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Bachelor’s in Public Policy and Administration – St. Petersburg College

Are you looking for a career that allows you
to make decisions that can change your neighborhood, your community or your country? A field that involves building relationships
and analyzing contemporary public policy issues? Do you want to help improve the quality of
life for the public? If you answered yes then St. Petersburg College
has the right bachelor’s degree program for you in Public Policy and Administration. Public Policy is an excellent career choice,
I think it’s important for every American to contribute back to the society and to the
country that has enabled them to achieve so many of their goals in life. Never before has the need for a new generation
of leaders been more important. Leaders who can lead effectively through community-focused
administration to produce vibrant and thriving neighborhoods and cities. When I first heard about the college’s effort
to create a Public Policy degree the first thing I thought was “it’s what the doctor
ordered” and I think that degree serves us very well because it will create a pool
of qualified candidates to be employed who will come into local government with some
familiarity of what it means to govern. Public Policy and Administrative professionals
are found in many diverse jobs in the public and private sector. Graduates can expect to
find exciting careers in urban and regional planning, human relations, parks and recreation,
public safety, the military, education, community leadership and many more. Well to have a Public Administration degree
opens up opportunities for promotional process, anytime you have a higher education it gives
you a greater opportunity for advancement it gives you a great opportunity to be a mentor
within an agency because of the experiences. SPC’s Bachelor’s degree in Public Policy
and Administration draws together the diverse perspectives, technologies and skills now
essential to a successful career in public management. Local government provides so much to their
citizens, the streets that you drive on, being able to turn on the tap and have good tasting
and clean water, and so having a four year degree can give you the background and the
skill set to be able to operate local government. The SPC Public Policy and Administration program
was developed with input from leaders in city management and administration. In a short period of time that we’ve had
the program in place, we already have international and national recognition and we have a networking
system in place that is second to none, we are positioned in a place that other colleges
are not and we are going to seize that opportunity to make this special. Through flexible face to face and online courses,
SPC can teach you the critical thinking and problem-solving skills. I think we have twenty-six governmental organizations
inside Pinellas County, so that gives us twenty-six governmental entities in which to place students
as interns, in which to do field research, so really what makes us different is just
the opportunities for actual practical application of all the theory that students are taught. SPC’s Public Policy and Administration instructors
are leading experts who not only have established themselves academically but have also demonstrated
their administrative capabilities in criminal justice, city management, law, and human relations. I think a degree in Public Policy and Administration
would serve an individual well in almost any field, whether its local, state, national,
international, I think it just gives them a great background. If you are seeking growth and challenge and
are willing to think critically then St. Petersburg College has the right educational path for
you. For more information on St. Petersburg College
and the bachelor programs it offers visit our website at or give us a
call at 727- 341-4772. St. Petersburg College…No Limits.

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