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Assemblymember Wicks Welcomes Gabby Giffords to State Capitol

Assemblymember Wicks Welcomes Gabby Giffords to State Capitol

I ask you join with me today to welcome congressman
Gabby Giffords to our chambers Gabby has pledged her life to service first serving in the Arizona
legislature for 5 years then become the third woman from Arizona to serve and United States
house of representatives. Her time in this role is irrevocably cut short
when on 1/8/2011 while attending a constituent event. Congress on your corner at a local Safeway. She was shot in the head by a gunman who opened
fire on the crowd. 19 were injured 6 were tragically killed. I’m proud to be one of the people here to
announce the formation of this gun violence working group and humbled by the work of my
fellow legislators many of whom have done tremendous work for years on this issue and
I’m honored to have Gabby here in the capital today it’s personally very meaningful to me
I first met Gabby after the the new town shooting when we were working to try to pass universal
background checks bill in DC and we were unable to pass that bill but a movement began from
that from that shooting in particular and that movement is led by many people across
this country but most poignantly I think by Gabby Giffords who personifies courage and leadership. Stopping gun violence takes courage. The courage to do what’s right. The courage for new ideas I’ve seen great courage
when my life’s on the line. Now is the time to come together be
responsible Democrats Republicans everyone we must never stop fighting fight fight fight. Be bold be courageous the nation is counting on you. We can and should and must lead the way in this country on gun violence prevention
programs we have the ability to do that we have the political leadership to do it we
have a governor who I believe caries that same mission and are legislative bodies both
carry that mission as well. Since new town over 300 laws have been enacted at the state
level to help keep guns out of the wrong hands. Gabby personifies courage. She her husband navy veteran astronaut captain
mark Kelly and the entire team at Gifford’s have worked tirelessly to make our communities
safer. Esteemed colleagues I am honored and humbled
to welcome my friends the honorable Gabby Giffords to our assembly floor.

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