends all relationships Canada has with your morally bankrupt disgusting excuse for a nation.

  9. There's a Canadian woman in jail in Germany because she disagrees with the holocaust… No one in Ottawa is complaining or helping her… But two Saudi meddlers with Canadian citizenship are getting so much support from Ottawa, that we have needlessly lost a 4 Billion Dollar trade partner… What happens in Canada now to gas prices…? Canada is all about Muslims and Homosexuals… The rest of us don't matter.

  10. Do you not feel shame as an European – British, French, German – or American, that your country sides with the human rights abusers of the worst kind? Through your silence you are endorsing the worst dictatorship on Earth, as bad as North Korea. But I'm not surprised, even Americans love North Korea now.

  11. The toppling of the Saudi Dictatorship is the goal of all people supporting Democracy; the arrest, trial & imprisonment of the 'ruling family' must be supported so the people of Saudi Arabia can be free.

  12. Ok what is Trudeau real reason for doing this – we know Trudeau ‘s brother works for Iran.
    How much is Trudeau making this time?

  13. how about human and women rights in Iran? Iran is the most sectarian, brutal,terror and anti human rights country in the region ,, how about Chinese prisons are filled with political prisoners and activists,, and China has the highest death sentence in the world and is the most polluted country on earth,, yet Canadians markets are filled with Chinese products and Canada is fighting to invest in the Terrorist republic of Iran

  14. In Canada you can't be a racists, a sexists, a homophobe, a transphobe, a nationalist, and there are many violations. Chrystia Freeland and Justin have come on camera and said specifically white supremacy, nationalists and neo-nazi groups won't be tolerated in the muticultural heaven known as Canada. However, that changes when Ethnocentrism comes into play when Ms. Chrystia decides what is moral and what is not in another culture. She appears to be a white supremacist. Now Ms. Freeland is Chief of Nationalism and Queen of Ethnocentrism for Canada. Well done.

  15. The two countries i have lived in at each other's throats? who would have thought. Come on Canada and Saudi mend ties immediately. Maple Syrup in exchange for dates :)) Canaduh and Sawdeeeeee Araybeeeea have been at each other's throats for quite some time now. Wasn't it about oil about a year ago? Something with the tar sands in Alberta? Trump must have his sticky fingers in this dispute no doubt.

  16. The Saudi prince should come to Ottawa get out of his gleaming Mercedes or Rolls-Royce and say in a cocky voice with dem cool shades on and his gold trimmed robe say " my beepl they laf me they luf me ull" haha.

  17. The minister of foreign affairs made a mistake you don’t post a negative comment about a country thinking yes they’ll read it & change their policy. Instead if you have something to say you say it respectfully in a meeting or in a private setting. Instead she created a rift between two countries; which could have easily been avoided. Now neither country wants to back down. I just want to say Saudi Arabia has done a brilliant job improving their woman’s rights in the past two years & whether a country has the death penalty is there business. They aren’t the only country in the world so either criticize them all or keep the peace.

  18. Trudeau gave ISIS 46kg of Carfentanil, he tried to kill my family. This is my first shot across the bow. Anyone else wanna take a shot at the title?

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