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Bolivia’s Anti-Imperialist Military School

Bolivia’s Anti-Imperialist Military School

67 comments on “Bolivia’s Anti-Imperialist Military School

  1. Unfortunately, the US is just a budded flower of the problem. Neo-colonialism has it's imperialist roots all the way in Europe and ostensibly, the Zionist banksters.

    The US' role is to enforce this technocratic hegemony by the ruling class throughout the world. The US is just the biggest pawn in globalization. No country is allowed to be closed off and develop on it's own. The Centrally planned Globalist agenda ensures that every sphere of life is controlled and follows fixed parameters.
    The fact that networking and automation has outmoded interpersonal relations and pioneering; that mobile networks trumps the need for running water and electricity around the world; data has replaced wisdom and adages… the problem is much bigger when we understand that human beings are outmoded and that we have been branded as chattel for centuries now.

    Hopefully more wake up to the unpleasant realisation that this forced social darwinist reality that masquerades as daily living, was always meant to divide and conquer us.

  2. Let's watch them point their finger at the West, and possibly quite rightly so, while they back into the loving embrace of the Communist East. I don't think the polling should be about approval so much as who you hate MORE.

  3. Idiots! The reason the United States mandated a new Japanese Constitution was because of PEARL HARBOR. Go to China and ask about the Japanese. PLEASE! What a bunch of commie crap. I saw this sort of nonsense in East Germany in the 80's. What a total joke!

  4. Bolivia has the richest deposits of lithium, with the current demand for lithium in electronics they will be rich like the gulf countries. US will definitely attack. It's a good thing that they are preparing for the worst 👍

  5. USA is turning black, its white women spread their legs for brown men, it kinda seems opposite to me these days, that is latin america is trynna dominate USA.

  6. I’m form Bolivia and I can tell you that things here aren’t so good at the moment. This is one of the most corrupt governments in our history. So much that the president is going to run for a fourth term without giving a damn about our constitution. A referendum was made and more than half of the population voted against Evo Morales and against his fourth run. He is still going to run for it and the majority of our population fears he will manipulate the votes results and that we are going to end up like Venezuela. I don’t like the US but this anti-imperialism show its just a cover up for the corruption and narcos that actually run our country. Ps: just last month photos emerged of Juan Ramon Quintana (the man in the video) with one of the biggest narco bosses and cocaine productors in the country, and they were together at parties, reunions and governments events. This anti-imperialism schools are a joke for the actual population of our our country and more than half of the people can’t wait to see this government leave.

  7. Wow I am so proud of the Bolivian people. Peace, love and strength to you all in your continued battle against US imperialism

  8. We all latinamerican honorable people should impose economic sanctions against the bully empire that threat us: BOYCOTT AS MANY USA BRANDS WE CAN, do not eat american fast food franchises , do not attend Hollywood brainwashing propaganda. Do not give your money to the arrogant empire.

  9. If America invaded Venezuela it would very likely become a magnet for all of south Americans who harbour anti imperialismo thinking .

  10. The only real anti-imperialist country is the USA. We are the only ones that won our Independence through bloody conflict from an imperial power(British empire). All other countries just got their Independence after the European powers were bankrupt in WW2.

    The USA has defeated…. The Spanish empire, the Japanese empire, The British empire the French empire, Germany twice, Russia once. Any other big ones I'm missing?

    What has Bolivia done? Absolutely nothing other than be poor and brown and pump their fist at the US.

  11. WOW, its rare they get a voice , these people just want to live a peaceful life without being slaves , kept in poverty or being raped by US corporations like all latin country's.

  12. happy to see this change, since the people have suffered enough from greedy psychopaths for so long. just keep educating the citizens to understand what they must fight against if they want to live in peace. wishing prosperity and strength – keep your investments away from these parasites that will try to strangle you financially when they start economic wars on your country as they have done to Venezuela.

  13. It’s a rising of a new dictator in LA, new Venezuela. Fight for democracy hermanos de Bolivia. Brazilian speaking.

  14. Grown ups dont need a daddy to dictate to us what they think as if we cant make our decisions maturaly .
    Socialism is big Gov. That can intervene directly in individuals lives.
    Claiming they will feed ,clothe and take care of you is there way of consolidating power.they cant do this you cant pay for society that dont work .25% working isnt enough to feed everyone.

  15. Socialist are so close to dictaors and far from what democracy teaches .so called propaganda in this report is totally a lie.nwver has USA promted any dictaors. There has been populations that were so insubordinate they could hand and e independence and need to reach generation how to be mature with accountability like Iran abe monarch Shah. It's the only example of this.saudis king is the same situation .

  16. No sabemos cual es nuestro futuro.., Pero si sabemos de nuestro pasado … De lo que iso EEUU no se olvida …

  17. I would be PROUD to be Bolivian… Can you imagine being a Brazilian or Columbian😄😄😄 Sell Outs

  18. “A solid use without any political or ideological training is a potential criminal”
    -Thomas Sankara

  19. In Canada, we call our Political fight DeColonization we aim to decolonize because of the Genocide of the North American Native
    we believe this is because of the take over 500 yrs ago we were attacked on all levels Culturally to reform in order for the Europeans (the bad ones ): to acquire the Land
    It was a mass slaughter on the east coast of the Americans terrible the tortures and outright attempt to alienate an entire Race of people …..

  20. This is what happened to Libiya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran , Pakistan and happening to Syria. Islam is main weapon US imperialists use now a days. Fuck Islam

  21. I feel really embarrassed and annoyed that this ignorant president named that shitty school after my Grandfather who was a president, but never a fucking communist.

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