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Assemblymember Cristina Garcia and Secretary Blumenfeld Tour Urban Toxic Wasteland

Assemblymember Cristina Garcia and Secretary Blumenfeld Tour Urban Toxic Wasteland

This area’s also effected by Exide.
– Right. This is the clean up area, right here?
– Today we invited the head of the
Cal EPA and staff for the Governor to come live a day in my life a day in the
life of my constituencies and to talk about the pollution that has been man
made that has been generational.
– We need to put public health first that’s our
job our job is to protect human health and the environment and so I will fight
to make sure that we do it well and that we do it transparently.
– We toured the
freeways that choke my area. We toured a number of brownfields.
– Elementary is 0.2
miles away from there that’s where I went to school.
– We stopped by schools
that are impacted by freeways by rail yards by chemical plants.
– We get to have the
freeway over you and the rail yard is right there.
– We stopped by a refinery out
there and so just wanted to make sure that they saw firsthand the reality that
we live in and the reality where we can’t move out of this is where we have
to live because we don’t have any other options. There’s a lot of talk about the goods
that move through the 710 freeway there’s a lot of talk about the riverbed
and how that’s one of our open spaces but both dildos are cards concrete
jungles that create a heat wave that really create a temperature that’s maybe
7 to 8 degrees hotter on any given day in this community and so how do we make
sure that we are thinking about those pieces. We talked about the riverbed and
how you have to cross 4 freeways and how unsafe that is.
– We’re gonna have to go fast
right now. Come on.
– To get to it to use that green space.
– No this side is
closed off you have to go to that side. – We talked about the fact that there’s no
green canopy there’s no trees along the freeway and how trees go so it’s a long
way to capture co2 to capture particulate matter but also to reduce
the temperature that we see in this area caused by the heat waves and caused by
the concrete in this in this community. Today has been about informing them
Jared the head of the EPA isn’t from this community that Governor isn’t from this
community and I don’t want to assume that they know my reality and so it’s
important for me to them to come out here and see what my reality and my
constituents realities are.
– The longer you stay in the area the more the more
toxic that the video’s getting as we walk around the area then we start to get a
little bit of fresh air back into into the visual element. You just grab it on
the sides here because there’s some button on the side.
– I should also say Eddy’s been volunteering to do this whole project
figuring it all out for us and so it’s all been a donation from his time and
– The reality is that we don’t have time to bring all the leaders who
work in this area who get to have a vote in this area come and visit and so I
want to make sure that I have a way to take this experience and take it
directly to them wherever they’re at and that way they don’t have any excuse they
can’t tell me they don’t know and or they don’t get it so I’ve been working
with the local artist named Eddy who is gonna be doing video vignettes where you
have a community member telling their story of where they live the pride they
have in their backyard in their community but also how they live next to
toxic areas whether it’s a freeway whether it’s a refinery and how that
impacts their day to day reality out there. These things are here but it can
be different and we can fight to make it better and we will make it better.

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  1. As your constituent I am happy you are bringing awareness to these issues. However, we get sprayed almost daily by chemicals used in cloud seeding. What are you doing to address that issue?

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