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Ashley McBryde on Being Outspoken Female Country Artist & Bonding with Trisha Yearwood | Billboard

– [Interviewer] So, country
artists like yourself, Maren Morris, so many other young women, have been incredibly outspoken. How do you think that will
the change country genre going forward and why is
that so important to you? – I think if you have something to say, you should say it loud and
I think, like you said, Maren is really good at doing that. Miranda’s really good to doing that. I think that’s the key to all of it, is just the squeaky wheel gets the grease, so be the squeaky wheel. – [Interviewer] Did you grow up that way or that something that you
came into later in life when you realized that
you just had no choice but to speak up? – In a way I grew up that way, ’cause I’m the youngest of six kids and so you have to loud or
they’ll forget to feed you. And I’ve always been kind of a shy person, and part of growing out of
that was learning to speak up and just say what you have to say. – [Interviewer] Speaking of
hip hop and other genres, so you and Trisha Yearwood
bonded over Lizzo recently– – Yes!
– Tell me a little bit about what that encounter was like and why you love her so much. – I found out about Lizzo on my way to an Eric Church concert and my wardrobe stylist was
like, “You gotta hear this.” And it was “Truth Hurts” and
I was, “Oh, this is awesome.” So, I was doing an event for CMA Fest and I was standing there
singing Lizzo lyrics. Trisha Yearwood walks over, starts singing and then starts spouting
facts about Lizzo, like, where she’s lived. She was like, “I’ve done a deep dive.” So, we bonded over that, it was awesome. – [Interviewer] That’s
hilarious and so unexpected. What lyrics were you singing, may I ask? – We were doing “Truth Hurts,” we were. The whole beginning. – [Interviewer] Are there any
other best new artist nominees that you’re rooting for or that you’ve really fallen
in love with this year? – I love Yola. I love her so much and we
did the MusiCares thing with Aerosmith and she did “Cryin'” and it was her and Gary Clark Jr. It was awesome. – [Interviewer] That’s amazing. And I wanna move on to talk
about you and your new album. Please, give us some details. What can you tell us that
we might not know yet? – So, it comes out April 3rd,
it’s called “Never Will,” and it’s either a rock record with a couple of country songs on it or it’s a country record with
a couple of rock songs on it. But it’ll be different
every time you listen. – [Interviewer] Awesome. And any major goals for 2020
that you wanna tell us about? – Yeah, I quit smoking. Right? It’s about time. Yeah, but the tours are gonna be great. (interviewer laughs)
It’s gonna be fun. – [Interviewer] Has it changed
your creative process at all? What do you do when you need a break now? – Oh, I don’t know ’cause I’m always thinking
about wanting a cigarette. I don’t know, it’s gonna be hard because it’s that thing, you know? Where you go outside
and you have a cigarette while you’re writing, it’s
just something you do. So maybe I’ll chew gum or maybe I’ll find something
healthy to be addicted to. That’d be novel. – [Interviewer] (laughs) Awesome. Well, have so much fun tonight. Thank you for your time and congrats. – Thank you.

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