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America First – The Netherlands Second – Donald Trump | ORIGINAL UPLOAD #ZML

America First – The Netherlands Second – Donald Trump | ORIGINAL UPLOAD #ZML

This is a message from the government over the Netherlands Dear Mr. President Welcome to this introduction video about
the Netherlands It’s gonna be a great video It’s gonna be absolutely fantastic Our founding father was William of Orange Who fought against the Spanish The Spanish, total scumbags They fought against us for 80 years But they couldn’t beat us, couldn’t do it Total losers They’re all dead now by the way We speak Dutch, it’s the best language in Europe We’ve got all the best words All the other languages failed Danish… Total disaster German, it’s not even a real language, it’s fake It’s a fake language We’ve got ‘Ponypark Slagharen’ Which has got to be the best ponypark in the world It’s true. They’re the best pony’s. They are. You can ride them, you can date them, you can even grab ’em by the pony, it’s fantastic This is the Afsluitdijk It’s a great, great wall that we build to protect us from all the water from Mexico. We built an entire ocean, okay? An entire ocean between us and Mexico. Nobody builds oceans better than we do This ocean, it is so big, you can even see it from the moon and we made the Mexicans pay for it It’s true You’ve got the Trump Towers We’ve got Lee Towers He would’ve loved to sing at your inauguration Amazing voice, you gotta love him We’ve got Madurodam Which is the biggest miniature town in the world It’s great, well it’s tiny, but it’s great The squares are so small you don’t even need many people to fill them, it’s great This is Gerrie Eickhof In December we’ve got this scandalous tradition of Black Pete It’s the most offensive, the most racist thing you’ve ever seen You’ll love it We also have a disabled politician for you to make fun of Her name is Jetta Klijnsma She’s from the ministry of Silly Walks You can do a great impersonation of her Can’t wait to see People tell us, very important people, they tell us: We’ve got the best tac evasion system God ever created It’s just unbelievable You should tell you sons to put all your… Sorry, THEIR businesses here You’ll pay no taxes at all Zero! It’s ridiculous And last but not least We’ve got a great, great, GREAT dependency on the United States It’s huge If you screw NATO, you’re gonna make our problems great again Their gonna be huge, they’re gonna be enormous It’s true. Please don’t We totally understand is gonna be America first But can we just say, the Netherlands second? Is that okay? Thank you for watching and best wishes We’ve got the best wishes in the Netherlands

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  1. America first and The Netherlands second hebben we iets te sirrieus genomen op het meiden WK 2019

  2. us a net her lands …. PREDICT PRE DICKED … OH SO THEY WERE

  3. Well we have our place now america first netherlands second in football world cup women so its a win win 🤣

  4. this is one of the biggest fucked up clip ever seen on youtube! I knew Americans are fuckers and warmongers but dude the Netherlanders are more stupid fuckers to support the USA

  5. Loved this and the Dutch have such a wonder and wild sence of humour! Camp New Amsterdam 1986 thru 1992.

  6. Who is here after Women's World Cup Final, where America ended up FIRST, the Netherlands SECOND?

  7. July 2019 : Women's World Cup results…

    America first, The Netherlands second !!!

    Amazing prediction. Incredible, the best prediction ever, it's true.

  8. Even though there is no history in the America, I think that it was not good for it to quickly become the world's top GDP and to be at the top of the world. I hope America will become a gentleman's country like Canada and Australia. Because the influence of America is the best in the world, I want you to use the power for peace

  9. I as an Anerican love this. So funny and 60% of our customers at my business are from the Netherlands. Have a great day.

  10. Understand That "America First" is President Trump's Anti-Globalist stand for America. It is not to diminish other nations. O'Bama was traitorous to his own Nation and slandered us in the eyes of the world. Trump has actually been loyal to the American people. This piece is a somewhat of a misrepresentation of President Trump's stance and sentiments. I hope 2 1/2 years later your picture of him is a little different.
    I have to say though that I appreciate your humor, and I'm sure President Trump would get a laugh out of this too!

  11. Thank you, thank you so much for the Flag. I was really touched by that!
    I hope at heart we will maintain such goodwill between our two Nations!

  12. Yo Netherlands! ya forgot to speak about Amsterdam prostitutes, they do such a heavy task to protect us from gays.

  13. I can not to everyone react, but there are some sweet reactions to the netherlands where I live. This is a cool country to live. but small it is well 🙂 I hope you like the video it was satirical of course but love you all USA first Netherlands second I can agree with that wonder if Pd Trump this watched this I think of course he did hahaha we had a flag president for you to collect for ww2 first encounter, talk about that in the white house en visit the netherlands sometimes? It's still open or talk to MP Rutte about that.

    It is here and they wan't to give it to you as a president of the usa who helped us out in ww2

  14. Oh its so true. And I have not laughed so so much in a long long time. And its brilliant and it so so funny. I love it . Love Canada

  15. Echt hoertjes weer die dit leuk vinden.
    Ik heb geen seconde gelachen😴
    Lachen vast ook om vrouwen, fucking Turds💩

  16. Лøv veтpxoćev eятv xoće yloiз неlaи avct μavлиc
    Ä тù aμepiкa! Aμерiкa iμμe, Vetpxoćev ceвoa!

  17. Your feelings are garbage. MAGA! Check this out.

    My Channel:

  18. All those 20 000 000 Americans have now been trying to move to the Netherlands for almost threeyears. Actually, everytime they tried, they tried to point at the card where they wanted togo. This is why they all have been moving to other states of America. They're still asking wheretheycan grab ponies by their pony

  19. Trump was talking to Americans, not the world. Americans should put America first. Germans, should put Germany first, The English should put England first. BHO put the world first and that failed.

  20. In Belgium we did this video first but then with Belgium the Netherlands stole it again just like our language and our food

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