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Assemblymember Aguiar-Curry Honors Legacy of Donna Folliard at State Capitol

Assemblymember Aguiar-Curry Honors Legacy of Donna Folliard at State Capitol

I rise today to join in memory of Donna Marie
full year the mother of my dear friend Marge wife of former assembly member Roger Dickinson.
Donna was a native of Alameda having been born and raised there and return to the island
to spend the last 40 years of her life. She passed away quietly in June after a short
illness described by friends as a role model and trail blazer Donna would do anything for
anyone and built friendships where ever she went. Donna was an excellent student at the
8 at an early age she graduated from a math Alameda high school at 16 years old and interview
see Berkeley where she earned her B. S. in biochemistry. Well like hell she met Dick
Dick for years a chemistry student they married after they graduated and had 3 daughters.
Donna was a dedicated math and science teacher in the Richmond now west Contra Costa school
district. She was an active member in the children woman’s golf club an avid tennis
player on the same Alameda courts where she competed as a child and she was also a dedicated
bridge player. She was a beloved volunteer in the physical therapy department at Alameda
hospital and wrote the volunteer newsletter for the whole hospital auxiliary. Done also
served as a primary care giver for many members family members including her father and fanned
her daughter Jane and her husband Dick. She is survived by her daughter is daughters Marjorie
Dickinson and Sally for Franka 3 grand children Matthew Natalie Tony too adored great grand
children Charlotte N. Matteo and her brother Ralph commuter members I respectfully rest
read a request that you join me in a joining in the memory of Donna rae full year.

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