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B&PC People and Policy 2020: Misha Werschkul

B&PC People and Policy 2020: Misha Werschkul

Washington should be a place where all
of our communities have the resources they need to thrive. I’m Misha Werschkul and I’m the executive director of the Washington State Budget & Policy Center and I use the pronouns she and her. The state budget is the single most important piece of legislation that our elected leaders will be acting on this year. Our legislators have an opportunity to make meaningful investments in people, family, and communities. Things like high quality childcare, affordable health care, and support for people experiencing poverty. The state budget should reflect the values of our great state and all of us at the Budget & Policy Center will be working hard this session to make sure it does. You can request that someone from the
Budget & Policy Center speak to your group about the state budget or about other policy issues by filling out the Speaker Request form on our website. ( Just click the News and Events tab on the left sidebar and select Speaker Request. Thanks and see you in Olympia!

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