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Bolton’s sudden exit: How will it impact Trump’s N. Korea policy? Expert analysis

Bolton’s sudden exit: How will it impact Trump’s N. Korea policy? Expert analysis

so president Trump abruptly dismissed
the national security advisor John Bolton in a minute growing splinted
between the president and the hawkish aide on foreign policy
let’s get an Indus analysis at live on the line for us is Sean King senior VP
at near faced park strategies and university of normally Institute for
Asia and Asia affairs affiliate scholar Sean welcome to the program good to be
with you know Shara present Trump’s tweet that he had asked for Bolton’s
resignation that it was delivered today did take us back a bit of a surprise but
it wasn’t a complete shock as the national security advisors disagreements
with President Trump and his disagreements with the rest of the
national security team have not been a secret of course what do you believe was
a triggering point here well I’ve always thought Trump and Bolton and unlikely
pair they were drawn together by support of Israel opposition to Obama’s Iran
nuke deal and general antipathy toward the United Nations but Bolton was much
more of an internationalist free trader someone who believed in alliances he
definitely opposed Trump’s decision to take forces out of Syria he may have
even advocated for a strike in Iran and maybe Trump blamed him for the fact that
people didn’t rise up in Venezuela the way that some had led him to believe it
would but from the outside and you know this is only going on what we read in
the press it appears that trumps desire to pull troops out of Afghanistan once
and for all and have the tenth Taliban at Camp David may have been what pushed
things over the edge so according to media reports what basically broke at
the bottom of the bag was a Monday dispute basically a disagreement between
President Trump and John Bolton over Afghanistan but of course you know from
from our perspective from the perspective of Northeast Asia it comes
in a very interesting time of a u.s. North Korea policy basically there Dini
organization talks it comes right after North Korea’s chess on hee
basically offered for denuclearization talks to the usb of course with a new
new proposal from the US and the North Korea launching two projectiles
yesterday and this morning the North Korean media announcing that it had
tested a super-large multiple rocket launcher possibly there are speculations
that this could have been in order to enhance basically you have an upper hand
going into a u.s. North Korea talks on the part of Kim jong-un now how do you
think the exit of John Bolton the hawkish one hawkish one an exit of John
Bolton would impact us North Korea talks from here on forth well the National
Security Advisor does not set policy he or she merely collates and assembles
information and presents it to the president for their decision that said
without Bolton in the room Trump on a range of issues but specifically North
Korea may be more quick to jump on his own instincts and act on a whim you know
I remember Bolton from the Bush days how hawkish she was a neocon of some would
say and just to see him across the table from kim jong-un and Singapore for me
that was the biggest shock of all more than seeing Trump and Kim me so I think
particularly back to Hanoi you know what would have happened in that room when
kid made his offer when both if Bolton were not there so the next time Kim and
Trump meet which even had Bolton not let the administration I would expect to
happen before the election who knows what’s going to happen without a
fail-safe like Bolton there so he doesn’t change policy but it definitely
removes the failsafe against Trump acting on his instincts and whim right
so are you saying that a person Trump could you know this gives more room for
Trump to act on more of a whim so basically more based on his what he
calls a better personal relationship with North Korean leader Kim jong-un
I’ll say is that without Bolton there I think Trump’s more likely to be Trump
you can take that as you wish all right thank you so much Shawn King a VP of
Park strategies also always our go-to person on on North Korea policy at our
u.s. is foreign policy direction thank you so much as always you got it thank

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  1. May be a critical step towards a Korean reunification (under the North's initiative & control), and full withdrawal of US army from the Peninsula.

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