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100 comments on “BBQ Ribs Recipe Pit Boys Country Style

  1. The BBQ is a noun and that is the object so well shown in your videos, what you are doing is the verb, but if I may it is much more outside good cooking rather than simple BBQ. Keep on posting please.

  2. damn just pulled these off my weber kettle…DELICIOUS!!!!! gonna make again for new years at the parents house….dad will love these for sure

  3. The first 'thumbs up' on BBQweb! Great video [all of them are!] and thanks for helping me become a better pitmaster, from me and most of all, my family who are enjoying my improved BBQ productions! It's good!

  4. You might not have had this in mind but this is making for some really good Father and child times because I have a son and daughter. They are enjoying cooking almost as much as I enjoy cooking with my kids.
    P.S. The wife is sort of happy to. No mess in the kitchen. Until we start eating.

  5. Thank you guys for so many great videos! I learn something every episode!
    Everytime you say "Now, this is optional", I say "Hell Yeah, put it in there". Perfect!
    We enjoy every presentation you guys do. I know regular folks. Lots of years of knowledge are wrapped up in every episode. I hope you guys are making a damn killing doing what you love! There are thousands of people that just view your videos, and never comment, but they only wish that they were your next door neighboors……….

  6. damn, you guys rock! since 6 months i bbq 2 times a week, trough storm and snow. and everytime i fire my weber grill on, i watch your recipes! my wife hates me for this (she must clean), but damn, this smells goooood. greetz from germany

  7. So this video is recorded before 2005?

  8. Making your wife clean up after you is not proper. Any man knows that his wife best serves him in other ways besides cleaning up after his smelly ass. Respect for your wife should be at the top of your list.

  9. Without purists we have no integrity. I would probably agree, this looks more like a braised method, but when the meat hits the plate who cares?! Still looks good though.

  10. Omg! Eating it right now, apologise for eating in front of ya. I put in a big chunk of pecan and partially covered the meat with tin foil to let it catch some smoke while simmering for 2h. Best ribs I ever had! Greetings from Sweden

  11. we love BBQ PIT BOYS I"M diabetic so we BBQ all the time i added FRANK'S kraut to the ribs and MMMMMMmmmmm GOOOOD !!! (Y)

  12. Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm, Just made them for the Kick off and brother cant say how many compliments I got. Thanks Pitt Master I sure got my privileged on.  

  13. YEAHH
    ▒▓█▓▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒░░░░░░░░░░░░░. ▓█▓▒

  14. All his old videos sounds like hes on antidepressants lol. No disrespect! Been following these guys since day one. Ganna cook me up some Jack marinade steaks tonight. Thanks, Pit Boys for all your hard work and money spent!

  15. Another great recipe from you guys. Just did these today and are so good. Will be doing these a few more times this summer.

  16. I love going back to these older videos. THIS is what I am doing this Friday- we get Friday afternoons off where I work……and I've been taking full advantage to spend some time around the pit, haha:-)

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  18. As a slight variation I dry rub (not too much) the rib pieces for 3-4 hours in the refrig, then follow this recipe and cook exactly. I once used this recipe to feed 24 ppl on two grills with 2 pans per grill. That much meat you add a good 60-90 min more cook time uncovered in the pans with some smoke. It was a hit! Thank you BBQ Pit Boys!!!

  19. man you guys are the master's of bbqing… i'ved almost made everything you guys have made!!!! you guys rock!🍖

  20. Country style ribs aren't ribs at all. They're simply cuts of Boston butt. If you have fairly decent knife skills, you can save some cash by breaking them down yourself. Costco and Sam's Club almost always has good prices on butts.

    Here's a quick tutorial on how to make country style ribs…

  21. I've tried ur COUNTRY STYLE RIBS recipe b4…Actually I've cooked it numerous of times on my grill
    My family loved it… It was GUUUD

  22. i remember watching this, then trying this out for the 1st time 4 years ago. My family tore them up quick. My gf constantly requests this from me hahaha

  23. it's almost 5pm and i have dinner duty. country style ribs are on sale. the Pit boys saved me again~ ! It smells good!

  24. Just made this with a minor modification. After simmering for 2 hours I left the tin with sauce over the coals and cooked the pork indirect with some mesquite. Every 10 minutes I dunked them in the sauce, repeating until I had a heavy glaze.

  25. I use to make this in the past but i would sear the meat first. Then i would use the meat gravy on mashed potatoes mmmm mmm. Great video!!

  26. Used to own a weber performer but the managers in my apartment complex made me get rid of it so my only option is the oven I love this ribs recipe at what temperature can I cook them

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