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Betsy DeVos Keeps Screwing Over Defrauded College Students

Betsy DeVos Keeps Screwing Over Defrauded College Students

Perhaps out of everyone that Donald Trump
has put in power in his administration, there is no one who just better fits the description
of being a true villain than Betsy Devoss secretary of education. This woman is pure, unadulterated evil. And here’s what I mean. We have discussed this story in the past,
but there’s a couple new developments on it. Let’s start at the beginning. Uh, not long before the Trump administration
came into power, a law was passed. Um, it was the higher education act that allowed
for students from certain for profit colleges that turned out to be total frauds. The federal government was going to forgive
their student loan debts. Betsy Devoss came in, was told by a court,
you gotta lower or you gotta eliminate, excuse me, these student loan debts. And she said, okay, get right on that. And they didn’t do it. So then Betsy Devoss got sued. Another court came in and said, Hey, uh, Betsy,
you, you have to do this. This is the law. Betsy said, yep, working on that. Totally going to get on that as soon as we
can. Didn’t happen. Betsy Devoss then just a month or two ago
was held in contempt of court and the department of education was fined I think $100,000 maybe,
because they didn’t forgive the student loan debt specifically for the students from Corinthian
colleges, which was proven to be a complete fraud. So she gets held in contempt told by multiple
courts in the past, you have to do this. It’s the law. So finally, the department of education under
Betsy Devoss’s guidance decided, all right, all right, let’s get around to forgiven these
student loan debts. Let’s figure out how to do this. I’m going to create some new math to figure
out how to do it, they said. And according to the new math, the number
of people who were defrauded by these Corinthian colleges who will get their student loans
paid off or forgiven, is going to be roughly zero because here’s what they’ve decided to
do. They have decided that they’re going to look
at everybody’s income. Sure, you went to a fraudulent college that
lied to you every step of the way and you were left with a degree that’s absolutely
worthless and non-transferable. But if you’re still making like 15 to $20,000
a year now, even though you were defrauded, we’re going to call it a wash and we’re not
going to forgive your student loan because you’re kind of making on par with what other
graduates make, that that’s not how it works though folks. Betsy, if you’re watching, that’s not how
this is. You were told by the courts, by the law itself,
these kids were defrauded, get rid of their student loans. They don’t deserve this. They were lied to a corporation lied to them,
a corporation that Betsy Devoss has connections to, cause she is big into the for-profit education,
uh, financial scheme. And Devoss has decided, no, I’m just going
to change math rather than uphold the law that I have been repeatedly ordered by a court
to uphold. So what’s going to happen is that these students
who are currently making below the federal poverty level are not going to get their loans
forgiven by Betsy Devoss even though she’s legally required to do it. So, yeah, when it comes to true villains,
truly heartless, corrupt, horrible human being serving in this administration, nobody does
it better than Betsy Devoss.

100 comments on “Betsy DeVos Keeps Screwing Over Defrauded College Students

  1. The Republican politicians haven't got nothing accomplished while Trump been in office. Except for causing hardship on all the United States and citizens that are middle class and poor.

  2. I'm beyond pissed off that's why they have the ball's to tell the court go fuck yourself.Dirty ass hag it does surprise me that she's heart
    less she needs to be in rank & file
    in the 😈's Army🖕.

  3. There's just one place suitable for Betsy De Voss….. A cell in the abandoned Alcatraz Prison, with all its ghosts! BOO!

  4. We the people need to REMOVEREMOVE this evil people trump has put in to the school system that doesn't give a crap and should go to jail for what the COURT'S
    Dose the COURT have any balls please show you care AMEN

  5. Betsy is pure evil as her brother, the founder of blackwater security firm who is currently exiled to foreign country. I hope Betsy will get slammed more harder next year.

  6. She needs to go to Jail
    She doesn’t care about anyone else but rich people. She drags her flat lazy ass and causing people who got screwed over to be continually be screwed over.
    Her way of doing math is lining her pocket on the back door.
    Do your job to help these people and stop wasting time and money to keep screwing innocent people over.

  7. Betsy DeVos should be held in contempt of court again and jailed until all the fraud loans are totally wiped clean. That is the only way she will ever let the fines disappear, if her freedom is in Jeopardy.

  8. Wow. Part of the reason I didn't go to college. I would see adds for employment that required a 2 or 4 year degree. That paid less money then I made without a continued education. I understand it's all about the degree that you get, but it still seemed difficult to justify spending a lot of money to take a pay cut for a job that wouldn't necessarily be easier then the occupation that I had shows.

  9. She is the best according to Trump . She never went to public school nor her kids and she is sec of education and a millionaire . Another orange man apointee . Her yachts are registered in other countries to avoid taxes in the USA . She is just another of Trumps cronies .

  10. The evil Rich Bitch Betsy DeVos another criminal like Don the Con Trump! Trump's great best people ever just like me a con and a criminal! We got to get this trash out of our government! Freeze her assets and give it back to the people while she rots in prison!

  11. Ah, Cruella deVos, Trumps real life super villain! Gave herself a pay raise while slashing funds for public education and schools for disabled and special needs children! ……I mean, DAMN, that's cold! …..I've been told she's a hard-core christian….….Now personally i think religion is just made up bullshit which i don't know much about, but i'm pretty sure Jesus made kind of a big deal of HELPING THE POOR AND NEEDY instead of bumshafting them to rake in their cash, you absolute fucking monster!!! This type of vile hypocrisy can ONLY be found in the mind of a true believer! Jesus must be so proud….I don't know how she can look at herself in the mirror…..Sickening!!

  12. Idk, I think Steven Miller might be the worst. Don't get me wrong, Cruella De Vos is definitely evil, I just think Steven Miller is even worse.

  13. This is INSANE. That little bird like wench is a cunt along with this whole admin. Donny boy braggggs all day long how much money he's making on his "tariffs", we give the military more cash than the can find ways to spend it, spend TRILLIONS on endless freakin wars in the middle east et al BUT can't help defrauded young American citizens who were fcked over by corrupt corporations. Yep, sounds like America alright 😤. A government for the corporations by the corporations. And who the fck do thru out in the WH..oh jusy a corrupt con man who is a walking, screaming, tweeting corporation unto himself!

  14. Get the class action lawyers to underline this to the judge who condemned her for contempt of court – this time, Betsy should be getting some JAIL TIME !

  15. Her next yacht builder should make her the shittiest yacht imaginable, and then when she goes to court for her money back, you can point out the she can more than afford to lose the money from one shitty yacht!!! And therefore you have no case to answer!!

  16. Ring of fire. Is amazing and what it doesn’t say
    It doesn’t say government bureaucrats screwed up
    It doesn’t say that outside contractors screwed up
    It doesn’t say the she was named because she was the head of the department.

  17. I hope that when this Trump fiasco is over that scum like Betsy DeVos are held to account for their blatantly corrupt decisions and activities. She should have her entire wealth confiscated and the money used for public education. Only once scum like these are treated like this and the consequences of their corrupt activity becomes not worth the risk will we see a serious reduction in people who think they can get away with it. Then after her trial she should be seen dangling at the end of a rope on a gallows.

  18. What a surprise! A corrupt person, appointed by Trump, financially involved with "for profit education" has decided to break the law. The 40 odd percent of people who still support Trump and his minions are why the US has such low standing in the UK right now. We have to deal with Boris Johnson but America still has the rough deal.

  19. No she wont be arrested, due to her being rich, REPUBLICANS never uphold laws they will just throw money in the judge face and their off the hook, all judges lawyers who take bribes should be severely punished why take an oath and than break it? No values for the country at all and were suppose to trust these people representing the country. Smdh

  20. I'll never understand why people who were essentially handed all of their wealth feel they are now entitled to handle the purse strings for everyone else. And you have to love how someone who couldn't live on $19-20K a MONTH considers that much a YEAR to be perfectly acceptable.

    "Can't these people just be happy living in cardboard boxes and eating paper? Ugh! When did Americans become so SPOILED? From the elevated position that was gifted to me, I simply MUST do something! And if it makes their lives more miserable, so be it! I'm ignorant, rich, and bored and, therefore, feel completely justified in meddling in their affairs and telling them how to run their lives."

  21. Are there any good (wo)men in the Administration?? She is not the only villain, what the about that racist/white supremacist Steve Miller.
    How they get away with all their terrible actions is beyond me.

  22. Dude you sound like everybody else Always joking about the state of affairs like it’s some damn comedy. The pagan philosophy is ruined!
    The PAGAN won’t be satisfied until every human being disbelieves in GOD !

  23. Lock her up–and throw away the key! She needs to be held personally responsible for her lawlessness–not just the corrupt agency that she oversees. Get rid of her now!

  24. Issue a warrant for her arrest, pick her up, handcuff her and take her to jail. Not a cushy jail but the real jail, with real criminals. Let’s see how that works.

  25. Betsy Devilbitch is a…Clear And Present Danger To The Students Of Our Future! Parents of students should consider that Betsy Devilbitch…Should Be Removed By Any Means Necessary…such as an Class Action Lawsuit or Person To Person Lawsuit! Criminal Intent Has Already Been Established…

  26. BWAHAHAHA says Empress Palpatine DeVoss.
    She is truly something else.
    I straight up laughed out loud when Farron said her math was 0 for the debt waiver and we still owe!? How much you want to bet nothing happens to this crook.

    #ADOS #TRE45ON #Amurderkkka

  27. She's one of those billionaires that would rather pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for lawyers and accountants to hide their money and find tax loop holes than just pay the taxes owed. Paying the taxes would give the US a tax base that can help rebuild infrastructure, help pay for Medicare for All, and pay into the tax base that our country needs to operate. She didn't care!

  28. I don't understand why the government or someone dont ake this type of people of their job when they are clearly NOT able to do it, specially when they ignoring court orders and breaking the laws smh what happen america did you loose your balls ?

  29. You try not obeying a court order or ignoring a subpoena and slam dunk you gone MFer!
    We in trouble folks, big trouble—VOTE BLUE.

  30. Attention Asseyes Farrah/Fredo, the whole loan mess was created by your hero Oislama when he allowed the feds to take over the loan process, do your homework pajama boy!

  31. Seize her 11 yachts and sell them to pay back the students.She obviously hasn't gotten the point that she's responsible to pay the debts back.

  32. Go Betsy… We Republicans are going to do everything we can to block any student loan debt forgiveness legislation. We paid off our student loans and you will to 🙂

  33. Betsy DeVos: A Greedy, Corrupt & Truly Vile Human Being. I wouldn't feel bad if she fell down a long flight of concrete stairs and landed on her smug disgusting face.

  34. Jesus H. Christ, another one.. Knows nothing, understands nothing and tells more lies than you and I can breathe. Disgusting, deplorable, desperate

  35. Betsy DeVille
    We need to start putting people in prison for white collar crimes like this. For what Goldman-Sachs did, Exxon.. the list is endless because we haven't been punishing these people. Sure we fine them, but the fines are almost always less than the profits they made off of doing the crimes. Either buff the fines massively, or simply put them in prison. Or both.

  36. Where billionaires are concerned, no laws are applicable. $100,000 fine that she doesn't have to pay for and won't really affect her at all if she did. Only a monarch could stop her from doing this in short order but what monarch would? The answer? Likely none.

  37. grabbing,self serving like her parents. Trump put her in because she's rich and only supports family owned private schools.

  38. The worthless fucking cunt should be put in prison for violating multiple court orders. Or better yet, have her personal fortune seized and used to pay off those student loan debts. I bet she reverses course real quick if it starts eating into her own bank account.

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