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Assemblymember Gray Commemorates Limb Loss Awareness Month at the State Capitol

Assemblymember Gray Commemorates Limb Loss Awareness Month at the State Capitol

ACR 56 declares April as limb loss awareness
month.There are over 2,000,000 individuals United States living with limb loss in over 500 amputations
occur every day. Diabetes and peripheral vascular disease are
among the leading causes of limb loss with lifetime healthcare costs for individuals
with limb loss exceeding over a half million dollars. Limb loss can affect all people regardless of race
age gender or social status. Access to appropriate prosthetic care for
people living with limb lose vital to enabling individuals to reach their full potential
live independently and live well. Luckily California has enacted insurance fairness
laws for healthcare providers and insurance policies that cover prosthetic care. While technology is advancing when it comes
to prosthetic limbs obtaining a prosthetic hand or leg is still a major challenge to
the cost and denials from insurance companies. Studies show up to 60 percent of lamb losses
preventable through improvements in education nutrition and health care. The number of amputations will double by 2050
unless a major public awareness campaign is launched in key prevention initiatives are
put in place. So please join me today in supporting ACR
56 to declare April as limb loss awareness month to increase awareness and understanding
of those affected by limb loss and limb difference thank you Mister gray back to you for your
guests introduction thank you miss speaker members it is non today to be joined in the
gallery by Sean Harrison and Christian Mellow who are dedicated limb loss patient advocates
who inspired this resolution that we just voted on I’m honored to work with them and
bring attention to this issue and thank them for joining us in the gallery please join
me in welcoming them.

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