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Bill Barr Considers Resigning Over Trump’s Tweets Says New Report

Bill Barr Considers Resigning Over Trump’s Tweets Says New Report

According to a shocking new report from the
Washington Post where they spoke to three administration officials. They claim that William Barr, the attorney
general of the United States, has actually contemplated resigning over the fact that
Donald Trump is continuously tweeting out things that are essentially seen as orders
to the department of justice. Now that’s, that’s pretty amazing, right? William Barr is actually considering resigning
and that would be amazing news if you believe this. Me, I don’t think for a second, William Barr
would ever consider resigning as attorney general of the United States. Now, I will admit it may not seem that farfetched
at the moment, right? We have seen William Barr come out and he
gave that interview last week where he said, Trump’s making it impossible for me to do
my job because of his tweets, and the administration said, well, we’re not going to stop tweeting,
but we sure do love William Barr. William Barr’s not going anywhere. This whole thing feels extremely orchestrated. The White House even came out yesterday reaffirming
their support for William Barr, multiple different Republican senators, including Lindsey Graham
came out and did the exact same thing. So if there was any believability to this
story, it would be this. Obviously William Barr knows exactly what
he’s doing and William Barr seems like the kind of guy who doesn’t like to be told what
to do. So if, if he were considering to be resigning,
then I think it would be because of that, because he just doesn’t like to be told what
to do. On the other hand, we have no inclination
to know that that’s the kind of person William Barr is. In fact, everything throughout his history
seems to suggest that William Barr’s the kind of guy who enjoys taking orders and doing
whatever it is his commander in chief wants him to do. Whether it’s legal or not. I mean, that’s what his past stint as attorney
general was all about. That’s what his current stint as attorney
general was all about. And he understands that this is in fact why
he was actually chosen to replace Jeff sessions. William Barr is doing exactly what William
Barr was hired to do. Donald Trump is not going to put a man in
place like this if he doesn’t think he can completely control him and he can, and he
has and he is, and William Barr is not going to resign. William Barr is not going to finally get sick
of this and say, ah, to heck with it. I can’t do this anymore. That’s not who William Barr is. William Barr wants to make sure that his president,
his boss, is taken care of from every legal problem they may have. And if along the way he has to deal with a
couple of angry tweets, well, I don’t think that’s a problem for a guy like Bill Barr.

82 comments on “Bill Barr Considers Resigning Over Trump’s Tweets Says New Report

  1. He's considering nothing. He just wants Trump to stay quiet when he, Barr is doing the dirty work. "Just don't draw attention to my corruption boss".

  2. Big Fat Willy Candy Barr is as blighted by his association with the Radioactive Pus*y-Grabbing POTUS as the other administration "officials" who have been fired or resigned in disgrace. Candy Barr et al. are tainted with the rancid stench that is the Impeached Trump cachet.

  3. False narrative …. wants the spotlight of him so he can conduct criminal traitorous acts against democracy and its citizens

  4. Its all theater. If he was seriously criticizing sweet potato Hitler then he would be under attach daily. He is not hence this is all bullshit.

  5. Now, that would be the correct thing to do, but in Trump's world you will end up under investigation and go to jail (for Show) ,and then Trump will pardon you, so stop the charade . Our country is in trouble these guys are nothing but clowns.

  6. Yep, definitely sounds like trump learned his lesson?!?!?! Are you kidding ME!!!! FUCK the GOP and REPUBLICUNTS, THEY'RE ALL LIARS & CRIMINALS IN BUSINESS SUITS!!!!

    FUCK D.C.

  7. You can see right through barr and Trump this is all bullshit of course unless you're a trumptard then you just gobble up his orange goo and swallow

  8. Sorry Bill…
    Americans that Matter are not falling for your ROPE A DOPE TECHNIC…

  9. If it were true he would have some amount of character.
    But we all know this is orchestrated BS.!!
    Nice Try Though 😝

  10. Please,– he sees them closing in if it is true. But I don't believe so. He's in too deep. Just trying to distract that he is not up Trump's orange @ss.

  11. I’ve thought from early on in this that it’s all political theater intended to make Barr look independent in the eyes of the public.

  12. DO IT! DO IT NOW! Resign and save your life, at the minimum keep you out of Club Fed fro 100 years. At the max, it means we don't have to come execute you for treason, as WILL happen to Trump and McConnell. As SOON as the Secret Service is no longer protecting these traitors, we are free to teach them what is meant by the NRA Solution. (Don't try it now, it is not the fault of the Protection Detail, no reason to harm people just doing their job. When they are out of the picture, we can do it RIGHT…)

  13. barr is a crook and i bet he honestly doesn't care about legal repercussions / public appearances so long as trump is in office….

  14. He is just creating the illusion that he is not in DTs pocket. But he is doing and has done everything DT has wished him would do!

  15. Errrr, he didn't resign when it was known that is family had a connection with Mr Epstein who died under his management.

  16. Every person who came in contact with Trump is not the same person who went into the circle of Trump, crippled careers and tarnish reputation are the lucky ones, others are warming up a concrete seat at there new resident Cell #885290 !

  17. most people look at American politics and they either understand or shake their heads in confusion…

    once you understand that these Washington denizens do what they do with secret handshakes and agreed upon in hidden rooms, you know exactly what's going on and why what happens happens and how all the pieces fit together… there is no confusion, and these devils and their evil agendas, actions and words are plainly discernable and obtusely apparent

  18. That's bullshit! Barr lives Trump and will do anything Trump says to keep his job. He will do that as long as he gets to keep his job. Barr was always a piece of crap.

  19. The latest episode of the worst reality show in the history of the U.S.A.! It's all a game, except none of the citizens ever win anything we just get PLAYED over and over.

  20. I definitely think its some fake bs and planned propaganda with cheeto in chief
    Trump would been full on assault mode tweeting about him if it were legit

  21. I cannot understand how Barr is able to do what he has done! He is a traitor. He obstructs justice. He is tRump's personal attorney. Who cares?

  22. Barr will get stabed in the back. From trump trump is a user. Then he will turn his back on barr i hope trump does mess his cult followers. Lives pay backs.

  23. The only reason he would resign is because the Dotard is screwing him over by not paying him enough to do his dirty work, not out of moral reasons.

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