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Autonomous Systems Policy Institute Launches at Syracuse University

Autonomous Systems Policy Institute Launches at Syracuse University

– I’m very pleased to
announce this morning that the Autonomous
Systems Policy Initiative will now become the Autonomous
Systems Policy Institute at Syracuse University. (applauds) – ASPI is a brand new institute at SU. We’re looking at the design
and technology aspects of autonomous systems broadly defined; the policy, law, and governance
of autonomous systems; and all of the really
complicated social implications and impacts of autonomous
systems in the world around us. And our goal as an institute
is to put the research, training, and the
information that we produce at the center of that. – The change we expect
from emerging technologies comes with a combination
of velocity, scale, and force our planet has never seen. I’m really excited about this institute. It’s really ground breaking and unique. This is one of the only places
in the world where you have a top journalism program,
and a top policy program, and a thriving engineering
school, and a thriving law school. – ASPI is a perfect match
for SU because it’s designed to be deeply interdisciplinary. It touches on faculty
expertise and interest in all the different schools and colleges. I get really jazzed up
about creating opportunities for interdisciplinary engagement. – I have had the chance
and fortune of working with amazing people across disciplines, which led to very exciting projects and productive collaboration. – They’re going to take a
diversity of opinions and perspectives to
launch autonomous systems into our society. There’s a lot of value, from
a discipline perspective, that academia can bring. – We expect to be a leading
voice at the intersection of autonomous systems
policy, law, and governance in the world. – The chancellor had a
vision for a university-wide institute that would
really take on this issue of emerging technologies. – I think the university, as
a leader, is unprecedented in terms of colleges and
universities taking this head on. – If we ever hope to regulate
these systems in a way that they need to be
regulated, and honestly, deserve to be regulated, we
have to increase the speed and the competence of
our policy development. – We’re trying to catch up,
and we’re excited by the types of technologies that come,
so when we think about autonomous vehicles or drones,
especially in Syracuse, where’s there’s an active UAF space, we want it to be here,
but also thinking about how do we ensure that people are safe, that the technologies are
being deployed in a way that we’re comfortable is really critical. – We’re talking about a
technology that bridges into transportation and
education and health care. Having a variety of stakeholders
at the table matters. We need that type of
cross-disciplinary focus to ensure that we’re
building systems that are responsible and ethical. – We have this amazing
opportunity to get our students into a field as it emerges. – SU is taking care of the
future and addressing change as it’s happening. I think the Institute will
do a great job of addressing that and creating world
thinkers and leaders. The greater societal
impacts will be outstanding. – What I got from this
discussion is that early planning is very important, especially
for the policy side of things. I want to hear about what
people are thinking, and the importance of
it, and how to plan ahead and address these kinds of issues. – The future involves all of us. It is a diverse range
of people, like myself, that sit at the table, whether
my background demographically or my background intellectually.
And that’s important, because this technology
has a lot at stake. I think it’s a conference that
needs to be done every year, so that we can continue to
bring the best and the brightest minds to Syracuse University. (upbeat drum music)

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