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Assemblymember O’Donnell Brings Local Beachgoers Together to Commemorate Lost Long Beach Waves

Do we want our waves back?
– Yeah! Do we want our waves back?
– Yeah! We have a breakwater out there
that is not good for our water quality, not good for recreational opportunity, and not good for our local economy. This is one thing we can do to really,
you know, that’s tangible, that we can show
our love for our coastline, our love for Long Beach, and our love for the sport of surfing. AB 2191 is important because behind
me in these waters more than ever there are sharks, and we need to
understand those sharks, because we’re not gonna stop going in the water, and they’re not gonna get out of the water, so what we have locally is the Shark Lab at Long Beach State so we want to use that to study the sharks in the
water behind me and AB 2191 is an effort to give the Shark Lab at
Long Beach State money so that it can better understand shark behavior in
California and certainly in Long Beach as well. This is kind of our way that
we can recognize something that once was and that we want again.

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