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Charles Johnson is a single father who’s currently suing cedars-sinai hospital in Los Angeles after his wife died during childbirth This story is difficult. I’m just warning you guys before we toss to the video But with that said here is Charles Johnson explaining what happened to his wife. I can see the Foley catheter coming From Cure’s bedside began to turn pink with the line He says doctors told them now three-year-old Langston’s births would be a routine cesarean section I just held her by her hands and said please look my wife isn’t doing well This woman looked me directly in my eyes, and she said sir your wife. It just isn’t a priority right now It wasn’t until 12:30 a.m The next morning that they finally made the decision to take here back to surgery as critical minutes turned into hours Johnson says he was continually ignored by staff at cedars-sinai hospital in Los Angeles as Kyra’s health continued to suffer When they took her back to surgery and he opened her up, there were three and a half liters of blood in her abdomen From where she had been allowed to bleed internally for almost ten hours And her heart stopped immediately such a devastating story, but Unfortunately, it’s not unique or isolated. This is actually a huge problem. That is Definitely prevalent among the african-american community now Charles Johnson told CNN I started to do research myself I realized oh my gosh, we’re in the midst of a maternal mortality crisis. That isn’t just shameful for American standards It’s shameful on a global scale. So to give you a few statistics America is the only developed country with a rising death rate for pregnant or new mothers approximately 700 of these women in the United States die each year one of the richest countries in the world and that’s what happens and one of the biggest issues is you know much like Kyra’s case when a Woman needs help. Especially a black woman and says she’s in pain or isn’t feeling right Oftentimes that call for help will be ignored and there are serious consequences to that people literally die I think a lot of people forget that the medical community would do experiments on people for centuries and essentially poke prod cut us open with this idea that we don’t feel pain and Unfortunately, some of that has continued to press through to modern-day medicine and medical care providers who continue to ignore Women and especially black women when we let you know, there is a problem There’s something I know and we saw it with Serena Williams and her trying to explain to the doctors. No, I have a problem there’s something going on and literally having to throw a fit before they actually Listen to her and that it really affects our daily lives and the possibility that we may end up Admitted to a hospital in some way or some form and hey, they’re not gonna listen to us Even though we’re telling them there’s something wrong. Yeah. It’s like in the hospital if we’re too hysteric we Don’t get any help or help. Our pain is not treated as as important if we’re to asterick and the cops pull us over We’re dead Yeah, it goes to this thing. You’re saying it’s like it’s difficult just Existing in this country as an african-american sometimes good. It’s like you’re walking on eggshells Just trying to be treated like a normal person but like that this is such an indictment on the health care system that like Republicans and a lot of Democrats are saying is the number one health care system in the world The one that produces the best outcomes and this is happening cedars-sinai is a really good Hospital Yeah, they’re phenomenal hospital like their doctors who work there. I’m sure fine but like this happens in our health care system on a day-to-day basis that they’ll say like, oh But other countries they wait for their care people die waiting for their care here, and we do nothing about it But no god forbid We have socialist Bernie care that will ruin things and something also too I think is important to note that Blacks indigenous and Alaskan Native women are 2 to 3 times more likely to die during childbirth Or as a result of pregnancy related complications than white women Yeah, and it’s because doctors don’t listen to us and just like a quick story I went out on a date maybe six months ago first date. I have no problem telling a man I want triplets the man. His response is it’s probably for the best because of the high maternal mortality rate for black women It’s the only way just to do it once oh my because you can’t risk doing it more than once as you may not survive Some excellent pickup line. I’m gonna use that please. Oh, yeah Wow Works anytime apparently good way of breaking up. Oh my god I think when he said that to me, I was like, oh my god, like he was down and he knew exactly Why and why it was so important you? Want triplets, dude? I can only do it once cuz like if I go into a doctor so only reason though all that and they’re like cute cuz they all look the same and you can like switch them up and They look cute but there’s three of them Runs away. I have an insurance policy two more. We’re not. Oh my god. I just always imagined like in middle school They just like switch them around No one ever knows who’s like, oh, is it the twin who’s in class today are the ones I’m playing hooky? It’s a sitcom boy now. Sorry I needed light in the story We did need that but let me give you a few more facts about this it’s you know, look a broader Look at what’s going on? So there’s a non-profit that does research and activism in the field and they came to more Devastating unfortunately conclusions on this every mother counts Says many of their deaths are because of unequal health care or the unequal health care system and systemic racism Also an expert in the field added a well-educated african-american woman with more than a high school education Has a five fold risk of death compared to a white woman with less than a high school education so that might feel like a weird thing to bring up but I think it’s incredibly relevant because oftentimes when we talk about Unfair treatment it’s seen through the lens of socioeconomic status and that certainly plays a huge role But even if you have two people with the same education, you know the same wealth the same everything there’s still a problem in the way that People are perceived certain groups of people are perceived. And so I Want to plug this even though I have issues with some of their reporting but the New York Times wrote a very detailed feature on how black women are Most vulnerable to this and it was just really well done. So, please check that out. It was a good piece and There are good reporters working at organizations that I don’t necessarily agree with all the time So take a look at that article and more. Thanks for watching The Young Turks. Oh, really? Appreciate it Another way to show support is through YouTube memberships, you’ll get to interact with us more this live chat emojis badges Your kind of approaches of me Anna John jr. So those are super fun. But you also get playback of our exclusive Member only shows and specials right after they air so all that All you got to do is click that join button right underneath the video. Thank you

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