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Bolton: It’s ‘possible’ US would sanction European countries

Bolton: It’s ‘possible’ US would sanction European countries

100 comments on “Bolton: It’s ‘possible’ US would sanction European countries

  1. this must be a gathering of DEMOCRATS because they don't like facts its a bauble of see no evil hear no evil and think no evil their not in the real world

  2. Then go sanction us…do,it, do it. How are you able to continue as a superpower, if you have cero allies, besides Israel- and the Saudis, ?
    Actually I think almost everyone has had enough of America. Only war, threats, bigotry, and the $$$$$ matters. And this ☝️ maniac can go straight to hell.

  3. Well now its all gone . Obviously in Europe understood/finally/ that they are dealing with the bunch of morons In the White House so Merkel just visited Russia to meet Putin and if you look the highlights it was quite a friendly visit.Macron will be in Moscow in the next couple of days and Merkel is going to China. The worst nightmare for USA according to Henry Kissinger happening in real time. Europe and Russia united.If we add China USA are in position no one would ever want to be. Meanwhile we are still hearing a complete nonsense from WH administration. Sanctions to Iran, sanctions to EU, sanctions to China, abandoning NAFTA …Guys where did you find those idiots? !

  4. Just looking at Bolten makes one want to punch his light out… it's time for the empire roll over.

  5. US is going to impose sanctions on the whole world. Historic friends and allies – UK, France, Canada, Australia, NZ – all will have to bend to the will of an egomaniac who acts like a 5 year old, as well as slow halfwit asswipes like Bolton?
    I bet Putin and his gang of Russian thieves are having a grand feast today.

  6. Who the hell is this Bolton guy? Who put him in a prominent position and why? Bad choice Mr. President.
    We need rid of illegal invaders. We need border wall. We need to fix the pharmaceutical drug epidemic.
    We don't need the same slobs who fed us a load of crap about weapons of mass destruction at the start of the new millennium in prominent positions of power. We're sick and tired of the globalists' war games. We don't want it.

  7. Every country around the world should tell America to shove their sanctions straight up uncle Sams ass!

  8. The warring barbarian American bring nothing good except flexing their military might acting like gangster asking extortion from weak country this is how great Unitedsnake are


  10. Bolton is, according to his ex-wife, and court documents made available by Larry Flint, a sexual deviant. He's a wimp like Dick Cheney who was so frightened by the sound of a shot gun he pissed his pants then shot his friend in the face.

  11. If you are British and in your 60’s you may understand if I say John Bolton looks like Mr Pastry.

  12. Bolton fuk you and your table .and your America iran yes graet iran .who the fuk are you sanction us .it's not 1979 again

  13. are you serious? world war soon to sabotage all the European Union deal with Iran as US has already sanction Iran invasion is next

  14. Naming Few gifts America has offered the world:
    1. Killing and eradicating millions of innocent Indians when invading their homeland
    2. Bringing Millions of Africans as slaves and treating them with zero mercy.
    3. Dropping nukes on Hiroshima and Nkazaki
    4. Tens of devastating wars against Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and so on.
    Long story short America is a disease and must be eradicated. period

  15. But Europe can punish too – and after that Tit for Tat games – the western nations are weakened by self-punishment! Very clever! Trump go home – we have enough!

  16. Don't blame US. Blame those before bad leaders, who go bomb Afghanistan then Iraq Libya but never bomb Iran. Those US leaders who authorised the bombing were corrupt. Not Mr Trump. He don't even accept president wages. Very very honourable person. The best in the world. Obama Hillary John Kerry are total disgrace should go commit suicide.

  17. This guy (Bulton) is not right, he never read the resolution 2231, this is international agreement enforced by UN under resolution No. 2231, first of all going out of a UN resolution is not legal. Why this guy is saying is Just to satisfy BB Netanhayou, none of these gobble, gobble are in the resolution. and just going with Israel's wishes is kind of being USA hostage of a State (Not a country a State).

  18. The EU a bunch of back stabbers and are going against the US on Iran for purely economic reasons . They want Energy from Iran and are willing to turn a blind eye to Iran's sponsorship of terrorists . As long as the EU is not be threatened they don't care about the US or Israel as long as their houses are warm in winter and the car has a tank full of fuel. The EU membership has made Europe untrustworthy .

  19. Let the EU stop trading in Pedro dollar and then let us sink with the US like titanic we go down together, trump started so lets all just say F*** it, the US debt is so high anyway wont take long once they cant just make new money.. They put tariffs on its 3 biggest allies, then its bye byzzz…

  20. This old piece of cunt should be hanged on the street along with the rest of Trump's teammate , what a warmonger !

  21. The US has never been a superpower. How can you be a superpower when you allow a Jewish welfare state the size of New Jersey to rule you? China yes, Russia yes. Anti-intellectual and slavish America- NO!!!

  22. Bolton is a traitor and he will be found out. He is not human and should not be treated as such. The death he will bring to the world will cause Americans to not be so stupid to let traitors run our government.

  23. Did this guy Bolton ever fight in a war…has he ever shed a drop of blood for this country or lost friends or family in war…ok maybe a drop …paper cuts are murder …what a dick

  24. John Bolton has the blood of hundreds of thousands of civilians on his hands, he participated in the illegal planning of a war purely for money, evil personified.

  25. First of scandinavia and Europe is not even close to be run over by mulsims.. Thats all random youtubers you all been watching. People who complaine about the muslim immigration are 99% from another country, People who are so easy manipulated and stupid, sure they think muslims will take over countries here in Europe.. I just laugh at how little braincells you have.. And if you are an american and say that, guess what? Its your fucking fault we have all this immigrants in Scandinavia and Europe, so who do you think we hate the most muslims or americans? People In sweden, Finland, Russia, Germany, Holland, France, Uk, Well pretty much all over hates you… Kepp living in your fantasy world… We in Scnadinavia, Europe would join Russia anyday, lets that be a thought to you on how much teh media lies to you.

  26. TRUMP and the Cia. and bolton must ORGANIZE soon massive war's against CUBA/IRAN/VENEZUELA /CHILE/GABUN/Ghana/Angola/LAOS/Lebanon/Cambodia and NORTH Korea!!! 👍

  27. John Bolton is the tool Trump and America needed to put this country on its knees in 5 years before the whole world. These 2 arrogants and stupid duo are going to spill more innocent blood than all 10 presidents before them. Watch and behold the price US is going to pay.

  28. Mr. Bolton, your mustache is WAY out of line, we gonna SANCTION YOU lightly for now, but u been put on notice – DO NOT, i repeat – DO NOT try to fuck with us by secretly continuing to grow it any further! If u do so, we will HACK directly into your MIND and plant hostile software all over your wobbling aging body! U don't want to PUSH it with us – u better believe it.. U will become a raging COMMUNIST b4 u even realize what the fuck is going on!

    Ask Senator Fearless Model Prisoner for 12 years – he recently received CANCER update directly into his already fragile mind – u can ask him just how much fun he is having trying to distinguish between jealous female hallucinations, illusions of final GRANDEUR and a new animated series downloaded straight into his brain directly from KREMLIN called "The Infinite Pussy of an American War Hero – how to give up victoriously, or the ART of Staying Proud Despite Having to Execute All of Your Inferior Officers" – there is also a milder version of that, which is coming out next week under the title of "If U don't tell your parents, the Vietnamese will still find out – American Closet might just b a bigger room after all! Stay Home and Make Crack – not WAR!"

    And just 4 your GENERAL info, Mr. Bolton the Outdated: the USA is no longer in a position to sanction, dictate, impose, order around, threaten and/or manipulate ANY other country in a world!

    Let's b clear: U guys r a FUCKING JOKE! Please b compassionate and do not make the world die, rolling on a floor laughing – by watching u pretend to still b a BOSS :)) I

    t is totally clear WHO is the REAL BOSS in Washington NOW, and it is neither U, not Mr. Trump, and certainly not Mr. ALL WHITE ALL COKE COOPER – our beloved Vladimir humbly says "PRIVET, MUDAKI!" from his new room in a White House – he called it the "Orwell Office".

    Enjoy whatever short time u got left on this planet and try not to out-sanction yourself Piss, byatch!

  29. Thanks God I live within the USA empire as some fools mention here, and not in Russian or Chinese Empire , they give a fuck who rules US ,Democrats or Republican . They hate what our constitution represents and the protections it provides to all citizens

  30. Mommy, can I have Iranian oil? No honey, it’s not yours. Mommy, what does demonize mean? It means that when you want something that someone, or a country, is sitting on, you make them your enemy. Mommy can I play demonize? La la la la la oil oil oil oil oil oil oil la la la la la oil oil oil oil oil la la la la oil oil oil la la la OPEC la la la la oil oil oil oil oil la la la la oil oil oil la OIL OIL OIL LA LA LA.

  31. Remind me which countries have already used nuclear weapons???.and which country does not allow inspections on its nuclear power .oh I remember now America in Israel

  32. Damn useless fool, have newer done nothing apart being and living as a parasite in us goverment ! Rather poore figure !

  33. The Whole problem with John Bolton is the Moustache; once they shave that moustache, it's going to be a game changer


  35. The man is as insane and irrational as Trump. Scary, they have the finger on the bottom, they can't be trusted. How sick, sick. And Pompeo is the same, add Netanyahu and the Arabs too. what a brew. Trump must be impeached as soon as possible.

  36. Bolton n Trump should go to war alone. Leave American citizens alone!! These power seeking war-mongers dont value lives of people.
    911 was also an inside job, Americans should never forget!!

  37. It is beyond any comprehension how/ why the Pig has recently been promoting himself as "the peace man", not wanting war with Iran, and saying he has to temper Bolton and "the military industrial complex". The POTUS has by definition no choice, he is the Head and CEO of the military industrial complex, as exemplified by his massive support for international sales of arms. He knew of course (one would think) Bolton's career long paragon of all neo-con foreign policy, executed mostly by military threat. As for Bolton's remark that Obama gave Iran everything they ever wanted, no, W and Bolton and the other neo-cons pressuring for invasion of Iraq are directly and primarily responsible for the expansion of Iraq's power and position in the middle east. Saddam had Iran contained for decades, costing us almost nothing, other than we sold Saddam WMD and looked the other way when he gassed Iranians. W and Bolton as one of his flunkies handed to Iran "everything they ever wanted" by destroying Iraq, its dictator, its army, and virtually all of its infrastructure which was developed by Saddam as leader of a secular (non-Islamic) arab government. To the Ayatollah, with love, from John Bolton and W.

  38. The shit eating USA remains the only country in the world to have used nuclear weapons and it did so against women and children. Twice.
    CNN will support Bolton. The USA is a nation of war criminals.

  39. it is incredible how someone keeps telling lies after lies like a machine gun!
    evil minded persons like Bolton are the greatest threat to mankind and humanity.

  40. Bolton's actions will isolate this country – U.S. is out of control – in-house and world-wide – we need to rebuild our nations – good name – stop steeling other nations assets – rebuild our respect around the world – China's out islands must be resolved by the U.N. – if not we must wait until China steps on it's own cock – then nail them – BOLTON IS NUTS.

  41. Who thaFuck are you U.S to say or rule on other countries??? Wtf?? IF U HAVE NUKES ORHERS CAN HAVE IT ALSO!!!! US DOESN'T HAVE ANY RIGHTS TO MAKE WORLD RULES!!! F. US AND ISRAEL!!! And I forgot.. MR BOLTON YOU ARE A WARMONGER AND CRIMINAL!!!!!

  42. The bolton and Trump excuse to sanction countries is that they say: "these countries must behave like a normal nation" yet they didnt mention that the US is the only country which doesnt behave like a normal nation. You just want them to give up their only defense system that they have so you be able to attack them and overthrow them easily. The leaders of these coutries are not idiots. They have seen what happened to others like Ghaddafi that you destruct their countries. Just look at Lybia or Syria you warmonger motherfucker. You are the definition of EVIL

  43. For fucks sake, you are from the stone age you psychopath dickless feces! Just fucking give it up and go rest in peace somewhere alone like a diseased dog and just leave,, Its was over for you when you became 70 years old 50 years ago, ýou don't even know what a color TV or a computer or even Politics is and how they work so just fucking give it up and lay down and sleep! Enough of Old dickless virgins like Bolton still seeking revenge on humans! today's world and your Old feces brain have zero in common so take your stone age war plans and go lay down somewhere and just leave us!

  44. This is pure Bullsh*t! The US violated the terms of the deal.there was no problem and iran is still complying with the deal.this is a crisis made by Bolton and Trump!

  45. • The USA regime attacked 7 countries in During 5 years
    • The USA regime made up a weapon and sending to dictatorship agents normal countries
    • The USA regime attached oil performances, commercial ship, and Airbus Iran in 1988, 1980
    • The USA regime has been the most important political result of the 21 century
    The USA regime sends aircrafts nuclear carrier to treaties Iran and
    normal countries and prohibited any countries deal with Iran
    • The USA regime genocides 85 million Iranian with economic terrorism
    • The USA regime bombards unclear to Japan, not Iran
    • Iran does not have 3 million legionaries, Iran have 85 million patriots
    • Iranian has been Persian golf in 7000 Year without happening
    • The world is not tangoing stag for the Anglican regime and Iran has no puppet

  46. Ole bolton is the last of the mean hearted. Asshole who. Thinks pull the trigger first ask questions later then turn around and actully think it was a good way to solve a major globle problem. He.s addicted to his own warped way of long politic bullshit thinking .theirs others .lol

  47. US shouldn't even have left the deal? This is whack? Whole point of the deal was to lead to a path of good relations for USA? Yea ok Iran has one group or another in the region but what does that have to do with say France or USA or UK? If Argentina supports a group in Brazil should France or the UK intervene? European powers and others should maintain it, just trade more?

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