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Australian Aid: Friendship Grants – How to apply

Australian Aid: Friendship Grants – How to apply

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Australian
Aid: Friendship Grants will bring more Australian
community organisations into the Australian aid
programme by providing funding for them to expand or enhance
their existing overseas aid activities, including
through new projects. Eligible Australian community
organisations are encouraged to apply for funding of
30 to 60 thousand dollars in three annual grant rounds. So, is your organisation and
the work you do overseas, eligible for a Friendship Grant? Eligible organisations
are: Not-for-profits; Membership based organisations; Professional and peak bodies; and Local government associations. Eligible activities are
ones which build on existing projects to improve the lives
of poor and vulnerable people in a way that is sustainable, innovative and community-focused. Eligible countries are most
of those in the Indo-Pacific region that qualify for
overseas development assistance. More information on eligible
organisations, countries and activities is available
on the DFAT website. So, you think you’re eligible for an Australian Aid: Friendship Grant. If you’re still not sure
head back to the DFAT website If you’ve read over the material on there, and you think you’re eligible, great! Let’s get started. Before you sit down to
begin your application, there are some documents you will need to have with you to submit: Evidence of your organization’s
current registration from the Australian
Charities and Not-for-profits Commission, your charity
certificate, or a certificate of incorporation from a
state or territory regulator. A bank statement or bank
letter confirming your organisations bank details
and registered address. A letter of support from
an in-country authority which states that your
organisation has authority to implement your
Activity in that location. A photo that shows what
your existing international development programme is doing overseas. An audited financial statement
from the last financial year. Your organisations child protection policy and/or Child protection
policy for the Activity. Your organisations Code of Conduct for volunteers and paid staff. We are asking for this
information because we have to ensure accountability
for taxpayer funds. Once you’ve confirmed your
eligibility and uploaded your documents, we’ll need to
find out a bit about your organisation including your ABN, address and contact details. Next, we’ll get some more
info about your organisation: number of staff including
volunteers, number of members and supporters as well as
the population of the town or city in which your
organisation is located. Then we need some information
about the Activity you would like the Government to co-fund. This section covers the who,
what, when, where and how. We want to know what
the Activity is about, who will implement it and how many people will benefit from the Activity. We also need to know where and when the Activity will take place. We are asking for this
information because we want to make sure we’re choosing activities that are making a real difference. Then we will ask you to link your Activity to the Sustainable Development
Goal it’s addressing and tell us about the people
from your organisation who will be working on the Activity. You can find out more
information about Sustainable Development Goals at We’ll ask about the other
programmes and activities that your organisation has
been or is implementing. And about the organisations you
are working with in-country. We’ll also need the details
of a couple of referees. One must be from the in-country community. Next, we want to know how
you plan to promote your work and how you will raise
awareness of the Activity in your local Australian community. Then, it’s all about your organisational policies, risks and budget. Finally, we require that
the application be certified by the CEO, deputy CEO
or someone with authority in the organisation to do so. Before you submit your application, here are a few final things
to remember: don’t be late! Applications close on 27
August at two p.m. and any applications submitted after
this time will not be accepted. If you’ve started an
application by the closing date but haven’t finished it, it won’t be automatically
submitted to DFAT. Please note that applications
received in any other manner, other than the online application form, will not be accepted. If you have a question about
the application process and it’s not on the frequently
asked questions page of the DFAT website, send an email to [email protected]
or give our Friendship Grants Hotline a call: 02 5104 0633. Got all of that? Looks like you’re good to
submit your application. Good luck!

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