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Assemblymember Arambula Very Pleased with Governor’s Vision for California’s Future

Assemblymember Arambula Very Pleased with Governor’s Vision for California’s Future

Please welcome the fortieth governor of the
great state of California the honorable GavinNewsom. I was excited the governor didn’t want to
engage in political theater and instead wanted to talk about solutions that can help blue
collar districts like mine in the central San Joaquin Valley he recognize that we are
an important part in contribution to this state and use this state of the state as an
opportunity to address our concerns to talk about needs for infrastructure into rail into
water into our higher education systems as well as the importance of health care and
investing in our bodies this was an impressive state of the state and it’s nice that we can
talk about how we work together and are not a divided country or divided state but instead
are coming up with solutions that will move us forward he spoke to the need to re charging
our aquifer’s the best storage that we have that’s right below our feet and how if we
can recharge onto our farms we can create long term sustainability for our state it
was exciting that he recognized the importance of clean drinking water in communities like
mine and how we can also work on health care for those who are most vulnerable within our
communities this is a governor who’s thinking big is dreaming big and that’s some bold solutions
for our state and I was proud to be here today recognizing that I get to play a small part
in that as a humble servant in that role in our government and the choices we make will
shape our future and the future quite literally millions for decades to come.

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