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Boris Johnson calls for country to unite over Brexit as MPs debate EU bill

Boris Johnson calls for country to unite over Brexit as MPs debate EU bill

Now is the moment, as we leave
the European Union, to reunite our country and allow
the warmth and natural affection that we all share for our
European neighbours to find renewed expression
in one great, new, national project of building a deep, special
and democratically accountable partnership with those nations
we are proud to call our closest friends. The bill ensures that the implementation
period must end on December 31 next year with no possibility of an extension
and it paves the way for a new agreement on our future relationship
with our European neighbours based on an ambitious
free trade agreement. Our aim is to provide a close friendship
between sovereign equals to promote our common interests,
inspired by pride in our European heritage
and civilisation. I’m absolutely determined that this
great project will not be the project of one government or one party
but of the British nation as a whole. So parliament, as I have said,
will be kept fully informed about the progress of
these negotiations.

61 comments on “Boris Johnson calls for country to unite over Brexit as MPs debate EU bill

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  2. I have noticed that when MPs have something to say in the house, they seem not to have paid any notice AT ALL to whatever has been said previously, and seemingly they are oblivious to statements made earlier that seem, on the face of it, to be exactly the same as they are now making, or even more annoyingly the PM has already answered. Perhaps they should not have pre written questions but think a bit more on the hoof??

  3. Boris has a record of winning, twice as London Mayor, the EU Referendum, and now a thumping General Election majority.
    He'll get Brexit done…

  4. not a visionary empty of idea's we are scaping the botton of the barrow with this clown
    giveing him too much power is asking for trouble, he will show contempt for the law, and people of this country

  5. Brexit walking backwards for Christmas, across the Irish Sea.
    Don't forget to stop at the border next year. Dopey English.

  6. Brexit is intrinsically divisive. Unity is long dead in the UK, which was broken apart by the referendum. Scotland voted 62% to remain and Northern Ireland voted 56% to remain. England and Wales are all that is left of the "UK."

  7. So basically Boris is BLACKMAILING the EU again by forcing a no-deal exit if they don't agree to the terms that they have already rejected again and again. What a deep and special relationship Boris wants! One where the UK blackmails the EU into submission. Of course that won't work. Boris doesn't want a deal with the EU. Once again he is going to ask for the impossible and threaten "no-deal" if he doesn't get it. He will then blame the EU for the "no-deal" that he always wanted but which he knows no one would have voted for.

  8. the nation has decided… the remoaners couldn't accept the Referendum in 2016 and its taken two GE since for Brexiteer patriots to get control of Westminster… ofc the sNP can't accept any referendums and want another indyref, even though 55% of Scots are opposed. the EU shills won't give up, they are paid quislings and are as insufferable now as they have been for past 3 years. Difference is, the vichy parliament is gone and the new Brexit parliament is moving this country forward… Guardian, BBC etc do not represent the majority of Britons anymore than marxist Corbyn or the anti-democratic Swinson did.

  9. Brexit: PM asks Britons to 'move on' as MPs debate withdrawal bill ►

  10. Glad to hear one of a number of promises in his manifesto has already been withdrawn. Minimum wages will not rise – well done to the working class that voted him in! Also workers rights will not be protected🍿

  11. Honestly shocked at the decision to leave the European Union. Division is what creates separation, separation is what creates opposition and opposition is what leads ultimately to conflict. I wish people understood that true unity is found in love, not in separation.

  12. Imagine calling people stupid and then voting for corbyn 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. On January 31st we will commence our race to the bottom. From our place in the elite, we will be securing exciting deals with countries like Kosovo and Papua New Guinea. We will reboot Britain 🇬🇧

  14. People will support you Boris, providing you properly fund our NHS & keep the US companies out of the UK regarding NHS Health Care, this a must!


  16. Well done Boris
    Give Scotland their referendum so they can leave the UK so we can hear the last of Nicola Sturgeon and her cronies
    England PLC can go it alone if needs be not a problem

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