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Assemblymember Gabriel, Assembly Democrats, Host Congresswoman Giffords to Address Gun Violence

Assemblymember Gabriel, Assembly Democrats, Host Congresswoman Giffords to Address Gun Violence

I’m proud today to announce the formation
of a new gun violence prevention working group here in the state legislature and today these
members up here are officially inviting our colleagues to join this working group work
with us to craft new wants to work with us to put together a legislative package that
we can take to our governor governor Newsome so that we can make a meaningful difference
on this issue. We are so honored to to welcome her here today
she is an inspiration and a recognized an exceptional national leader on this issue
she has her team here from the different center and they’ve been advising us I’m really proud
to have introduced to 2 pieces of legislation that are sponsored by the difference law center
so having her here is just a great way to draw attention to this issue folks really
follow her look up to her and so we’re really pleased to welcome her to Sacramento today
stopping gun violence takes courage. The Kerr do you what’s right. The courage to new ideas I’ve seen great courage
one my life along the line. Now is the time to come together beer was
fun to pull Democrats Republicans everyone we must never stop fighting bye bye bye. Be bold be courageous the nation the county
non you thank you very much think I’m a father of 2 kids under 4 and there’s a lot of us
who’ve been involved in these efforts you’ve been involved in organizing this working group
that our parents we worry a lot about our kids we worry a lot about the other kids in
the state of California who can become the victims of gun violence and that is a perspective
that we are taking into this issue we are frustrated and fed up by the in action in
Washington and so we are committed to making sure that the state of California is a national
leader on school safety and a national leader on protecting young people from gun violence
and that is what we intend to do with our working group.

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