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Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel Leads Session Prayer at the State Capitol

Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel Leads Session Prayer at the State Capitol

we ask our guests and visitors in the
rear of the chamber and in the gallery to please stand for the prayer today’s
invocation will be offered by Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel Every
Saturday Jewish communities throughout California and across the globe gather
to read a portion of the Torah a chapter of our people’s story this week we read
from parashat shelf team in the book of Deuteronomy where God presents the
people of Israel with a system of law and justice God instructs the people to
appoint leaders from each tribe who will help guide them through their most
challenging decisions as Moses is recounting God’s instructions one
particular verse stands out tzedek tzedek tiered OFI says justice justice
you shall pursue notably the leaders of the Bible aren’t asked to find justice
or to affirm justice they are obligated to chase after justice to seek it and
build toward it to pursue it but justice is more than a religious principle it is
the common thread that connects our sacred American texts the preamble to
the US Constitution reminds us that the first purpose of our union is to
establish justice we pledge allegiance to our flag because it is an emblem of
liberty and justice for all the mandate of our judicial system is carved in
stone above the entrance to the United States Supreme Court equal justice under
law as public servants the pursuit of justice is central to our work it is why
we are in this room we are approaching the season of the Jewish High Holy Days
a month in which we reflect deeply on who we are and who we want to be as we
consider these questions let us draw inspiration from those in our community
who teach us each day how to pursue justice let us look to the courage of
our firefighters who are risking their lives to protect our friends and
neighbors the commitment of our teachers who this week open their classrooms so
that our children can grow and thrive the compassion of our social
workers and our medical professionals who gives strength to the weary and hope
to the downtrodden so let us pray Aloha nouvelle oh hey evoke a new our
God and god of our ancestors help us to remember our sacred obligation to pursue
justice stir us to action and guide us as we work together to build a state and
a world that is truly just said X said X here dope
justice justice we shall pursue

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