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Black Country, New Road: ‘The next Arcade Fire, that’s our goal.’

Black Country, New Road: ‘The next Arcade Fire, that’s our goal.’

If we could get as big as it would be possible
for a band like us to be big, that would be good. The next Arcade Fire.
That’s the goal. A lot of things we do are referential, musically,
to things we think are funny or very good. It all ends up in the pot, which ends up in the pie.
The pie is the music and the pot is the band. It’s not enough to pretend
those boundaries don’t exist. It’s more about accurately portraying the emotion
of a moment when those boundaries exist… …when something that someone might see as low
culture becomes a profound symbol of your state. There are specific things that we’ve learned
that we definetely want to keep. And things that we’ve done in that group
which we try not to do. An example would be less improvisation during sets. When we would first start, the structure would be there,
but there would be room for improvisation. Now, there is very little, if any, room for that. They’re very structured,
which is not the way the previous band worked. The Windmill was a really important introduction for us
in the early days of coming into London. Really good scene evolving around that venue. We got onto
Speedy Wunderground meeting Dan Carey through there. The Windmill is probably more important to us
than our connection with Speedy Wunderground. The Windmill is a very welcoming environment
run by Tim Perry, who has been able to allow… …all sorts of people to meet and perform
in a way that they want to. People are allowed to take on a curatorial position
that isn’t easy for younger bands to achieve in most places. Everyone is very supportive of one another.
There is no negative rivalry. There is a slight positive pressure, because we are
so well connected through venues like that.

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