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Foreign Policy Analysis
American Imperialism – Documentary

American Imperialism – Documentary

Imperialism means stronger nations dominating
smaller nations economically, politically, culturally and militarily. America wanted to become imperialistic. One of those reasons we became imperialistic
was economically by wanting to find new markets for other countries. Another reason we became imperialistic was
political, by spreading nationalism/patriotism, culturally imperialistic by wanting to extend
its influence and way of life throughout the world, and imperialistic militarily by wanting
to extend their military’s reach throughout the world by threatening smaller countries
with our stronger navy. In our group, we all decided we were for imperialism. One of the first places that America expanded
to was Alaska, but this expansion wasn’t considered imperialistic since America purchased
the land. William Seward, the Secretary of State during
Lincoln’s and Johnson’s presidencies, bought Alaska from Russia in 1868 for $7.2 million. At the time, people referred to this purchase
as “Seward’s Folly” and “Seward’s Icebox” because too few people saw the value
of the property. In the 1890s, gold was discovered in Alaska,
and the purchase didn’t seem so foolish after all. Since that time, Alaska has become a valuable
resource for oil, minerals, and fishing. The territory finally became a state in 1959,
just ahead of Hawaii.The oil was essential for us because we were running out in the
easily accessible places. This was good because America was both able
to expand and gain resources. DEEP DIVE #1: The Annexation Of Hawaii The Hawaiian Kingdom was an empire that was
located in Pacific ocean. One of Hawaii’s island chiefs named Kamehameha
began a royal dynasty that became the Kingdom of Hawaii. After Kamehameha I passed away, his son Liholiho
took the throne with the name of Kamehameha II and brought new changes to the Kingdom. When Kamehameha II died, Kauikeaouli the son
of Kamehameha I took the throne as Kamehameha III. While in power, Kamehameha III established
the first sugar plantations, newspapers, and public schools as well as Hawaii’s first
written constitution. After Kamehameha III died, Alexander Liholiho
(Kamehameha IV) ruled next, followed by Lot (Kamehameha V). After Lot died that left no direct descents
of Kamehameha to claim the throne so a new king had to be elected instead. After the first elected king died a year later,
the next king to be elected was Kalakaua. The elected king was Kalakaua, who was also
known as the Merry Monarch. Many of the ideas that Kalakaua had came up
with often conflicted with the ideas of the legislature and the farmers. One of the most important events that occurred
during the reign of Kalakaua was the signing of the Reciprocity Treaty of 1875 which guaranteed
Hawaii with a sugar market in America. After Kalakaua died, his sister Liliuokalani
took the throne and was Hawaii’s last monarch. By the time Liliuokalani took the throne in
1891 there was already a new constitution in an act that got rid of many of her Monarch
powers, while instead giving more power to landowners and businessmen which many were
Americans. A group of American sugar farmers that were
working for Sanford Ballard Dole was going to depose Liliuokalani. The “Committee of Safety” was the name
of the revolution and organized by Sanford B. Dole. They appealed to the United States armed forces
for help. Earlier in 1887, a naval base was established
in Hawaii at Pearl Harbor because of the Hawaii’s new constitution. Without the president’s consent, the US marines
attacked with the farmers and were able to dethrone Liliuokalani. Liliuokalani was charged with treason and
was sentenced to 2 years of hard labor which was never. Grover Cleveland was an anti-imperialist that
believed that what the US did in Hawaii was shameful, and hoped to restore Liliuokalani
to her throne. The only problem was that the American public
strongly favored annexation of Hawaii. Hawaii was annexed by the US in 1898 Liliuokalani
later withdrew from her public life and died in 1917 after a stroke took her life at the
age of 79. It was a good move for the US to take Hawaii
because it helped the US expand into the world. The Americans and the Philippines fought Spain,
and we won. The Philippines expected to be free but the
US did not free them. President McKinley said that the Philippines
leader was not fit to rule (Example Of Social Darwinism). They tried to revolt, but over time, the US
killed 200,000 Filipino Civilians. The Filipinos used Guerrilla tactics to kill
a big amount of the US soldiers,after a brutal 6 months of fighting the US took their freedom. During Cuba’s, Puerto Rico’s and the Philippines
struggle for independence by rebelling against Spain and the sinking of the battleship Maine,
which had been sent to protect U.S. citizens and property after anti-Spanish rioting in
Havana, United States declared war against Spain on February 15, 1898. The majority of Spanish-American War soldiers
were conscriptions from all over the United States. When the war began it began in Cuba during
the summer month of June when the Marines captured Guantanamo Bay and U.S. troops landed
at Siboney and Daiquiri, Cuba. The U.S. troops attacked the San Juan heights
on July 1, 1898. Dismounted cavalry troopers, including the
buffalo soldiers and the Rough Riders, commanded by Lt. Col. Theodore Roosevelt went up against
Kettle Hill while the forces led by Brigadier General Jacob Kent charged up San Juan Hill
and pushed Spanish troops further inland while causing 1,700 casualties. The Spanish fleet guarding the Philippines
was defeated by the U.S. Navy under command of George Dewey on May 1, 1898. President McKinley authorized the assembling
of troops in order to mount a campaign against the capital of Manila. The war ended with the signing of the Treaty
of Paris on December 10, 1898. The war established the independence of Cuba,
Spain gave up power to Puerto Rico and Guam , and allowed the US to purchase the Philippines
Islands from Spain for $20 million. The war cost the United States $250 million. Pennsylvania was one of the largest state
contributors of men during the Spanish American War with almost 17,000 Pennsylvanians serving
in the Pennsylvania Volunteers and much more from conscription and the army/navy. Americans needed a shorter route through the
Pacific and Atlantic Oceans so we built the Panama Canal. Construction began in 1904 and it was a very
large task, so it took 10 years to finish, and they finished in 1914. Originally, they considered Nicaragua because
there were many waterways, but after thinking about it they agreed to it. Then they thought about putting a canal in
Columbia. The Columbians lease the land to French for
a large lump sum of cash in exchange for building the canal. The Americans wanted to buy the rest of the
lease from the French but the Colombians said no. Roosevelt went to the french owner and says
that if he is going to start a revolution, that America is going to support them. America recognizes their independence and
sends in Naval ships. America’s actions in the imperialistic time
were ethical, moral, and justified. We were looking for things that would help
our country grow and develop into a worldwide political,economic,and military power. We were falling behind all the other big countries
and we were trying to catch up. The best way was imperialism and taking the
resources from those countries.

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