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Assemblymember Chau Shares Legislative Accomplishments in 2019

Assemblymember Chau Shares Legislative Accomplishments in 2019

Purpose of today’s press conference is
to update the media as well as the community about what our office has done
in this past year. The reason I decided to highlight the ones that I talked
about today is because of the impact that the bills will have on the
residents in California and particularly in people in my district these bills
will number one raise awareness of the issues that the bills would basically
carry for example AB1202, which deals with data brokers, it will raise
awareness about data brokers and how they operate how to collect personal
information from each one of us. So as a result all the residents will be come
more fully aware of what’s going on how they operate and how they are safeguard
their personal information so that they could act accordingly.

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