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Burger Diplomacy: Obama Burger comes to Milan!

Burger Diplomacy: Obama Burger comes to Milan!

hey what’s up I’m chef Spike
Mendelsohn from Washington DC coming burger here to represent burger diplomacy in Milan Uh, the President Obama burger came out for a couple reasons first I opened up my bread restaurant in DC in 2008 maybe a week before inauguration actually, no it was a couple weeks before inauguration Obama burger is beef, applewood smoked bacon, horseradish mayonnaise and a red onion marmalade and
all in between a Pennsylvania Dutch bun potato bun that’s toasted and that’s
kind of what makes up the Obama burger it’s won multiple awards in the States
it’s won a burger bash Rachael Ray’s burger bash a couple times in New York
and in Miami so it’s kind of a kind of delicious burger it’s a lot of fun when
the first family comes in and the President you know more so
Michelle Obama and the kids come in on a regular basis they love the milkshakes
and love the burgers we felt so bad that Michelle kept coming in and she saw her
husband that always gets all the attention I had a burger on the menu so
we decided to go with a Michelle melt also I was working with the first lady
on her initiative where it’s getting a chef’s awareness to
schools and making the school lunch meals more nutritious
so we worked on a burger that was a little bit healthier we did a turkey
patty we did a White House herb garden mayonnaise because at that point she was
coming out with the farm and growing all sorts of great herbs and it’s got a
little avocado in it tomato and a little bit of lettuce so
a little healthier version of a burger served on a multigrain bun with that has
oats on it so that was in the shale Mountain the people we launched to know
that burgers feed all of America across the board and it that that’s a you know
reason why i chose burgers because i grew up on burgers and i love burgers
but as you grew up you saw these these monopolized chains take take over the
system so for me was how to make a better burger a regular fan favorite now
you see it burgers all over the place you see fish burgers you see you know
raw burgers you see beef burgers pork burgers lamb burgers goat burgers there’s
all sorts of different toppings with it the cool part about a burger is the way
you can structure it you can add so much flavors in the toppings the cheese’s can
be artisanal, um, bacon. ya know? bacon and burgers go you know together like salt
and pepper really for me you know what I brought to the burger game is you know
different preparations and technique I used a lot of my you know my background
and training and applied the same process to burgers and I think
that’s why it’s been successful first of all let’s go over what makes up a really
good burger okay first of all you know buns that you can actually just rest
your head on right like a pillow ruby red tomatoes fresh tomatoes perfectly
melted cheese something tells me Tizzie caps her burgers off and steams the cheese
right? do you melt your cheese that way because if you if you melt cheese from
the bottom up of the grill what happens is you’re gonna separate your cheese and
before you know it people have taken their you know the pride and joy to make
the delicious cheese and now you’ve just like kind of separated it’s all over the
place so you got to cap and steam your cheese to melt that I call glistening
smiling cheese let’s take the ultimate test here
Oh look at that perfectly cooked just
the way I like it nice and juicy this is me Spike Mendelsohn Good Stuff eatery in DC

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