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Beans and Wine in Basque Country: MUNCHIES Guide to the Basque Country (Episode 4)

Beans and Wine in Basque Country: MUNCHIES Guide to the Basque Country (Episode 4)

70 comments on “Beans and Wine in Basque Country: MUNCHIES Guide to the Basque Country (Episode 4)

  1. Always makes me cringe when I see a woman that feels absolutely alien when doing some kind of physical activity. 

    Fluffy ass bitches who think body sweat is your very soul crying for pain…

  2. They need better host… This cursing and there disgusting actions get me mad as fuck… Do what you gotta do and get the fuck out…

  3. Wow, you people watching this are so salty… Irene does a great job. She keeps it real! Also this series is amazing, cant wait for the next episode.

  4. I am sure this has been said already. 7:25  looks exactly like a dog shit. They couldn't make it not look like that? lol! 😀 With that being said, I love this host. She reminds of me of that actress Penelope Cruz. Talks and looks just like her.

  5. Que vieja mas BRUTA! Primero desperdicia una trufa que vale 600 euros la libra y la chef estaba que la mataba! Despues se cuelga de la campana y el muchacho tuvo que regañarla porque sino la a tumbar y despues mete el microfono dentro del barril y cuando le sirven vino va y lo escupe y le escupe al dueño del viñedo en el ojo? Digame que presentador hace todas esas estupideces juntas en un solo capitulo? Que falta de profesionalismo para hacer un programa a la altura como se lo merece el pais Basco!

  6. Irene is as much of a poser as Charlet was at her beginning. I really disliked Charlet's style but now, she seems to have found her "balance" and is actually entertaining. It might happen to Irene. #itmight

  7. halfway through and for the 80th time we get the "powerful woman in a male dominated space" narrative… and ffs Irene stop cursing and have some class

  8. Took three videos for me to fall in love. Her accent is melodic. She isn't so uptight as to censor herself. She's beautiful. She's quick with her tongue. She can eat. This chick is dope.

  9. Estoy muy confundido mí ancestry DNA decae que soy Vasco español pero los frijoles no mienten yo digo que toda vía soy mexicano. Mi juzgaría la gente de loco si me atrevo a decir estas cosas.

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