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Best Filing Cabinet Ever! Evernote

Best Filing Cabinet Ever! Evernote

18 comments on “Best Filing Cabinet Ever! Evernote

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  2. Devonthink 3. Much more powerful, cheaper after 2 years of use (subscription vs purchase). Getting better everyday. You should look into it and may be make a comparison video.

  3. I'm also a big fan of Evernote. For me one of the biggest points is missing. The tags are much better to organize the notes (docs) than the Notebooks, because it's possible to use more than one on one note. That gives me a big flexibility which is difficult to get with, for example, drive. But thank you for the Video.

  4. Thank you for the Evernote friendly video. I'm a paying user since 2008 and …love it, and hate it. I wouldn't agree fully with Steve Dotto in that old users think it would be "too much effort to move". No, I'd move Evernote to Notion tomorrow if the longevity of Notion is proven safe. I'm using Notion for pretty much everything else now (thanks so much for running the FB group Francesco!) and I even like their clipper, haven't had any issues. If they'd offered offline mode like Evernote and upped their game on iOS and Android… Still, are they going to be there long? Notion is a small team of 12, as I understood, and they shaked the productivity world, project managers, developers, coders, jeez, the app is amazing. But what happens if all of a sudden 5 of 12 decide to go elsewhere, how future proof are they? Is Evernote gonna buy them and destroy the app? Or build it into Evernote? A good offer and clean buck in the bank can ruin any developers ambition with Notion, I surely wouldn't like to see that happen.
    I've been using Trello in many projects before, then Atlassian bought it , and it was a long process in convincing Trello users that everything is going to remain as it was. Now they have 50 million users and yeah, I'd wish that kind of scenario for Notion if anybody would buy them.
    But they are vulnerable right now, and a bit pressed with the users feedback, performance issues etc. and Notion isn't that easy to use as Trello, it's a steep learning curve for many. I personally think their help files and support are impeccable but out of 10 people I've recommended it to – 9,5 said they don't get it, to difficult, nääää, they don't have the time or energy. Out of those 10, 9 said "Trello is fine, send details"… Just my 2c.

  5. @00:01:30 Steve Dotto called Evernote a "legacy app." but does not say what I say here.
    I have been married to Evernote Premium for many years now and I cannot remember what was in the prenup! Now, if I want a divorce, G-d forbid, there is no way that I can even separate from Evernote! [email protected] Evernote will hold all my digital assets and leave me with absolutely nothing.
    Anyone who is contemplating a liaison with the beautiful Evernote be aware – she is lovely, but once in her warm embrace … that is it!

  6. I use desktop evernote and I have a scanner but I can’t figure out how to scan from inside Evernote….can you help me please?

  7. First of all, the idea that people use Evernote because somehow they have to because they have so much stuff in there is baloney. If Notion magically had global search, a robust web clipper, etc. (your four points), people would switch gladly because they like Notion’s other excellent features, most of which stodgy Evernote lacks. People don’t use Dropbox or Google Drive the way you can use Evernote because neither of those tools has Evernote’s global search, web clipper, etc. (your four points).

    There is no “killer app” for personal organization. I have lately been storing PDFs in my iPad Pro in Good Notes 5, in large part because it’s so much easier for me to read a PDF on my iPad (physical form factor) and I can annotate as I read, something I regularly do on paper “PDFs”. It would be great if Evernote had that feature but it doesn’t. So I won’t use it for that. I’ll use Good Notes 5 and also take advantage of GN5’s excellent handwriting tools in conjunction with the iPad Pro’s excellent pencil. Throw in PaperLike to simulate paper and you have an excellent productivity and storage tool that other apps/hardware can’t match.

    I use Microsoft OneDrive for my PC backup and file storage because it integrates so nicely (better than Dropbox and Google Drive IMHO) with the device that I constantly use (my laptop) for spreadsheets, presentations, etc. In that sense, it is an infinitely better “file cabinet” than Evernote. I would never consider saving Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files in Evernote. It’s not a good file cabinet for those documents. I also use OneDrive for my family photos and my photo hobby (30,000 photos) because I like the simple file folder organization and the viewer is awesome and works well on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. And I trust that Microsoft won’t go out of business.

    In another part of my life I am a DIY home improvement buff. I have a nice workshop with some really great tools. One of my favorite sayings is “the right tool for the job” because it gives me an excuse to go out and buy that cool Dremel tool that I don’t really need but I really want to have. I view productivity tools the same way. Many of us have a “workshop” of productivity tools that we regularly return to because they are “the right tool for the job”. We go out and get a tool like Notion because it’s like that cool Dremel saw that has a really fun niche purpose but we go back to the same core set of tools for most things because they are robust, reliable, and easy to use.

    Your recent mea culpa video and the Steve Dotto guest spot inspired me to give another think to Evernote. I took Steve’s course and bought Stacey Harmon’s $20 Evernote configuration guide (excellent — highly recommended). I’ll be very interested in what you produce as well. It’s really added a lot of life to Evernote for me.

    Saying Evernote is “the best filing cabinet ever” is faint praise and still retains a sort of embarrassed sentiment, kind of like admitting you still go to bed with your teddy bear at night. “Well Evernote actually isn’t cool and I know I look like a grandpa because I use it, but golly it sure is a great filing cabinet!” (exaggerating of course). I think what we’re finding is that we’re returning to Evernote because it’s actually pretty good and it fills a major need that Notion, Todoist, Asana, Google Drive, Coda, etc., can’t match. Those of us who are looking for the “killer app” look at it and shake our head because it doesn’t do this or that. I think the better metaphor is “workshop” and a willingness to accommodate a variety of tools that are “the right tool for the job”. Evernote clearly can be one of those tools for many of us. And when we open our minds, we can use the old standbys in new “exciting” ways.

    It wouldn’t hurt if Ian and team would get off their arses and update the darn thing…

  8. Google Drive is the best filing cabinet ever… Evernote is the best digital junk drawer ever. I use Evernote to hold onto random notes, clippings & documents that I want to hold onto just in case I ever need them. I go in there every few months to clean out the junk that I realize that I'm never going to use.

  9. Is there a way to save a pdf in Evernote as a document rather than as a file? In OneNote you would „print“ the pdf as far as i can remember.

    edit: I just checked in my old Evernote account, that looks different, have they changed that? You don’t just see the pdf symbol but also the content of the pdf…

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