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Assemblymember Carrillo Measure Gives Homeowners Tool to Address Lead Based Paint

Assemblymember Carrillo Measure Gives Homeowners Tool to Address Lead Based Paint

I rise to present AB 2995 a measure that empowers
homeowners to defend themselves and their children from the double debilitating effects
of let let pains in their homes colleagues a certain paint manufacturers. Certain might paint manufacturers knowingly
sold the paint for use in homes across the state for decades and with the health and
well being of generations of families these are families that put their hard earned money
towards buying a home the American dream only to find out that through no fault of their
own their walls were covered in a toxic that would affect their children’s IQ levels and
brain development we should all be outraged and demand that these companies be held accountable
on top of that the pervasiveness of lead paint in low income communities of color revealed
a disturbing practice were certain pain companies continuously. Put profit above the public safety and health
in recent court cases it was revealed that these guilty paint company saw this as mostly
a publicity issue not a public health one. And admitted that most cases of lead exposure
were of little concern because they were in the homes of Negro and Porter Rican families
in response AB 2995 does 2 things first it calls out the presence of lead paint for what
it is a poison that is the damage to property and a health hazard. This ensures that homeowners can move to remove
lead before their children get hurt no one should have to wait for their baby to get
poisoned before they can take an action to remove that threats second the bill that the
clear and fair standard for homeowners to take action by starting the timeline for homeowners
to take action when they have a positive test of lead paint in their home would give them
the ability to take action rights when they need it the centers for disease control and
prevention the CDC state that there is no safe level of lead in children’s blood any
amount no matter how trace is toxic unfortunately these injuries are felt all across the state
from Eureka to San Diego in Los Angeles the CDC found neighborhoods were 5 percent of
children had elevated. Levels of lead. In some areas of Fresno 13.6 percent of children
tested had elevated lead levels nearly 3 times the rate found in flint Michigan during the
city’s water contamination crisis let me repeat that again nearly 3 times the rate found in
flint Michigan. The sheer gravity of this issue demands action
and this bill will ensure homeowners have the legal power to protect the safety not
only of their hard earned properties but most critically other family and loved ones and
I respectfully ask for your I vote.

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