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Assemblymember Reyes Coronavirus Update

Assemblymember Reyes Coronavirus Update

Hi I’m assemblymember Eloise Reyes representing
the forty seventh assembly district in San Bernardino county first I know these are trying
times is a very stressful time for many of us as we deal with this crisis of the coronavirus
rest assured we are still working to respond to this crisis we are in this together my
staff and I are available to answer your questions and address your concerns we voted on legislation
to provide up to one billion dollars in funding to fight the corona virus and another one
hundred million dollars to ensure that our schools will continue to receive funding the
most important thing we can do right now is follow the directives of governor Newsom and
our health department to do everything we can to reduce exposure and infection please
remember that although our region and Sampoerna Dino county does not have as many confirmed
cases of coronavirus as the rest of the state it is still vital that we avoid large gatherings
and maintain social distancing while you may not currently have any symptoms he could help
the virus and you could potentially spread it to others without even knowing. It is our duty to limit ourselves to only
necessary travel such as food or medicine most importantly we must limit personal contact
with our seniors and those that have compromised immune systems but let’s not forget to keep
in touch with them by phone or video chat now is the time where we must think of what
is best for ourselves our families our neighbors our communities taking care of ourselves means
we’re taking care of others please follow the guidelines issued by local authorities
to limit large social contact even a gathering of ten people should be avoided my staff and
I are following these guidelines as well we continue to work to serve the people of the
forty seventh district if you call or email my office you will still be able to get in
touch with someone. And we will be updating social media daily
with new information. Be safe and remember we’re here to help call
us were available to help Remember just as my staff has told you we
are all here to help.

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  1. Every time we hear of a new case, the most important information is missing, the chain of contact geographically. If a lady in Fontana contracted in the UK, and a Coachella man contracted it from Washington, then what about the next patient and the next and the next. As of today, 5 cases are being reported but we don't have even a city location for the last 3, or their relative point of contact. As a community with the alarm raised, don't we deserve to know general geographic areas affected? When crucial information is missing from these reports, it's more than a little fishy.

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