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Assembly approves $500 million Bucks arena deal

Assembly approves $500 million Bucks arena deal

After months of debate . the Milwaukee Bucks are one step closer to getting a new downtown arena. The Wisconsin State Assembly passed the arena deal this afternoon on a 52 to 34 bi-partisan vote. The state Senate passed the measure earlier this month. The bill commits 250-million dollars in taxpayer money toward paying for the 500-million dollar arena. La Crosse Representative Jill Billings voted against the deal. She released a statement today . saying quote … ‘While I am a supporter of Milwaukee and understand we need a thriving urban center in Wisconsin . this arena deal does not provide enough economic stimulus and return on taxpayer dollars to push me to a yes vote. After listening to my constituents overwhelming opposition I could not support the final agreement.’ The bill now goes to Governor Scott Walker . who is expected to sign it.

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