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Are Trump’s economic policies helping African Americans?

Are Trump’s economic policies helping African Americans?

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  1. Candace Owens sticks to the FACTS – something most on the left – simply refuse to do. People on the left driven by the NEED to be correct do so at the cost of TRUTH and the willingness to do that is harmful for all.

  2. It aint hurting them. We need to protect peoples rights on the job. Protect them from harassment and blatant discrimination from people of color. Whites don't have a monopoly on power politics in this day and age and I find it surprising that no one is willing to adress the obvious abuse of power and pc privilege when and where it is exists.

  3. This man wants a perfect world, how we all would like that and Dr West should continue to champion the cause, stop playing the 'race card' and listen to Candace a truly lovely individual who has seen the truth and as we all know 'You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free'!!

  4. Candace looks amazing ; ) But moreover, it is amazing that it seems like there are people of all colors who DON'T want thing to get better. They refuse to see it, and will not admit to it. I would vote for Candace in a heartbeat.

  5. It's funny how that gentleman thinks the whole system is rigged yet he managed to get a couple of college degrees and I don't think he has to chop wood or dig coal for a living

  6. I love all people that love each other. I also love America and believe America is priority number one. Everyone knows that "sharing wealth" can never work. How can lazy non working people get an even cut of what hard working Americans earn by the sweat of their brow? Not gonna happen. You want to give my money to people that choose to be homeless you can come pry my money from my cold dead hands.

  7. Mighty powerful black people of america vote republican on American general election day November 2O2O to save the black people of America !

  8. This is what you get at Harvard… willing suspension of rational thought… this is not a black white thing… its about maintaining control of a voting block and clawing to stay relevant

  9. ON THE DOWNSWING because when you don’t constantly talk race and make everything race than it doesn’t become all about race.
    Democrats feed off “helping the minority”
    When minority’s don’t need no government assistance or help they can make it here in America like everyone else if the opportunity is fully granted and given to them

  10. I feel like Dr. West is stuck in the past because of whatever he endured when he was younger. Emotional trauma may be at play in why he can’t move forward. Regardless, much respect to the way he treats others and his speak up attitude.

  11. Candace shows nothing but class again. Beauty, class, intelligence, and courage.. Unbeatable combination. She's an American patriot.

  12. xen·o·pho·bic


    Learn to pronounce


    having or showing a dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries.

    I would give terminology award to Candace in this segment…

    THERE HAS NEVER BEEN SO MANY HOMELESS PEOPLE IN THE USA. What jobs? Everyone has their preference or is it racism.

  14. All the degrees of education can’t buy wisdom and truth. Excepting socialism/communism is a complete denial of human reality and history. It’s an attempt to engineer the world outside of reality. In order to change something, one must except the truth as it is

  15. TRUMP implemented ZERO economic policies for NO AMERICANS. TRUMP implemented policies for VLADIMIR PUTIN for $50BILL. The Stock Market rose GREATLY as Pres. dropping unemployment.

  16. Trump has hired tons of women and minorities throughout his life. I'll bet you a billion dollars if this Dr. West held the same positions, not, 1 white Individual would be hired.

  17. Sadly I do know someone who was a black conservative that switched to the left, but he fell under the Obama spell. It's funny because I told him Obama was one of the factors that made me reject liberalism, or at least the left.

  18. Dude, sorry. I don’t give a Crap about your ‘Feelings’! FACTS are what matter in an Intelligent Conversation! Try to HEAR, Not Just Listen to, Candace’s FACTS!

  19. Show me ONE Successful State that is Dominated by Left Wing Politicians! Just One!! HMMM…California? NY? How about a City? Baltimore? Chicago? NY? LA? San Francisco? Shall I go on???

  20. merriam webster
    Definition of xenophobia

    : fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners or of anything that is strange or foreign

  21. Statistics are often biased to push an agenda.

    Of course race relations would be worse under President Obama. Racist people were more disgruntled, feeling like they were losing their power. However, it's is more overt as acceptable NOW.

    Forget the polls, I travel to many states and cities. This is a fact.

  22. I have a doctrine in philosophy as well. Jim Crow laws were enforced by democratic politicians. Let us not forget facts. In addition, WE ARE ALL AMERICANS.

  23. With people like West in the teaching field, I can now see why Harvard has lost a lot of its credibility as a high ranking school…the trash that he puts in young minds is overwhelming.

  24. Saying and doing racist things??? 😂😂😂 the Dems are truly delusional. Candace Owens can school you guys- listen up

  25. So what you guys are saying is if the starting lineup is up by 30 points and the coach take them out and bring in the second Team And they win the game that means the second team did all the work pretty much does what Obama did to the economy and then Trump took over

  26. Of course racism got worse when Obama got into office!! Every black person thought everything would go away and they would run this country but they forgot he’s half white and didn’t care about black people.

  27. When searching for this video it was buried deep. So this homeless looking man is a College Professor but he can't afford to get a new tooth?

  28. No offense to any Americans that need a title before American. But come on people all of race. WE are AMERICANS. Get ride of the labels before American MAGA 2020

  29. That Girl Candace is kind of stupid. What's worse is she doesn't listen, always trying to talk over Grown Folks. Obviously Maxine Waters IQ is higher than Candaces. Candace has no Common Sense. Poor Lil educated fool

  30. Doctor wes just got schooled TRUMP is making america great for ALL americans. I like candice comment race hustling.

  31. Employment, employment, and more employment it's great for the American people. Thank you president Donald Trump…MAGA 2020!!!

  32. I wonder if this guy is still deceived by the leftist lying media.

    You can easily debunk every racist claim people make just showing in-context video of everything someone claims is proof of Trump's racism.

    Beto, Booker, Biden, etc have all said f-💣, 💩, on (cable) TV, so you can't single Trump out.

  33. I am a white born American citizen that doesn't mean I'm a white supremacists the love of God in me makes me love all mankind

  34. Dr. West lived through the civil rights movement. That was a very harsh time. He’s seen a lot of tough times and yet his skin is still thin. He’s complaining about name calling and xenophobia. If you drop him in any part of Africa he’d be dealing with name calling and xenophobia. There are bigger problems to tackle, not to mention most of the name calling is coming from the left.

    And Candace Owens is rude. No one likes an Ice Queen. I agree with her but she’s behaving like a scorned ex wife.

  35. xen·o·pho·bi·a
    Learn to pronounce
    dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries.
    "the resurgence of racism and xenophobia"

  36. I’m so proud of these folks. This is definitely an intelligent group, self-thinkers. Its people like this that makes me so proud to be an American !!

  37. Liberals care more about feelings than facts. People have jobs but they don't feel like President Trump like Black people enough.

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