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Boris Johnson vows to ‘stand up for Britain’s diplomats’ amid Tory criticism

Boris Johnson vows to ‘stand up for Britain’s diplomats’ amid Tory criticism

The UK will stand up
for the UK interest. The UK will stand up for,
and I will stand up for, our fantastic diplomats
across the world. I just don’t think that their
careers should be used as political footballs,
that’s all. Not only have I criticised
president Trump, but I criticised him as foreign
secretary, you will recall. We in the UK, do not agree,
with the position in the United States on
global warming, on the Paris treaty on
climate change. We don’t agree with their
approach to that. We didn’t agree with the
United States in their approach to the Iran nuclear deal
and we were very robust with the US and we’ll continue
to be robust with the US.

47 comments on “Boris Johnson vows to ‘stand up for Britain’s diplomats’ amid Tory criticism

  1. Boris Johnson has won the Conservative leadership contest already based on votes already in, survey suggests
    The ConservativeHome website has published another of its regular surveys of Tory members, and it has concluded that Boris Johnson has already won the Conservative leadership contest…

  2. He will say anything it takes, but he will not stand up for UK interests. His own interests, yes. The interests of those bank rolling him too. People of Britain, prepare for life to become even more stressful and expensive.

  3. My mum said I could not trust people who say one thing and do another. Hi actions Tel the truth, not his words. Very dangerous for the UK,

  4. oh please…
    this guy is no less a trumpanzie, than the trump itself
    you been laughin' loud at us UK
    g0od luck 😀

  5. Dear UK , The diplomat blew it bad . It's ok but just drop it . Ps Tell your diplomat He pissed off some of us .

  6. The UK is not even standing up against Israel lobby meddling in British Labour. Britain has compromised its sovereignty both with respect to America and Israel.

  7. How ironic is it that the very diplomat being defended by Boris, is being attacked by a President he is counting on to support him for Brexit. Can he have it both ways. Who leaked the memos? Was it done in order to put him in a compromising position?

  8. Theresa May committed the act of piracy on America's behalf, and yet there is no controversy. So this issue is just trivial compared to that blatant capitulation.

  9. As soon as the telegrams were leaked, Darroch was finished. And that's nothing to do with Johnson. Darroch will not even be missed. There are better candidates.

  10. It's surprising to me, but Boris is so much more articulate than Trump but their respective credibility is pretty much the same.

  11. Let's face it. There's a war over the leadership and the paper has firmly taken Hunt's side. In the Labour Party they've taken the side of the Israel lobby accusers. It's that simple.

  12. The UK is getting a firm ally of Trump, but the Conservative Party's Brexit agenda was already Trumpian … so Johnson just adds a better salesperson. He's a no-brainer as a choice.

  13. Like his buddy, Trump, you cant believe a word he says. The world is in a sad state if this is the best we can find for top posts.

  14. The diplomat was finished the moment the telegrams leaked, so Johnson had nothing to do with his resignation.

  15. Standing up for the UK interest involves rooting out the nefarious activities of the Israel lobby, or is there activity quasi-officially sanctioned by the British state?

  16. TRY STANDING UP FOR TOMMY ROBINSON ! Then Boris my old mate youde be TOP OF THE SPOT and US ( the people ) would have more faith in you . And for gods sake GET RID OF KHAN ! Hes a disgrace to London and the UK 😎

  17. Boris Johnson claims he supports Kim Darroch amid Tory criticism ►

  18. Boris stand up for British diplomats?
    The only thing he can stand up for is either another round in the pub or a cheap floozy.

  19. How did a hobo clown get the job ? Heard he likes to smack the ladies around too. Let me help u w your hair.🔨

  20. Johnson himself said Trump is unfit for office and then he suddenly refuses to defend his own government from Trump insults. He can't have it both ways. He's either with Britain or not. Can't be speaking out of both sides of his mouth because he's coming off as a liar.

  21. Is there no end to the Boris duplicity… can anyone in their right mind put any trust in this guy???/

  22. Will Brits feel as despondent about having Boris John as PM as so many Americans feel about Trump? I don't disagree with all of Trump's policies, but the prodigious, unchecked lying is pretty sickening.

  23. Get us out of the disgusting thieving EU Boris. Bad enough having our own government stealing, but having the revolting EU leaching from us isn't on. We hate the EU. When you get in Boris, kick Gina Miller out of the country!!

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