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Can China and the U.S. coexist?

Can China and the U.S. coexist?

Hi everybody. Ian Bremmer here. I’ve got your World In 60 Seconds from Tokyo, Japan, right in front of the Diet, that is their parliament building. And your questions are loaded up. Let’s go. Well I’m not one of these people believes
that we’re heading to war, The Thucydides Trap, rising power, declining power, necessarily goes confrontation, in part because China doesn’t have global military power or diplomatic capabilities. And even on the economy and trade they need to work with the United States. Both sides, although we know that. But on technology we don’t see coexistence. Right now, we see zero sumness. We see an end in unwinding globalization. I’m deeply concerned about that. That’s why I think we’re heading to a tech Cold War. Not just low, like the lowest in recent history. And it’s, you know, in part because the security is an enormous problem. It’s actually dangerous, physically dangerous
for people to vote. And because the people that are going to win ultimately don’t have control of a lot of the country in Afghanistan. So, it’s less about elections
than is about basic security. You got to get that right, first. No, but it’s absolutely the thing that’s going to be dividing the Americans the most, between Democrats and Republicans, over the course of the next months. Interestingly, for Ukraine itself, we’re closer to a deal with the Russians
than we have been at any point since 2014, during the invasion. There was that recent exchange of prisoners and the diplomacy with the Europeans is actually picking up a little bit. It’s not great. But it’s moving, finally, in the right direction. Be back with you next week.

7 comments on “Can China and the U.S. coexist?

  1. Please correct me and isn't that US has already been purchased by Chines private investors?
    God forbidden, if they all, and together sell and withdraw from this land. And you thought why is that they don't push on Nuck…

  2. He says that China does not have global military power or diplomatic capabilities 0:22. I have no idea what he means by China not having diplomatic capabilities or how that would prevent war. As for China not having global military power…Japan did not have global military power when it attacked Pearl Harbor. Germany did not have global military power when it invaded Poland. The war with China would most likely be about Taiwan and would take place in China's backyard.

  3. I don't worry about China too much! What bothers me, the U. S. Government and American Corporations sold out the American workers with NAFTA ( from what I see it will die ) using Chinese workers to save on their Bottomline,. Bankers destroying the financial system with their shenanigans, Trump having an attack of authority. Knowing China's government you open up the door and both played willingly, you're right, they both need each other. War is not an option, Thucydides is dead. A Tech Cold War, please, Ian, you can do better than that. The Federal Reserve is going to implode our financial system and China will watch as I watch your glasses crack!

  4. Can the rest of the world and the U.S. coexist?
    for few more decades unless US brings down its arrogance and petty ego

  5. Please watch for your safety as we love you and want to see a lot more of you. Attention to the road and drivers. Not that they drive as crazy as our homies in Los Angeles but they are all driving in wrong side of road!!!!!!!! 🙂

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