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Bernie Sanders Distances Himself From Elizabeth Warren on Foreign Policy

Bernie Sanders Distances Himself From Elizabeth Warren on Foreign Policy

>>Bernie Sanders is attempting to really
differentiate himself from Elizabeth Warren on the issue of foreign policy. And to be quite honest, if you’ve been paying
close attention, he’s done a great job in doing that. Now, Bernie Sanders was not really known for
his foreign policy positions back in 2016, even though his record indicated that he had
the right instincts on foreign policy. But let’s give you a little taste of where
he’s at today. So according to a piece in Politico, left
wing leaders around the world see an ally in Sanders. Brazil’s Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva recently
thanked him for his solidarity. And Bolivia’s ousted Evo Morales called him
hermano Bernie Sanders, but have not publicly embraced Warren in the same way. And there’s a reason for that. So as we have shown you on the show before,
during a conversation with Jorge Ramos, Bernie Sanders chimed in on what happened in Bolivia,
and he called it what it is, take a look.>>Wrote in a tweet that you thought t was
a military coup.>>Yes.>>What happened in Bolivia. Many people have all their point of view. They think that Evo Morales had been in power
14 years, that he wanted to five more, and that he wanted to become a dictator. So what do you think?>>No, I don’t agree with that assertion. I think Morales did a very good job in alleviating
poverty, and giving the indigenous people of Bolivia a voice that they never had before.>>Now, we can argue about his going for a
fourth term, whether that was a wise thing to do.>>And they thought it was a fraud, the election
on October the 20th.>>Some people think that as well, but at
the end of the day, it was the military who intervened in that process, and asked him
to leave. When the military intervenes, well hey, in
my view, that’s called a coup.>>Senator Sanders.>>So Bernie Sanders was the first to unequivocally
say what’s going on, this is a coup. Then later, after a lot of pressure, other
candidates finally admitted that it was a coup. But Cenk, jump in.>>So I love the way that Politico describe
that. In other words, I don’t like it at all, and
I’m amused by. They had that same quote that Bernie just
said about Morales did a good job alleviating poverty, and giving indigenous people a voice. They said it in kind of a mocking tone. And they said he’s speaking positively about
far left leaders abroad. But he did alleviate poverty, and he did give
indigenous people a voice. Was he not supposed to do that? Just in the first page of this article alone,
the title has Bernie Sanders embrace of, quote, far left foreign leaders. Then they again call far left leaders abroad
in saying said and representing indigenous people. And then in another instance, he says he’s
praised controversial, leftist leaders across the globe.>>They’re only controversial because-
>>If you call them that.>>No, because they threaten business interest
in the United States, that’s the only reason why they’re controversial.>>The second example they had other than
Morales was loula. Lula had a popularity of 80% in Brazil. That’s actually the opposite of controversial,
that’s incredibly popular, unprecedentedly popular.>>Yes.>>But Politico loosened that, he’s a far
left leader. It’s controversial.>>Here’s the reason why they hate Sanders,
and then I wanna finally compare everything that he said and done to Warren. Sanders shares many of the left wings long
held critiques of American imperialism. Okay, from opposition to clandestine interference
across the world, but particularly in Latin America, and the Middle East, to disapproval
of the American military’s global footprint. That’s why they hate him. That’s why they refer to him as controversial,
and a supporter of controversial far left leaders.>>I’m just gonna say that they wrote that
as a criticism for Bernie Sanders. As progressives, we’re in there like, yes,
that’s exactly right.>>Finally, because that’s the biggest, largest
differentiator between him and Warren, I definitely think. Because American imperialism touching that,
talking about those issues, it’s often been seen as, it’s like it’s not gonna help you
with voters. Why would you even touch that? No one cares unless you were talking about
the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, the war on terror. But Bernie Sanders was like I don’t care,
that’s my principles. And he’s reaching a larger audience of people,
perhaps Latin American voters, or Latin voters in the United States who might see that kind
of principle talk as something that’s advantageous. And speaking to an experience that other politicians
haven’t, because they were too afraid. Maybe talk about it in that kind of framing,
as opposed to, of course, in this mocking tone.>>So let’s talk a little bit about where
Warren stands. And Emma, you did that wonderful interview
where you asked about her defense spending. And she notoriously provided more in defense
spending than Trump even asked for, which was problematic, and then she dodged your
question on that. But aside from defense spending, her position
on various foreign policy issues has not been good. Warren has been more hawkish than Sanders
on China, and more resistant to having talks with an Assad lead Syria and North Korea. While Sanders considers Israel’s Netanyahu
government part of a growing authoritarian access. Warren will preface his criticism of Israel,
by noting that it is a strong and important ally. Also, Warren joined much of the Western world
in expressing support for more aggressive action against Maduro’s government in Venezuela,
and recognizing Juan Guaido as an interim president in 2019. Sanders declined to recognize Guaido, and
urged the US to quote, learn the lessons of the past, and not be in the business of regime
change, or for supporting coups.>>Yeah, that’s not helpful that she supported
Guaido as an interim president. To be fair on her issue of Palestine, she’s
pledged on the trail to make peace process with the Palestinians, a condition for continuing
to provide aid to Israel, which is the correct position and a very solidly progressive position. Now, I don’t know who asked for this story,
because that’s usually how it works. I’m fascinated by this story, because it’s
got a totally mainstream media derisive attack on Bernie Sanders. But if I’m the Bernie Sanders team, I kind
of love this story.>>100%.>>Yeah.>>Right?>>Yeah.>>And it seems like they might have talked
to some Sanders folks as sources as well, so it’s a fascinating combination. They say that Bernie Sanders has mad dust
on his foreign policy team, and he’s a fierce progressive critic to Washington’s foreign
policy. Again, Politico writes that in a seemingly
derisive way. And they also add, he has not worked in a
presidential administration. To which I say, awesome, right?>>100%,
>>So whereas Warren has Sasha Baker on her team, and they served as Deputy Chief of Staff
at Barack Obama’s Defense Secretary Ash Carter. So for the mainstream media, mainstream politicians,
that gives them great comfort. Don’t worry, the Obama people are still in
charge on Warren’s team, is the way they interpret that, whether it’s correct or not, right? Whereas on Bernie’s team, they’re like, there
are no Obama or Clinton people, or even Bush people.>>Yeah, I mean, Warren is fascinating in
the sense that she hasn’t even really made much of an effort to kinda talk about foreign
policy. I mean, the Israel stuff, I thought the framing
was a little unfair in the sense that, yes, she has, Bernie Sanders also somehow support
Israel’s right to exist, and he’ll say the flowery language. Language couching it before he says the aggressive
stuff. And she has come around on that issue, but
he led the way. Part of that is because he’s a Jewish candidate
in the race, and he can’t get called an anti-semite, although he is called a self-hating Jew. But part of that is-
>>He’s so into it.>>I know. But part of that is also because he is of
the left, he is traditionally of the left. He understands that this is a global movement,
in a way that no presidential candidate in my lifetime, and I think in a lot of people’s
lifetimes have. And part of being a part of the left and that
solidarity is combating imperialism. And Warren hasn’t understood that as a senator
for the short time that she’s been a senator. And hasn’t understood that on the campaign,
because maybe she doesn’t see it as a political advantage. But that shouldn’t matter. And the fact that Bernie says it despite the
fact that it may not be a political advantage is part of why he is beloved.>>And one last thing, in the middle of the
article, they also criticize Sanders, or seemingly criticize Sanders for saying that Israel’s
Netanyahu government was part of a growing, quote, authoritarian axis, so->>Damn right.>>First of all, that’s true, Bernie Sanders
is correct. But the other reason why it’s really frustrating
for the mainstream in Washington is now, in the past, when anybody said that, we’d just
call them an anti-semite, and be done with it. But we can’t do that to Bernie, and that grinds
their gears more than anything else. So he’s deeply frustrating to them for being
correct. He’s correct on Lula, he’s correct on Morales,
he’s correct on Israel, and he’s driving Washington crazy. And it’s a wonderful differentiator for him,
as opposed to all the other candidates.

100 comments on “Bernie Sanders Distances Himself From Elizabeth Warren on Foreign Policy

  1. Fact: 28 million people cannot afford healthcare therefore are uninsured.
    Fact: 74 million people qualify for free healthcare, medicaid.
    Fact: 4 million jobs in healthcare insurance companies.

    Progressive logic: raise taxes for Medicare for all essentially devastating 106 million people's financial capabilities. And making the poor even poorer.

  2. So you think Latin Americans here in the US, who had to flee from oppressive left-wing dictatorial regimes, are gonna be happy about a candidate that supports those regimes? Really smart, and so in touch with reality.

  3. in Spain is legal to be president as many times as you want; I'm not sure it's good or I agree with that but I think it's not such a big deal. as long as people vote for that person.

  4. Since Bernie Sanders is so against every faucet of American society and leadership, why doesn't he leave the country for ever. If he cannot get along with Elizabeth Warren, then who the hell can he get along with

  5. You socialists are fooling yourselves, your policies are not popular and worse they are not viable in America. Understand our CAPITALIST economy drives the entire world. We pay for everything, drive all medical innovation, and unfortunately police the planet. If another country takes that title, I would be happy to try socialism….until then, sit the F down

  6. Dems do not want to win 2020.
    That's why they seem to have ''no strategy''
    Because they are THROWING this election.
    They don't want to make real changes or any progress.
    They are waiting Bernie out, and Tulsi and Yang…
    We need to SUE the Dems for obstruction of democracy

  7. On Foreign policy, you guys must elect Andrew Yang as President. Whether you like it or otherwise, he is a chinaman. In light of peaceful rise of China in world stage, you need a leader who is smart enough in navigating world diplomacy. Having peaceful co-existence of world dominance with China. That will keep Putin in check or better still destroy the nefarious elements in Russia.

  8. I love how Bernie handled Jorge here. Jorge is a huge fan of interventions and coups at least when we’re talking about Latin America. To be fair he also does have contempt for brutal right wing dictators as well as your typical corrupt neoliberal such as former President Enrique Peña Nieto.

  9. I love how Evo calls him hermano Bernie Sanders lol! Real lefties recognize other real lefties. Sanders, AMLO, Corbyn, Lula, Morales, Correa. We’re all in this together.

    Some are fighting for the chance to make a difference while others are having to deal with serious political persecution. Correa and Morales can’t go back to Ecuador and Bolivia while Lula just got out and now they want to lock him up for 17 years. Just insane.

    Hopefully a President Bernie Sanders can pave the way for more progressive governments around the world. Hopefully a progressive movement completely against corruption. We’re seeing the hunger for such governments in Colombia, Chile, Ecuador all the way to Lebanon, Iraq and Iran.

    BUT and this is a huge but; they cannot f up nor allow corruption. If they do the people will get disillusioned and check out of politics paving the way for the neoliberal elite to get a stranglehold on power that will be difficult to defeat.

  10. Bernie Sanders: In my view, when the Democratic party of evil tries to remove a duly elected President by force of impeachment even tho they won't succeed and have no evidence, that is a coup.
    Thank you Bernie.

  11. To all tyt fans, your dream has come true. Bernie Sanders will pay you to live in your mom's basement. It is incumbent upon you to vote for him. The rent money will help your mom

  12. Obama people consulting with WARren on foreign policy…..secret meetings with Hillary Clinton…adds all new meaning to the term, FAUXGRESSIVE….,,BERNIE/NINA 2020

  13. Lula da Silva and Brazil's PT should have distance themselves from far left authoritarians like Maduro and Ortega,that mistake cost him and PT a lot and also the main reason why far right ultra religious authoritarian Bolsonaro rise to power.

  14. First, Democrats were divided from Republicans.
    Then, progressives were divided from Democrats.
    Then, progressives were divided from progressives.

  15. Imagine if the U.S. government took a little of its military spending and put it into building the country's infrastructure and renewable energy and putting more people to work with good-paying jobs.

  16. Warren is a typical neoliberal corporate war monger; always voting for the military and Israel. She voted against BDS, the only peaceful means for Palestinians to get the kind of freedom that BDS brought South Africa. I've never heard her criticize Israel or its war crimes despite the US giving them over $10 million a day. Abby Martin made a great movie highlighting the war crimes that Israel commits every Friday when they slaughter unarmed protestors in Gaza using exploding bullets that they get from the US. 83% of Israel agrees with that policy in Gaza. Only heartless people like Warren could support the Gaza slaughter or the blockade of over 1 million children.

    Bernie in 2020 and BDS now!.

  17. “His record indicates that he had the right instincts on foreign policy if you’re a socialist progressive moron wokeness activist like me.”
    -Ana’s old nose Kasparian

  18. Why are so many countries trying to get atomic weapons, because they are afraid that if they limit the access for American company’s to their resources, the USA will start a war and or overthrow the government.

    North Korea finally feels save since the became an atomic power, they can strike back in a way that america will not risk to happen.

  19. Bernie Sanders is fighting the sociopaths from the Corporate Democratic party and the Republican's alike.

    And he's going to win in 2020, no doubt.

  20. Warren thought that she could be progressive & not have incoming like Bernie does because she has a (D) behind her name & he has a (I). Then when the establishment treated like Bernie, she back peddles out of fear. You can't lead real change with fear & not understanding that the only D that matters to the establishment is Donors!

  21. Can't vote for Bernie the spineless. Called the process rigged against him then endorsed the very person that rigged it.

  22. the way tyt smears and takes shoots at tulsi shows a lack of integrity, why should I trust cenk as politician if he lacks integrity?

  23. So Sanders wants to cut defense spending but believes Russia is a huge threat ? He must be a big fan of Putin.I wonder what he will do for Ukraine? Send them a delivery of white flags.

  24. Hillary Clinton called him a Russian agent on Howard Stern the other day why are you all carrying water for Putin's 4th puppet

  25. YOU FOLKS [and Bernie] ..still have not gotten the message? Step aside for Hillary 2.0. It IS NOT a 'party' …a [super-delegate] private club it is..

  26. No offense but no presidential canidate has lost or won because of their foreign policy since Carter and the Iran Hostage Crisis. Domestic policy is why u win period.

  27. By the way,, if Bernie is really doing what you’re indicating in the title of this video, and in the beginning of the video, then I don’t know if I feel like giving him any of my support anymore. Because that means he not only backstabs his friend,s and allies, and this friend is my number one choice for president. Up to now he’s been my number two.

    I hope that title is just unfortunate as choices in such things go.

  28. Sanders has a horrible record on Palestinian rights. . Leftist on everything but Israel.. TYT do you jobs .. Cenk still unable to stop screaming like a 50 year petulant child.

  29. "Trust me it may not always sound like it but I want Erez Yisrael Hashlema just as much as you guys want it but being blatantly radical won't get us that. My strategy is play the moderate then you get the left and the right to vote for a Greater Israel and the wars necessary to accomplish that noble goal. We need to pretend to care about Palestinians or whatever those Jordanian call themselves these days to get to where we want to." – Bernie Sanders 2016

  30. In this case, because Bernie has all the correct positions on so many issues, his age becomes irrelevant. He’s not overweight, his mind is as sharp as a tack, and, he has a great sense of humor! (He’s also comfortable in his own skin!)

  31. I'm Brazillian and I can tell you: Lula is not a far left leader. By the way, he's not even a leftist. His government was terrible centrist and moderate for a left party like Worker's Party. Even so, he's being a victim of lawfare and that's terrible, because our justice system is being used politically.

  32. Dictatorial Evo morales and corrupt lula da Silva are you kidding me. I’m questioning Bernie’s credentials right now.

  33. Historically speaking, there are a couple problems when good popular leaders rise up to power. Either 1) they betray their populist movement & abuse the power they gained and sometimes become dictatorial tyrants (these were generally opportunistic faux populists that tricked the people, or had a change in heart after they understood how the sausage was made so to speak). OR 2) They stay true to their good reputation, but finding a successor that sincerely continues the previous good populist is very difficult/impossible. This is because the elite will come back & might sway the successor to their goals, often for this successor we return to point 1. If that doesn't happen, elites can usually take down the successor by conspiring away key supporters much easier than taking down the original populist. In order for the successor to resist the counter-movement by elites (AKA stay in power) and try to continue the previous populist's legacy, they often resort to some authoritarian actions. In many people's perception, this will look like a return to point 1.
    And it seems to me that we can't ever really eliminate the elite class, because when the elite falls, it causes a vacuum where other people will just take the spot. So the notion of "eat the rich", historically speaking is never a permanent solution, as new "rich" will come to take their place.
    I admire Bernie, but progressives need to have a plan in place after him, else the rich establishment will come back to scoop up the pieces after Bernie is gone. (This is assuming that we are victorious in electing Bernie.) I think Bernie knows this, and has been trying to make his campaign not just about him & hopes (perhaps naively) to prepare us by changing everyone's hearts to be in line with his ideology. In a sense, it seems like Bernie desires a paradigm shift similar to how the President supposedly actually works for us the people, and not the other way around like a king, where the elites work for the rest of us, and not the other way around as it is now. Elites should have a role to play in society to benefit everyone in it, and not just themselves. Unfortunately, this just seems to be an ideal & not realistic in how the world actually works. I recommend reading the Dictator's Handbook by Bruce Bueno de Mesquita & Alastair Smith to understand why. Or if you want a cliff notes version, you can go watch CGP Grey's video on The Rules for Rulers.

  34. Not a big fan of Bernie. I dont see a big change from his campaign in 2016. I am pretty liberal, but I do not believe warrens and Bernie views on health care will be good. It would have a major impact on our economy and I dont think we need to give the government more power over are health care. I do like the idea of universal health care, but it should be up to us if we want to use it or stay with are current health plans. Am i wrong? I'm open to hear why Bernie supports think this would be the best way to fix our heath care system. Hope y'all have a great day!

  35. Who is more threatened by progressives? I can’t believe what I’m seeing. Democrats are going all out and progressives are picking up support from both democrats AND republicans. When you have democrats say they will vote for Trump over Bernie, you have to wonder if we are living in an alternate reality.

  36. America if Trump wins next time and you get sick and the hospital kicks you out on your ass
    MCFAL is not impossible Australia does it but we are not greedy as some

  37. Cenk, none of the candidates have the correct position on Israel. The correct position is that the state of Israel should go back to its 1948 borders, as in, it should not exist. One state that comprises all the people of occupied Palestine is the clear solution for progress.

  38. If we care so damn much about regime change and and and….care about Palestinians, then stop providing foreign aid to Israel. They don't need it.

  39. ah yes, emma being stupid on purpose when it comes to warren – the biggest difference between her and sanders is f policy? – so warren FLIP-FLOPPING on m4a, sander's core policy, is not? ..emma is unfortunately USELESS when it comes to seriously analyzing warren's flaws as a candidate in the primary

  40. Lula had 80% approval rating back in 2006 before Brazil's bankruptcy and corruption scandals. Today he still has a strong base of 30ish% but also a lot of disapproval as well. So it is a very controversial topic of Brazilian politics.

  41. 1:50 but was it really "at the end of the day", I'll bet it was earlier in the day…or even in the middle of the night. Sorry, couldn't help myself.

  42. For what it's worth, I do think the situation in Bolivia is extremely complicated and that no American politician can really claim to have a good idea of what's going on down there.

  43. Maybe we should stop trying to intentionally destabilizing other countries economies. Allowing their economies to grow, and flourish, which reduces their poverty, crime, and mass migration. It would in effect reduce the stress on other countries surrounding them. Reduced crime exportation(due to poverty). The US should be in the business to stabilize the world, even though we may disagree with their current political structure. Given enough "time" the people themselves will change that from within.

  44. Under Morales GDP was over 4 % better than US over the last 10 years. Isn't that what all these neoliberal politicans claim is the measure of success?

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