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Boris Johnson: Donald Trump’s tweets could perhaps be more diplomatic

Boris Johnson: Donald Trump’s tweets could perhaps be more diplomatic

Well look, I think that
possibly, as I said before, I think the president’s tweets
could perhaps be more diplomatic. There’s no doubt about that
but then sometimes some of the things I say
could be more diplomatic. The fundamental, the most
important thing is that the UK and the US
have a very, very good relationship. That’s what we need
to ensure. I do regret that Kim has
stood down. I talked to him yesterday
and I think he’s a great civil servant. The vital thing, as I’ve said
repeatedly, is that ambassadors, top civil servants should
be able to speak their minds to their political masters
without fear or favour. And the real culprit in this
whole business is, I’m afraid, the person who
leaked his diptels.

33 comments on “Boris Johnson: Donald Trump’s tweets could perhaps be more diplomatic

  1. 😃 Well A Serial Rapist Mad Orange Umpa Lumpa by any other name is still A Rapist Mad Orange Umpa Lumpa

  2. Labour remoaners are crying because a corrupt Tory was sacked. That's how you know BOJO is winning! 😎👌

  3. Who was Foreign Secretary when these memos where sent to London ? Blow me down with a feather, it was Boris !!!

    Boris has "form" and Motivation. "Et tu Brutus"

  4. Remainers say they want to stay in the EU to protect jobs and security. But are more than Happy to insult the President of our largest trading partner and military ally something isn’t adding up.

  5. No, Sir… Oh no Trump can't be more diplomatic because Pres. Carter said it best recently, Trump's an illegitimate President…

  6. So Europe is near you and you want nothing to do with Europe but America is 7k miles away you want to be friends with is it because their are superpower and you not and why you want to do a deal with, trump because he doesn't care about, England and his tweets show that he will impose any tariffs he wants on England or even the NHS will be at risk. England is playing a very risky game and are getting weaker by the minute. Europe was your best bet because you would be sitting on the big table and have the power but now you becoming weak and trying to stay as important as you can with America relationship and we all can see how desperate England is to sleep with Trump.

  7. Amber Rudd embraces no-deal Brexit as ministers pitch to Johnson ►
    Trump created a storm over Kim Darroch. Boris Johnson will bring a hurricane | Simon Jenkins ►

  8. We're supporting TRUMP ….and standing behind the very best president in history. TRUMP IS A GREAT LEADER AND CARES ABOUT AMERICAN CITIZENS

  9. The sad truth that brexiteer don't understand is that there is NO independence, Britain will be trading his senior partnership with EU for a junior partnership with the USA, in this globalised world, there 's no third option for a country like Britain.

  10. What does mean Brexit? Before you talk about Brexit you should know what Brexit is and means. You do not know what Brexit is and means then my advice: Do not talk about! But what is if Boris starts Brexit and anything goes wrong and the British people have to pay the price for the next 500 years. For instance, if the British pound lose only 10% and you have a house then your house has lost 10% – is this nothing? In 2015 the British pound 1.42 and today 1.11 – the British Pound has lost 20% and is weak! What do you think about how many money the British people will pay after a Boris-Brexit? Do you think Boris knows the answer? Have a nice Happy Brexit party!

  11. Ah, shurrup, Boris. You know The Presidunce is a brainless simpleton, because you said as much before Brexit changed the circumstances.

  12. That spineless blob has no statesmanlike qualities and is the antithesis of diplomatic finesse.
    Then again that is the conservative party as a whole.

  13. After a No Deal Brexit, part of the conditions of trade talks with the US for the UK to get a trade deal, Trump will demand the UK must lax gun laws.

  14. I don’t think trump was being racist when he said go back to your own country, I think all he was saying that if you spread socialism or Marxist views go and live in a country like that , but don’t try and change USA

  15. Thankfully the Uk has Boris. Otherwise they would be more concerned with pride events then boarder security and economic growth.

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