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Another Greedy Billionaire Enters The Democratic Race

Another Greedy Billionaire Enters The Democratic Race

Well folks, yesterday we got the news that
exactly nobody had been waiting for, and that is that former New York city mayor slash ninth
richest person in the United States, Michael Bloomberg is most likely jumping into the
democratic presidential race. And it is likely that he will file his papers
to be on the ballot in the state of Alabama for their primary, which today is the deadline. So if he hasn’t done it yet, maybe he’s not
going to do it. But here’s the thing, and I think Bernie Sanders
campaign said it perfectly. They said more billionaire seeking more political
power surely isn’t the change America needs. And that’s exactly correct. Michael Bloomberg is a billionaire worth a
little more than $52 billion. He’s also the creator of the stop and frisk
policy in New York, which he still seems to stand by. So automatically, even without the billions
supporting stop and frisk would be automatic disqualification in the eyes of most Progressive’s,
excuse me, all Progressive’s most Democrats, but being a billionaire is also in and of
itself at this point disqualifying because Bloomberg has no reason to get into this race
other than the fact that he wants to protect his fortune and he’ll spend a fortune to protect
his fortune, probably spend more on his presidential race than he would end up paying in taxes
if Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren became president. That’s the true irony here. He’s willing to spend millions upon millions
upon millions of dollars on his vanity campaign that will go nowhere. Rather than spending the exact same amount
in taxes, that will actually help. It’ll help schools. It may be we won’t have to cut school lunch
programs. Maybe it could go towards Medicare for all
or debt free college or a green new deal. Maybe it could do something even more simple
like repairing damaged roads and bridges across the country. But Bloomberg doesn’t want his money going
to that. No, no, no, no. He wants his money going out there so more
people know who he is. And so that maybe in the off chance every
other candidate decides to randomly drop out, he could actually become the president of
the United States. Folks, this is insane. Michael Bloomberg does not need to be in this
race whatsoever. Neither does Tom Stier. If you guys want to spend millions of dollars
on something, spend it on something that matters. Not 2% in national polling, that’s a waste
of money. But they don’t care. They don’t want to pay more in taxes. Tom Stire says, maybe he does share whatever. I don’t believe you. Bloomberg absolutely does not. And it had been hinted at earlier in this
year that Bloomberg would stay out of the, so long as Biden looked like he was going
to be the nominee, but now it doesn’t look that way. Now it’s Bernie and Warren kind of fighting
it out for number one. And so Bloomberg decided, you know what, that
means I’m gonna have to pay more money each year. So instead of doing that, I’m going to pay
a ton of money right now. So that they don’t have to pay any money next
tax season. It’s very stupid logic, but that is the logic
that Bloomberg had in deciding that, you know what? I’m going to go ahead and throw my billionaire
hat in the ring because sure. Everybody loves billionaires today, right? Bloomberg is out of touch, not just with the
American public, but apparently with reality as well. Nobody wants another billionaire running for
president, but Bloomberg is ignoring all of that because he doesn’t want to pay more in taxes.

100 comments on “Another Greedy Billionaire Enters The Democratic Race

  1. God..these guys have more money than they can spend in a my mind thats just as bad as a crack addiction..they just can pay people off to stay out of jail

  2. Gosh, someone has to save the Billionaires from the Wealth Tax. This is a gift because Bernie can attack him, just don’t tell Michael Bloomberg about Howard Schultz’s and Tom Steyer’s (lack of) success.

  3. I think we are doing the right thing when you have billionaires crying foul when they got rich letting our infrastructure go to hell and they don't want to rebuild our country. Didn't they just get a tax break from Paul Ryan and his Republican Senate

  4. From a Non USA resident living in Britian, I am appalled by this. The reason for this Idiocy is that he is wanting to 'steal the thunder' of Bernie Sanders – Bloomberg in reality is challenging Bernie IMHO, and he wanted to do this in 2016 if Bernie got the Nomination instead of Hillary. Lots and lots of Anti Bloom -berk videos please – cos looking at the MSM channels of America, they are thinking he is some kind of Saviour. This is a serious challenge which needs to be dealt now.

  5. Bloomberg is only getting in to the race to protect his money and push his rotten agenda. Bloomberg is literally a racist towards black people. He is anti-union, anti-protest, anti-poor/struggling people. He is a devil who actually looks like a skeleton. He also is a person with no morals who also believes he’s above the law. Just look how he ran New York and bought his third term.

  6. It will be like the time when he was mayor here…….Just enriching this Business……then he will claim not to take a salary……..Just like Trump……..Something he did first.

  7. When will the DNC realize that the American people do not want a republican light for a candidate? Candidates like Bidden, Bloomberg, or Hillary. Heck, even Beto is too far right.
    If the DNC wants ANY chance of taking the presidential election in 2020, it has to be a progressive such as Warren or Sanders.

  8. If you are voting Democrat, please commit to voting for whoever the Democrat candidate is. It's really important. If you stay home on voting day because your candidate is not running, then you will hand a default vote to Trump. Vote blue no matter who in 2020 so that we can get ourselves out of this nightmare. I will hold my nose and cast my vote for Bloomberg or Biden if either of them are nominated just as I did for Hillary. You can too.

  9. REALLY!? Bloomberg looked at Schultz + Steyer and thought "Why not? Might as well join and become the 3rd billionaire to drop out as a needless joke/distraction." 😴

    I know EVERYONE feels they got a shot after PAB45 snuck into the WH, but we honestly don't need EVERYONE to run. Quality not quantity candidates. 😥

  10. Anything to thwart the rise of Bernie and Warren. Wall Street and the oligarchy are afraid of the rise of the left.

  11. All of this trouble because these billionaires are so insatiably greedy that they can't stand the notion of parting with a single penny. I hope he bankrupts himself.

  12. Know the name, not the man. Is he a philanthropist? Is he helping set up accommodation for homeless & struggling people? Would he buy someone a packet of crisps if they were starving? Is he campaigning to free people in slavery? Does he do anything to help anyone except himself?

  13. Its no , longer the Democratic party it belongs to the millionaires this is messed up. No different between the G.O.P and the Corporate Establishment D.N.C so sick of this shit we need the people's party we need Bernie Sanders as President enough of this shit already

  14. It's what it all comes down to. "I don't want to pay taxes, so I'm going to waste money in hope I can stop the concept of a rich tax!"

  15. Thts why we need too oust djt, and subsequently send a message to these 'financial oligarch's' tht the office of president is an institution for a man/woman with undeniable ties to this nation/world and it's people. It's not a stepping stone too further personal ambitions. Bottom line… Bloomberg's kind doesn't belong in the WH.

  16. Why does the GOP think people are stupid enough to believe in this man. Bloomberg is an undercover Republican.

  17. Noooooooo!!!!!
    Point Blank!!!!!
    He Is Worse Then What's There Already!!!
    It's All About The
    🗣Power And Money

  18. Honest Americans have Never Seen such GREEDIEST and CORRUPTED MAN like Bloomberg!!!

  19. Oh plz another rich white man on the ballot. Omg 🤦🏼‍♀️ enough with this standard. All these rich ppl don’t like the fact Elizabeth might take away all there money from them all. This is so stupid such a waste of money they could be spending it on cause to care. No more rich ppl in the WH. Go Elizabeth 2020.

  20. His strategy is to muddy the waters of the democratic candidates to the point that either Joe Biden starts to rise again in the poles or he actually pulls the republican vote by giving them their talking points in the final days… COME ON Sanders or Warren !! This nation needs you!

  21. Every billionaire I can name is associated with the employment of enormous numbers of people, whether it is Bloomberg, Soros, Buffet, Bezos, Zuckerburg, Gates, Trump, etc

  22. I think you're daft. Michael Bloomberg represented NYC well as mayor for twelve years. He is a moderate liberal, sensible, steady, quiet yet determined. He is well-prepared when he takes on issues and familiar with all their complexities. He is not beholden to the corporate theocracy nor does he seek to represent it. He is not running for President to save his money. He is entering the race because he knows Trump must be defeated in 2020 and he believes that Joe Biden, the centrist candidate, is weakened and cannot win. He believes as do others in the Democratic Party that the left of the party will not win an election: that while many in the country support their policies, there is a vast middle-America that looks for moderation, incremental change, not our revolution. You do an injustice to Mayor Bloomberg and as usual you present as a man unaware of tactics or strategy. You just holler from the hills and only those stuck in the valley hear you.

  23. It should cost $1,000,000,000 to become president, and we'll start the bidding for seats in Congress at $50,000,000 each.

    Surely everyone has a fair shot at getting what they want this way, right? It's basic supply and demand! The FREE market is never wrong!

  24. Beginning to think there should be an IQ test, a personality test, and a wealth limit for politicians above the level of dog catcher–especially the personality test, excluding narcissists and sociopaths. Might be a good idea to preclude anyone with scalp reduction surgery too…. ;o)

  25. Billionaires don't actually care about the amount of money, they just care about where it's going. If it's not being used to enrich themselves, they see it as a waste

  26. What is it about these geezers kicking, pouting and grubbing onto everything they can get their hands on?
    Is their end game to be master of the universe and proclaim from on high that they are the Greatest like Ali?
    Still basically just keeping up with the jones's

  27. NO MORE (*&@^$ BILLIONAIRES! They can't undo themselves from their business like Trump and break the Emolument Clause. Then all they do is insted of working for the Country they work to enrich themselves much like Trump does each day.

  28. Just what we need, another billionaire coming along to pick the crumbs left by Trump. Maybe Bill Gates is next? And this is one of the reasons why the Democrats don't need the Republicans, they're their own worst enemies.

  29. If you are deemed to be in "politics" then you can say whatever you want (even it's lies on i.e Facebook) Bloomberg and his empire is one of the biggest and far reaching media empires, try that on.

    Rich Asshole Billionaire here to save us. Jump with glee. Wait, why aren't any of you jumping?

  31. When I was growing up people like Bloomberg, McCain, Buckley and Dole made up the Republicans. Now you have crackpots like Trump and Pence.

  32. He could be a traitor to his class, we will see if he first self funds his campaign and yes i know his past record isn't that great.

  33. Excuse me Farron Michael Bloomberg is better than Warren or Bernie or Mayor Pete. Equal maybe better than Biden and actually made NYC better when he was in charge of it.

  34. None of these Democrat clowns can beat Trump Baldie Farron. We're going to win again and continue to stack the courts with white male conservatives 🙂

  35. Well, it is the first time there is a real billionaire in politics not a phony orange conman who thinks that being a billion in dept makes you a billionaire. We all have the right as birthright citizens to throw our hats in the ring but that doesn't mean that you will win!

  36. I can't believe this shit. The only person that benefits from this is the turd in the white house, and Bloomberg knows it. Obviously, he wants Trump re-elected, because that will guarantee him his big ass tax cut in 2021; everybody and everything else be damned. He's a despicable and repulsive individual. I guess the love of money supercedes any semblance of common sense these days. He ought to be ashamed of himself, but I'm sure he's not; he's unconsciousable.

  37. He's had his 15 minutes of fame. NY has given us Rudy and that idiot in DC so thanks but no thanks. This one has a napolianic complex due to his height.

  38. It's cute how they think they'll have a chance when the most popular with the people are the ones who wants to tax the rich

  39. Naw we need another rich bitch telling us what we don’t need, after all these years of doing without, to keep their stinking pockets full….not!

  40. More trashing by the Hard Left… tinfoil hat Dumbasses are even more evil than half the GOP.
    Take your non profit asses and stay out of politics…,you'll get us all killed…
    Vapid Motherfuckers are clueless….

  41. Mike Bloomberg was a great Mayor for New York City.
    How many of you brainless Dolts know ANYTHING about the Man??
    You fucking Dummies are as bad as the Right!
    Last election, Bernie couldn't buy a goddamned vote, because Shillary was your Darling….and SHE'S A CROOK!
    I voted Sanders in 16, with all of my friends crying that he wasn't a valid vote.
    You stupid fucks were saying," A VOTE for Bernie isna VOTE for Trump!"
    And now, along with Dopey Joe, Bernie's a hero again.
    The man had ideas. And now, he probably couldn't take 4 years!
    But, there's no way y'all would accept a Black Woman with Nalgas to take down the White House Embarrassment. And there's no way y'all would back a Gay Veteran! You may accept Warren, if she shows more of a Spacey, Tin Foil hat wearing Dumbassed approach to politics.
    The left is despicable. Get some brains you Looned out Leftists.
    Nothing works when the boat can't float.

  42. Bloomberg ruined nyc !!! Imposible to live after he start using the nypd to give out tickets for EVERYTHING !!! Like a legal form of robing people !!! He would be even worst than trump!!!

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