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Assemblymembers Friedman and Nazarian Adjourn Assembly in Memory of Marc Stirdivant

Assemblymembers Friedman and Nazarian Adjourn Assembly in Memory of Marc Stirdivant

it’s with a heavy heart that I rise to
request that the assembly adjourn in the memory of my friend Marc Stirdivant
after graduating with both bachelor’s and master’s degrees from USC in cinema
Marc who worked in the motion picture and television industry as a writer
production executive and assistant director for over 30 years
but in 2004 he traded that successful career to become a full-time
environmentalist Marc was the founding director of the Crescenta that Glendale
Crescenta volunteers organized in conserving the environment or voice and
grew the organization from a handful of individuals to a powerhouse over nearly
4,000 donor supporters and volunteers with Marc’s help these activists helped
preserve a very large hillside in Glendale from out of scale and in
appropriate development for decades his advocacy focused on the protection and
preservation of open space he served on the Advisory Committee of the Santa
Monica Mountains Conservancy and on the board of directors for the Bolsa Chica
Land Trust not one to put his feet up in retirement he worked for years for the
City of Glendale and secured over seventeen million dollars worth of
funding through 15 grants to support local parks and community centers and I
can tell you as someone who has brought her daughter many times to different
events in the parks and gone myself it was hard to go to an event in Glendale
featuring one of our parks and not have Marc Stirdivant there volunteering in
his off hours to help out for the past 12 years Marc worked tirelessly in the
fight to save the Verdugo Hills Golf Course and Tujunga in the Tujunga
neighborhood of Los Angeles the course is the site of the former La Tuna Canyon
Detention Center which house more than 3,000 Japanese Italians Germans and
Peruvians of Japanese descent after the onslaught of world war ii from the maple
park and community center to took Magian Park in the Glendale Narrows Riverwalk
Marc transformed our region and ensured that generations of Californians have
access to an incredible array of outdoor activities and Marc was someone that if
you met him you wouldn’t realize that he had had his hand in so many of these
important activities in the city he was very quiet very soft-spoken he never
called attention to himself he never stood up in the public and
really said I’m the person behind any of this he was just always kind of there
but he spent all of his time working on his passion of preservation and
conservation and his if you really paid attention you would see Marc’s hand in
all of these different organizations as a volunteer and as an activist and an
organizer it was really something to behold he was very quiet and soft-spoken
but his voice carried a lot of weight and a lot of power the community has
lost an amazing advocate an outstanding man our deepest condolences go out to
his high school sweetheart and wife of nearly 49 years Jeanette his daughters
Bethany and Kimberly his son-in-law Roger and grandson Shabbat Sebastian as
well as his sister Jill mark will be missed not just by me and the community
in Glendale but also by the mountains and the rivers the Hawks and the
mountain lions that he works so hard to protect Thank You mr. speaker Thank You
Mrs. Friedman and Mr. Nazarian you’re also recognized on mr. chairman Thank
You mr. speaker I wanted to also rise in recognizing Marc Stirdivant my colleague
from Glendale spoke very eloquently Marc was a dear friend I had the opportunity
to get to know him when the the Glendale Community the Greater el Glendale
Community activated and began their work in purchasing the state of the state at
the time made a major investment in purchasing portions of Oakmont 5
property and that’s when I started to get to know Marc and work with him and
as amazed as I was with his work on Frasier for about 10 years as my
colleague previously eluded the humility and the humor that he brought to any
room or any working group was amazing and as you know given his background in
production you could also see how focused he was in making sure with a
very soft voice and pushing projects and programs forward with a very kind and
gentle smile that was extremely this arming so my love to Jeanette and
Kimberly and Bethany and thank you for joining in adjourn in his memory

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