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‘Britain Trump’ & the Not So Special Relationship | Adam Ramsay

‘Britain Trump’ & the Not So Special Relationship | Adam Ramsay

Boris Johnson and Donald Trump
have in common they both represent: The worst caricatures of their national character. The American Dream is all about how
anyone can become a billionaire, what they really mean is the child of a
millionaire can become a billionaire. It’s about valorising bullies think
about Wild West films where, these people who are committing genocide
against Native Americans are treated as heroes. Donald Trump, the brash billionaire bully, absolutely epitomises that worst element
of the American character. Which often Americans themselves, because
they’re caught in their national story, there caught up and their own nationalism, can’t see through as well as people
from the rest of the world can see. Similarly Boris Johnson is part of this
absurd British national myth. He’s the bumbling public schoolboy bully. The sort of person who we’re taught by
our establishment to valorise. And who everyone else from around the rest
of the world can look at and see through. In that sense they are the same character
but they’re different in the sense that, Britain and America have very
different national stories. The stories of the old dying Empire and the story
of the newer ascendant global bully. A little understood part of
Britain’s imperial legacy is that, there are territories across the world
which are still effectively, although not formally,
part of the British Empire. Many of these territories have absolutely
vital geographical locations, and that’s why Britain has been
interested in them for centuries. The Straits of Gibraltar see a huge percentage
of the world shipping go through them. Oman, sits at the end of the Strait of Hormuz. The Sultan of Oman was put in
power by an MI6 coup in 1970. He’s just still there, the longest-running
leader in the Middle East. A large chunk of Omani oil is still owned by Shell. If you are the Pentagon, if you are
the American military, then these vestiges of the British Empire
play a very important strategic role. Whether it’s in your battles with Iran
as you’ve seen recently with Gibraltar, essentially on American orders,
capturing an Iranian ship. And Oman likely to pay and absolutely
vital role if there is a future war with Iran. But similarly America’s military base is
on the British Indian Ocean Territory. The role of Britain’s post Empire in American
military planning is absolutely vital. The 45-minute claim that
justified the Iraq war, was a claim that Saddam Hussein was able to
mobilise weapons of mass destruction, against Britains military bases in Cyprus. We can’t understand Britain’s role
in the world right now, and America’s interest in
Britain’s role in the world. Without thinking about ourselves as going
through a process of shifting from, the world biggest Empire which we
were the year my dad was born. to this collection of islands in the North Atlantic
a fairly normal Northern European country. We need to change the systems
which were built, by essentially the ruling class
over the last few hundred years. And turn them into the kinds of
democracy that you can have. In a modern digital connected age
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6 comments on “‘Britain Trump’ & the Not So Special Relationship | Adam Ramsay

  1. MI6 were also involved with the CIA's overthrow of the democratically elected Mohammad Mosaddegh in Iran, when they installed the brutal dictator the 'Shah' and secured all that oil which had been 'nationalised' by Mosaddegh, so that the Iranian people could benefit from their own resources (what a thought eh?). That Shah dictatorship is what led to the people's revolution which in turn, then allowed Islamist extremists to get into power (funny how 'people's revolutions never seem to work out well for the people). For western countries to suggest that their interfering in foreign democracies has anything to do with bringing actual 'democracy' to those countries is as nonsensical today as it was in the 50's. It's always been about oil. The best way to change all this, is to get EVs and transition to a fossil-free economy. Unfortunately that will lead to other resources being fought over. Changing that behaviour is more difficult for an Island of Pirates who have always had to scheme and steal resources to survive.

  2. All true… The UK's place in the world is now to be Americas bitch. The same voters who chose to leave the EU, the UK's natural block alliance are living in the past. In the days of old empire. For now as you say the global thug is the US. Using often totally immoral reasoning to justify their actions. As in Yemen.

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