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Americans Identify South American Countries

Americans Identify South American Countries

100 comments on “Americans Identify South American Countries

  1. Yes.. as a Venezuelan I can in fact confirm all the competitiveness between us an Colombia regarding beauty pageants.. However we must say we are a million times better than them.. We have a 50 years history of pageantry meanwhile Colombia has like 10.. So yeah.. and also, they stole our Arepas.. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. NORTH Americans Identify Central, South American Countries… and Mexico which is in North America already

  3. You already failed if you titled the video South America and included central and North American countries 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  4. We are all AMERICANS, I’m from Panama 🇵🇦 and I’m American too. My country is from Central America not South America. I always see that big mistake.


  6. Last time I checked your own executive power representative said NAFTA was a "terrible deal". The first 2 letters of "NAFTA" stand for?? Which makes Mexico a country in?????? 🤦🏻‍♂️

  7. As an editing note, some close-ups of the board or even a static image of the area while they discuss Central America in particular would be nice.

  8. You know, a lot of latín american countries teach the name of "Falkland Islands" as "Islas Malvinas" but you guys are from USA so It doesn't bother me that you ignore how that affect Argentine people.

  9. North America its only USA Mexico and Canada
    Mexico it’s not part of Latin American
    Just cause the Spanish language

  10. The logic of Americans:
    North America = Canada
    America = USA
    South America = everything south the border of our country America.

  11. People from the continent Europe: Europeans
    People from the continent Africa: Africans
    People from the continent Asia: Asians
    People from the continent America: Americans?
    Americans: No, if you are not from USA you can’t be American.
    It’s not our fault that you weren’t creative enough to find a better name for your country.

  12. I could not fill this whole thing out, but I could tell you that one of these countries is neither Southern nor Central American.

  13. @BuzzFeedVideo please change the title of this. They are guessing countries in North America (Mexico and Central America) and South America 🤦🏼‍♀️

  14. Why they have a map If they can't put the right country on it? Firstly, Mexico isn't a South or Central American. And I was questioning myself if boys had wrote Equador and Peru, I had 100% of sure they don't, but I saw this video again and they really don't. Just appears on map at 7:24 and 6:11.

  15. For a page that's about P.C culture I'm ashamed to tell you guys that central America doesnt exist. That is a map of latin America. Central America was made by political white men to separate the U.S and Latin Americans.

  16. Why do Buzzfeed don't use subtitles in their videos? That is such a basic requirement!
    I know I can use the automatic subtitles YouTube are offering but it's not the same.

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