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Assemblymember Jim Cooper Hosts Hands-On STEM Workshop

Assemblymember Jim Cooper Hosts Hands-On STEM Workshop

so this light bulb on its own this is
not a circuit we don’t have a complete path for electricity to flow through
the same we don’t have a source of energy science technology engineering
and math it’s really about stem we want to educate our kids in stem so we teamed with pharma and brought them to the districts and got some great scientists from the Bay Area and talked about careers there I’m here to learn more about stem
because when I was growing up I didn’t really know what stem or steam was a lot of kids
tend to shy away from it and we want to get them energized about it jazzed about it I like controlling these personally so
it’s just fun when I can code a robot and tell it where to move and where to
go and where to turn and that’s what I love about coding robots and stuff it’s
a great experience too I like doing science stuff and programming stuff I
know it’s like some kids my age don’t really understand or like get why I like
it but I’m a really hands on person and I like to feel things and touch things and
learn things with my own hands maybe you we didn’t want the speaker just talking the
kids we want the kids actually doing things you want to pique their interest
this is one way of doing it I’ll be doing several projects today I love programs like this that helped me
because then I can already get a head start I already know what I’m kind of
doing and I have more experience I think girls tend to shy away from it and
hopefully that just something clicks their mind that hey i can do this too for me
I think girls don’t necessarily think they could do it is because it’s more
like male base they think oh like only guys can do it because guys are smarter
when really girls could do it because we’re all the same come out and do it
you can be it dream it’s build up do it you can be a scientist you could be an
engineer and that’s the most important thing right now we have enough
scientists in this country enough engineers so we need folks and careers
like that and the pathway is there who knows we have a next scientist that
cures cancer here

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