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Assemblymember Medina’s Ethnic Studies Bill Aims to Foster Understanding and Inclusivity

Assemblymember Medina’s Ethnic Studies Bill Aims to Foster Understanding and Inclusivity

What do we want? Ethnic studies! When do we want it? Now! For people like Jose Lara Ethnic studies represents
more than just the class he is a social studies teacher in the Los Angeles unified school
district for Jose ethnic studies are the keys to the hearts and souls of the young people
he has worked at the studies help students in every study that have been shown shown
increase graduation rates increased academic grades increase attendance rates and a decrease
of drop out rate for students to take it looks that as a school board member of the Los Angeles
area letter got the alley you is the to make admits that he’s a requirement for graduation
I was doing really poorly in school I didn’t really care about school Turner Gomes belie
a UC Berkeley graduate in ethnic studies critics said with giving her direction in life ethnic
studies save me and I mean that literally and figuratively if we engage me in my education
it helps me understand my cultural roots and identity it is a very in powering experience
for students it is something that students crave for and it’s almost like a light goes
on it is testimony like this his personal experience of many years in the classroom
as a teacher that motivated assembly member course and maybe even to push for legislation
to make ethnic studies classes mandatory in California high schools we’re not talking
about something that just benefit to certain ethnic groups to Latinos or African Americans
but ethnic study has demonstrated that it can raise academic achievement across all
groups 70331 would make completion of an ethnic studies scores a requirement for high school
graduation starting in 2024 as people ask about the cost I would say what is the cost
of not knowing you know what is the cost of having a society that is divided and I lose
Ian like tiny of our heart to toil thank you notes and fields of blossoms the value of
promoting unity and understanding among cultures was highlighted doing governor got. In New sums in argue with the first partner
even delivering a point English and Spanish and last manos anyways throw on March I think
so this is good for all 15 students will which are pretty steady white students to well when
the ticket that says collapses just as African American students to well we take it. There is no study out today shows so far the
ethnic selection does Baptist. It’s the new build empathy for the students
it builds a better community a better society and improves academic grades it’s a winner
for everybody all around.

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