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hi there and welcome to another episode
of online visas calm the immigration show I’m your host Dave Kelso and here
with me today CEO of online visas comm mr. John V Lee John how are you doing
great Dave how are you I’m doing well there’s been some immigration stuff in
the news lately and I’m glad to get a chance to sit down talk with you about
it actually may be you heard that Acting USCIS director Ken Cuccinelli
did an interview with NPR the other day paraphrased Emma Lazarus’s great poem
that is on the base of the Statue of Liberty which says bring me your tired
your huddled masses yearning to be free he added on that can stand on their own
two feet and won’t be a burden on the US government that of course has caused
quite a bit of cause quite a bit of controversy it should be said that the
Trump administration is not advocating to change the poem on the statue as some
headlines have said but it is worth addressing that it seems that the
attitude at USCIS has changed instead of being the light by the golden door to
continue the analogy of the Statue of Liberty we have now become a gate or a
wall we’ve become a wall right changed art we’ve changed our icon from the
Statue of Liberty right which Liberty right Liberty is
right in there with you know happiness and freedom and okay and right there
that’s what America is right the Golden Gate Bridge for the West the Statue of
Liberty for the East Green come to America were from every different race
yes we’re from both genders and anything in between all of the gender all the
genders we’re from we have any different religion is acceptable here that’s what
makes America great we are not one people we’re all people right and and we
can take and mold the worst in the world the the huddled the the poor and become
something excellent and we have so many generations of excellence and all of us
except for our Native American brothers and sisters are have come from
immigrants we all have some story right that there was when our folks came and
came over here and so we’re replacing the Statue of Liberty with a
Waal an exclusion instead of inclusion place and look we all understand that
people should be able to you know provide today right that’s absolutely
fine but you don’t insert to the Statue of Liberty when you’re making it a wall
in the irony of that is Donald Trump is upset because he has his USCIS and ice
haven’t deported enough people right there’s 11 million people still in this
country that are illegal so he fires the last person brings in a new person and
says let’s harden it up so this is a this is just a rallying cry to his
political base to try to get reelected to even be but these aren’t the illegal
people these are people who are coming here legally who want to work and and
just the other day in Mississippi we rounded up six or seven hundred people
who were working illegally and now we’re saying we don’t want people who are
gonna come here and and and be a drain on the economy and I want you to work or
not wine Isis raiding workplaces not waiting
they’re not raiding the unemployment or the benefits counters exactly because
you know what not that many people are using them to be honest there’s not too
many benefits that you’re available for if you’re not even most have to be a US
citizen to collect benefits that’s who’s collecting these things and then they
need them right I mean that’s what our government should do so in any case it’s
it’s it’s just disingenuous at best but here’s the really weird part this is
where what we’re going to talk about today right is how is this impacting the
lawful immigration what’s really happening is this this agency USCIS and
those related to it whether it’s ice that’s doing raids and site visits or
whether it’s the State Department that’s allowing people through the consulates
has changed its tune from just being a service provider that goes through and
see if things make sense sure and then it’s a very a very vetted system it’s
not like immigration is easy as they sort of pointed out it’s a really really
tough process it does determine whether somebody is merit-based and all that
exists already and they’re they’re creating new reasons to deny cases right
creative nasty got you knocking cases down now the great thing about are some
of those injustice okay we’re talking with John Bailey the CEO
of online visas calm and you were talking about
the business of legal immigration right and how this is hurting businesses who
are trying to grow an American economy and there was one suit filed not very
long ago and I was wondering if you could tell me about that well there is
so there’s been a number of suits right and the Trump administration is a really
bad track record when it comes to violating immigration right we’ve seen
that from the Muslim ban to all this other stuff well it comes to legal
immigration his number one of the groups that I’ve been involved in I’m a big fan
of his IT servants right and they brought a lawsuit against the Secretary
of Interior for acting arbitrary and capricious Lee and that one’s still
pending but uh but another one kids came down on August 5th called re LX
Inc versus Baron and Arielle Xing does businesses LexisNexis right great
database company that provides lots of knowledge to lawyers and companies and
stuff like that and in that case it’s a very classic example there’s an Indian
lady named Miss Chatterjee she is an f-1 student that means she went to the
United States a university in the United States for sure and she is part of a
large number of people that come from a lot of countries to the United States
universities right and we have the best universities in the world yes you rented
a top ten under US News and World Report University United States has eight out
of ten Oxford and Cambridge are in there but they’re like six and seven if you
keep going down it’s it’s ours it’s alright so we don’t educate a lot
of people in our high schools with stem so these really smart kids are coming
from around the world like Miss Chatterjee going the United States
University they get one year under what’s called opt an optional practical
training to go out try on a job and if that company likes you or another one
they can apply for an h-1b visa sure so the LexisNexis wants to hire miss
Chatterjee as a data analyst okay that’s what they do they are smart people with
technical backgrounds that analyze data so that they can give that data to their
clients okay school that is a skill that’s a merit based visa they found
they applied for this thing and they said well this job requires a
specialized degree and they said that it can be any of the number of degrees
business analytics statistics math operations research those sorts of lots
of things associated data analyst yes but these are also
related right yes sir else there can’t be an English major you
can’t be a philosophy major you know history isn’t getting any sense with it
they all make sense well immigration took the ridiculous position that
because there were too many different degrees that can lead to it it wasn’t
specialized enough and denied the case done right so they sued them and they
won mr. Chatterjee and her bosses sued him so what we’re talking about is USCIS
is denying American companies right from the ability to hire really talented
skilled people in positions they need right to give because of these arbitrary
mean-spirited decisions this is not about a wall this is not about keeping
out illegals it’s not about illegals stealing jobs a matter of fact you know
this tech based jobs our tech industry is on fire right but yet we don’t
produce enough stem graduates from the high schools in Americans to fulfill
those jobs we have hundreds of thousands of jobs that are open every year jobs
are going back to countries like India from American companies are relocating
they’re taking jobs away from Americans because our government is making
decisions to not allow our companies to hire who they need that’s what this is
the argument can be made just playing devil’s advocate that that if our
schools are not producing enough stem graduates not to supply American
companies then the problem is not in immigration the problem is in the
schools and we ought to be filling that with our people instead and cuccinelli
and USCIS is giving American kids cover to do that well but there’s not enough
American kids to do it we’re we’d love to have more of that but we just don’t
have enough right I mean look we were complaining the same people that are
supporting this are complaining our manufacturing jobs left America well the
reason our manufacturing jobs left America amongst other things is that
Americans demand to have a livable wage right and there are countries in the
world that will pay a worker a dollar a day no American can live on a dollar day
it just can’t do it right but here we have a red hot industry one of many that
is doing very well and we’re stopping that industry if you just look at it
from a commercial place and not as civil rights
a commercial reason why are we stopping American companies from being able to
hire the people they need and why are we implementing policies that are in
violation of our own laws and we’re asking it into that because immigrants
are bad and and it’s us versus them and this is the situation so it all goes
back do we want to be the Statue of Liberty or do we want to be in an
exclusive wall and at the end of the day it’s gonna hurt our economy and you know
that doesn’t seem like a good idea to me immigrants are a good idea we are a
light by the golden door if somebody wants to get their immigration process
started if somebody wants to begin their American dream how do they get ahold of
you to start that well I’m glad you asked that because what are we fit in
this right so while I’ve litigated a lot of cases been to the Supreme Court three
times when some new ones what we’re doing in immigration is
really helping getting these cases approved right so we’re still batting
95% on these cases in h-1bs last year alone and and the reason is is we with
IT servants we we broke down a lot of denials of different companies we saw
how other lawyers were doing their cases other companies were handling and we’ve
created strategies that will work and a lot of that is is we inherit cases and
we call them 2016 cases as the last year the Obama administration 88 percent
approval then 2017 to drop down to 59 percent right so what we’re doing is
with the philosophy change it’s a philosophy change it’s a structure
change and so what we can do is we’re looking at these old cases the old way
people are doing it is a table of contents with some evidence and allowing
immigration to figure it out and we see that people are continued to do the same
thing over and over and expecting a different relationship many are going to
court and we we totally back those or to want to litigate we like these decisions
it helps us but really what we need to do is look that there has been a change
in regulations now what’s frustrating to a lot of people is those change and
regulations are – my industry as an immigration practitioner not to their
particular industry sure it’s not like the petroleum industry has a new
regulation on what sort of hose you can use right so a lot of people don’t know
that these these regulations have changed and they’re just frustrated so
what we do is is we help look at how are your organic
documents organized what are your contracts say sure it’s the language in
them what are your job descriptions and
contracts with your people say how is that job being described which is really
important how’s it being named how are you working with other people and who’s
in control of those folks these are the sort of issues that immigration is
cherry-picking and making these denials on so no one where that come that’s how
we do it you asked how to find us you can come to
our website online visas comm it’s really been on fire lately we’ve gotten
almost 2,000 people a day coming by we’re getting 20 plus questions from
complete strangers but we’re there for our existing clients and new clients and
we offer free strategy that can be for the individual wants to know hey do I
get rid of Iza or the company is saying look we’re
getting knocked down can you help us out can you show us what’s going on and
create strategy so we can we can do a lot of these and do them right you know
everywhere from compliance to hey we’re getting a site visit or we make it rain
can we can we can we get something to deal with that so kept online visas calm
you can email me directly at John jail in at viele law comm vias and victory li
e la w comm or call me 405 3 104 3 3 3 of course you can subscribe to the
youtube channel you can follow us on Facebook and we’re on LinkedIn as well
immigrants are a good idea John B Lee and online visas com want to act as the
glite by the Golden Door please come bring your American dream to our country
we are online visas calm the immigration show thanks for watching you

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