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Boyfriend Return Policy – Wrenlos Shorts #1

Boyfriend Return Policy – Wrenlos Shorts #1

I’m so sad that I’m going back to the
Bay Area today, baby You know, like It’s good because we are going to have our apartment. it’s bittersweet because it’s preparing us to be living on our own to be together for the rest of our lives but at the same time I don’t think anything can prepare me to be apart from you for a month and a half awwwww i know it’s gonna be hard but, you know, the
way that I’m seeing that is that we are gonna be away for like a month
and a half to be together every day so you better get your affairs together there between My affairs? What affairs, baby? All of your affa- Are you having affair?
No baby, I mean like your affairs, as in the common saying,
you had to get all your shit before you come and live with me because once, you’re not gonna get rid of me anymore my mom said you only have a 30-day
return policy so after that you probably can’t send me back – On you?
– On me, yes No baby, I have a zero-day return policy We are together until the end, baby I know, right? The end of our lease Just kidding “The end of our lease”
One year!

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  1. We need your help guys! should we post more of the short videos? Maybe as side random thing from our regular ones? Tell us what you think and if you have any ideas we are happy to read about them for future videos 😀

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